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Medicine Prices in Italy .. The Complete Guide 2023

In our article, we will clear all the question marks in your mind about Medicine Prices in Italy.

Medicines are very important, even vital, in ensuring our complete well-being. In this case, it is very important to be financially accessible to drugs.

Medicine prices in Italy

Medicine prices in Italy

Self-medication, even when it comes to simple ailments, is becoming more and more a luxury, with medicines reaching very expensive prices in Italy. In this situation, drug prices in Italy, not surprisingly, ranks fourth in the world in drug prices. Countries ahead of Italy are only the United States, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

We derive this data from the 2019 Pharmaceutical Price Index , a report that maps the worldwide gap in pharmaceutical costs. In the first place we find the USA, where the cost of drugs is 306% higher than the average of the other 50 countries in the world. Germany is in the second place with + 125% and the United Arab Emirates is in the third place with 122%. It is followed by Italy, where the cost of drugs is 90% higher than the world average. Denmark, Qatar, Spain, Netherlands, Israel and Iceland follow Italy on average in drug costs.

This ranking was made by British digital healthcare provider Medbelle , who produced a massive analysis that compared the price of 13 selected drugs for many diseases. The analysis is a comparative index that reveals cost differences between 50 countries for some of the most used drugs, from cholesterol to bacterial infections, arthritis and asthma medications to immunosuppressants. To get the profile of each drug without error, she took the average prices of both the original brand-name preparation and the generic versions and standardized the dose to make the dose comparable.

The countries with the lowest average cost of drugs per dose in each country are as follows:

  • Thailand (-93.93%)
  • Kenya (-93.76%)
  • Malaysia (-90.80%)
  • Indonesia (-90.23)
  • India (-73%)
  • South Africa (-53%)
  • Russia (-51.92%)
  • Turkey (-41.57%)
  • Egypt (-38.67%)
  • in South Korea (-33.98%)

How can I find out the Medicine Prices in Italy

It is actually quite easy to find out the drug prices in Italy. All you have to do is to go to the website called federfarma , fill in the field you want from the headings below and look for the search button.

  • Product ministry code
  • drug name
  • Producer
  • Active ingredient

The Situation of Pharmaceutical Prices in Italy

The report published in Medbelle provides more detailed results for drugs. For example, while the prices for only original drugs are 55% above the average, the prices for generic drugs are much higher than the average, such as 830%.

For 13 different drugs (divided into original and generic), the results for Italy are as follows:

  • Erectile dysfunction drugs: Considering only the cost of Viagra (Sildenafil), it ranks tenth with a price 70% higher than the average of 4.67 € per dose.
  • Antiepileptic drugs: The cost of the drug Lyrica (Pregabalin) is considered for this type. Italy is 32nd with the lowest average price at 2.2%. is ranked.
  • Cholesterol drugs: Considering the cost of the drug Lipitor (Atorvastatin) for these drugs, Italy is 15. occupies the first place, and the price is 133% higher than the average (0.33 € per dose).
  • Asthma medications: The average cost is better for asthma medications like Ventolin (Salbutamol). Considering these drugs alone, Italy is 16% lower than the average of 3.96 euros. Price 36 per unit/dose. is ranked.
  • Antibiotics: Italy is 17th at the price per unit/dose, 26% higher than the average price of EUR 1.86. is ranked. The drug compared in this category is Zitromax (Azithromycin).
  • Insulin: Italy is 16th in this category. is ranked. The drugs examined are Lantus (Insulin Glargine). The price is 27% higher than the average price of 11.06 euros.
  • Immunosuppressants: In this case, prices are 40% higher in Italy. That’s why 18. is ranked. Prograf (Tacrolimus) is the drug compared under this title.
  • Birth control pills: This category is among the most expensive. When comparing Drospirenone (Etinylestradiol) prices, the price is 69% higher, with an average of 0.44 € per dose.
  • Antidepressants: Italy 28 when Prozac (Fluoxetine) is taken into account. is ranked. For original and generic drugs, the price is 12.5% lower than the average 0.35 Euro when calculated on a unit/dose basis.
  • Anxiolytic drugs: In this case, the drug included in the study is Xanax (Alprazolam). For anxiolytics, the cost per unit/dose is 183% more than the average price of 0.15 Euros, placing Italy in 12th place. queues up.
  • Hypertension drugs: 42% above the average of 0.24 Euro in the calculation of the average price per unit/dose between the original and the active substance 18. is ranked. In this case, the comparison drugs are the drugs Zestril (Lisinopril).
  • Antiretroviral drugs: These drugs cost 22% more than the average in Italy. The average unit price per dose is 6.19 €. The study for Italy compared the prices of Viread (Tenofovir).
  • Arthritis drugs: Italy ranks ninth with an average price of 61% higher than 422 Euros per dose. Humira (Adalimumab) from the group of arthritis drugs is included in the research.
drug prices in italy

Price Comparison of Online Pharmacies in Italy

There are many online pharmacies in Italy. Trying to make the most advantageous shopping among so many online pharmacies can be very difficult and complicated, and it also causes a waste of time. In this case, there are websites that are used when shopping from Italy online pharmacy sites and that offer price comparisons on different sites for us. These websites allow us to save both time and money.

While researching these websites, the titles that can be selected are as follows:

  • adult clothing
  • food and nutrition
  • sanitary products
  • Self-medication and self-care
  • well-being of the body
  • home care
  • Medicines
  • prescription drugs
  • Prescription veterinary drugs
  • Hygiene and cosmetics
  • supplements
  • with advertising material
  • Homeopathy
  • Laboratory products and accessories
  • products for children
  • products for business
  • Publications
  • Services
  • veterinarians

Medicines Paid by Italy’s National Health Service (SSN)

The decision on this matter was made by the President of the Republic, Senator Dr. Given by Luigi D’Ambrosio Lettieri. Agreements between pharmaceutical companies and an Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) operating in Italy are used to set drug prices paid by the NHS. This is Article 48 of Law No. 269/2003, 326/2003. made in accordance with Art.

When we look at the text of the law, it is seen that articles 1, 553 and 554 are a health protection tool, considering that the medicine comes from the national health service (AIFA). This means that medicines must be included in the basic aid level. In the negotiation phase of drug prices, the Medicines Policy Decision of the Medicines Policy and the Decision on the Relationship between the Bolzano Autonomous Provinces and the Bolzano Autonomous Provinces with the Minister of Economy and Finance are taken into consideration.

Pharmaceutical Prices in Italy
reimbursed drugs

Medicines Not Reimbursed by the NHS

Class C Drugs (Prescription)

It has been transformed into Law No. 87 in accordance with the 3rd paragraph of the 1st article of the Decree-Law. 149, price of group C drugs) are determined by the license holders.

This price can be changed by increasing only in January of every year, on the contrary, decreasing price changes are possible at any time.

SOP and OTC drugs

Law No. 296/2006 (Finance Law 2007), 1. 801 of the article. It is stated in the paragraph that the retail price of over-the-counter medicines is freely and self-determined by the owner of the pharmacy or other commercial activity referred to in the art.

Why Are Medicine Prices in Italy So Expensive?

Graphic programs mark-up, the relationship between the price of the drug and the cost of production help determine the final price of drugs .

In Italy, the profit of the pharmaceutical industry is 63.8%, the profit of the distributor is 6.7%, while the pharmacy earns a good profit, on average 24.4% from each drug. This explains why drugs are so expensive in Italy.

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