Price of resource instant protein in Germany 2023

Price of resource instant protein in Germany 2023

Are you curious about the price of medication and medical resources in Germany? In this blog, we will explore the cost of various medicines and healthcare products in the German market. We will also be discussing the factors that contribute to the pricing of these essential items.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the price of resource instant protein in Germany. This casein-based protein concentrate powder is used for dietary management in cases of malnutrition or increased protein requirements. We will delve into the factors that influence the pricing of this important medical resource, providing insights into the cost of essential healthcare products in Germany. Stay tuned as we uncover the details about the price of resource instant protein in the German market.
resource instant protein

About resource instant protein


This resource instant protein is a casein-based protein concentrate powder that is designed for use in warm and cooked drinks and pureed foods. It is heat stable up to 70°C and is 90% protein (casein) per 100g of powder. It has a neutral taste and is suitable for dialysis patients. Additionally, it is low in potassium.

resource instant protein, PZN 10058992, is a versatile protein supplement that can be easily incorporated into a variety of recipes for individuals with higher protein needs. It is particularly beneficial for dialysis patients and those who need to monitor their potassium levels. The price for this product is €267.80.

Advantages and Disadvantages resource instant protein

Advantages Disadvantages
Heat stable up to 70°C Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition
90% protein (casein) per 100g powder Use under medical supervision
Suitable for dialysis patients Not for parenteral use
Low potassium (<40mg/100g) Allergens: milk protein, soy lecithin
Low in lactose (<0.5g/100g), gluten free

The Germany price of resource instant protein

The Price of the medicine in Germany is: 267,80 €

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