Price of resource protein strawberry in Germany 2023

Price of resource protein strawberry in Germany 2023

Are you curious about the cost of medicine in Germany? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the price of a popular medical product, resource protein strawberry. While we won’t provide specific numbers, we will dive into the factors that impact the cost of this crucial nutritional supplement.

Resource protein strawberry is a high-protein, dietary complete product that is often used for diet management in cases of malnutrition or increased protein requirements. This supplement is gluten-free, low in lactose, and provides 250 kcal per bottle. Join us as we explore the importance of this product and the varying factors that contribute to its price in the German market.
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About resource protein strawberry

This strawberry-flavored protein drink is designed for individuals with existing malnutrition or at risk of malnutrition. It is also suitable for those with increased protein requirements, such as those with pressure sores or impaired wound healing. The high-calorie drink contains 30% protein and 250 kcal per bottle. It is gluten-free, low in lactose, and does not contain fiber, offering a complete dietary solution.

The drink can be used as the sole source of nutrition under medical supervision, or as a supplementary nutrition of 1-3 bottles daily. It is suitable for individuals ages 3 and up, and it tastes best when chilled. It is important to store the unopened bottles in a cool, dry place and to shake well before use. Once opened, the bottle should be reclosed, stored in the refrigerator, and consumed within 24 hours. If decanted, the drinking food should be covered and utilized within 6 hours.

The product contains a nutritionally high-quality rapeseed oil, a mixture of glucose syrup and sucrose, high-quality milk protein, and is free from fiber. It also contains various vitamins and minerals, making it a balanced diet for those who require medical nutrition.

Advantages and Disadvantages resource protein strawberry

Advantages Disadvantages
Rich in protein (30% kcal) Does not contain fiber
High calorie: 250 kcal/bottle Low in lactose (0.5 g / 100 ml)
Gluten free Requires refrigeration after opening
Low in lactose (0.5 g / 100 ml) Must be consumed within 24 hours of opening
Dietary complete Use under medical supervision
Indicated for malnutrition or increased protein requirements Suitable for ages 3 and up

The Germany price of resource protein strawberry

The Price of the medicine in Germany is: 89,00 €

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