Belviq 10mg 60 Tablets Price in Turkey 2023

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Drug Information
Drug Name: Belviq 10mg 60 Tablets
Company: Eisai
Active ingredient: Lorcaserin HCL
ATC Code: A08AA11
Public Code:
Prescription Type:
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Belviq 10 mg 60 Tablets Indications

Belviq is used as a weight loss drug in the treatment of obesity along with diet and exercise. belviqIt stimulates the brain by aiming to eliminate the feeling of hunger in the brain.

Category of Belviq 10 mg 60 Tablets

Digestive System and Metabolism – Obesity Treatment – Obesity Medicines (Slimming Medicines) – Central Obesity Medicines – Lorcaserin

Belviq 10 mg 60 Tablets Active Ingredient

Lorcaserin, the active ingredient of the Belviq drug, with its original name Lorcaserin The National Library of Medicine registration number (CAS No) is 616202-92-7, its molecular weight is 195.68856 g/mol, and its formula is C.11thH14ClN. Lorcaserin is pregnancy / pregnancy category X, drugs containing this active substance are taken orally.

Chemical Structure Picture for Lorcaserin, the main active ingredient of Belviq drug:

Belviq 10 mg 60 Tablets (Lorcaserin) Chemical Structure (2 D)Belviq 10 mg 60 Tablets (Lorcaserin) Chemical Structure (3 D)


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