Aclorem Cream 0.05% 60 g Price in Turkey 2023

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Drug Information
Drug Name: Aclorem Cream 0.05% 60 g
Company: Solebio Pharmaceuticals
Active ingredient: Alclomethasone
ATC Code: D07AB10
Public Code:
Barcode: 8681728350053
Price: 150.06 TL
Prescription Type: Regular Recipe
e-Prescription: Active
Recruitment: Get your medicine only from the pharmacy!

Aclorem Price

Aclorem Cream 0.05% 60 g, medicine price: VAT included sales announced by IEGM (TİTCK) affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey as of 20.12.2022 price 150.06 TL is

Category of Aclorem Cream 0.05% 60 g

Dermatological Drugs – Dermatological Corticosteroids – Corticosteroids – Effective Corticosteroids (Group 2) – Alclomethasone

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