Price of resource complete in Germany 2023

Price of resource complete in Germany 2023

Are you concerned about the cost of medical supplies in Germany? We’ve got the information you need on the price of resource complete, a powder for making drinking food that is rich in protein and high in easily digestible carbohydrates. This dietary complete product is suitable for managing malnutrition and is safe for use in children over 3 years old.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about the price of resource complete in Germany. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking for cost-effective solutions for your patients or an individual interested in the affordability of medical supplies, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for the complete information on the cost of this essential medical resource.
resource complete

About resource complete

This product is a powder for making drinking food and is rich in high-quality milk protein and easily digestible carbohydrates. It is tasteless, gluten-free, and can be used for cold and warm drinks and food without affecting the taste and consistency. It is suitable for diet management in cases of existing malnutrition or if there is a risk of malnutrition.

The powder is suitable as the only source of food and the dosage should be followed according to the doctor’s recommendation. For exclusive nutrition, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendation. For supplementary nutrition, 1 to 3 servings per day is recommended. It should not be introduced into highly acidic foods and drinks as protein can flocculate. It is important to follow the storage and usage instructions on the product.

It is important to use this product under medical supervision and to take into consideration any allergens present, such as milk protein, skimmed and whole milk powder, milk, and soy lecithin. It is important to consult with a medical professional before use, especially if there are any existing health conditions or dietary concerns. The price for this product is €64.28.

Advantages and Disadvantages resource complete

Advantages Disadvantages
Rich in protein (22.6g/100g) May not be suitable for individuals with lactose or soy allergies
High in easily digestible carbohydrates (65g/100g) Not suitable for highly acidic foods and drinks
Tasteless and gluten-free Requires medical supervision for use
Can be used for cold and warm drinks/food without affecting taste or consistency May not be suitable for children under 3 years old
Dietary complete Use may require dosage according to doctor’s recommendation

The Germany price of resource complete

The Price of the medicine in Germany is: 64,28 €

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