Al Salamah District Health Center Jeddah Phone Departments Doctors and

Al-Salamah District Health Center, Jeddah – Phone, Departments, Doctors, and Review

Al Salamah Medical Center is one of the public health centers in Jeddah, affiliated to the Saudi Ministry of Health under the management of King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah. They provide vaccinations for children and seasonal flu vaccinations. There is no crowding most of the time

Address of Al-Salama District Health Center

Location: Kunooz Al-Alam, Al-Salamah District, Jeddah
Working hours: from 8 am to 11 pm, except for Friday and Saturday.

Departments and doctors of Al-Salama neighborhood health center

The center has a number of medical specialties:
Ground floor: dental clinic, case and file opening, elderly and special needs clinic, vital signs, pharmacy, and x-rays.

The first floor of the center includes a number of offices and clinics: a pregnant women’s room, vaccinations, consulting clinic 8, consulting clinic 5, clinic 6, women’s dressing, health awareness, men’s rest, nursing, in addition to a number of toilets.

The center has a number of doctors, the following are their names: Dr. Nadia Addas: Dentist, Dr. Mahdi Al-Rajhi, Dr. Dalia, d. Mamdouh, and other doctors.

Assessment of a health center in Al-Salama district

The center has good reviews by visitors on Google. The following are quotes from the reviews and observations of some visitors to the health center:

Kholoud Saeed Rating:

“A wonderful and clean center, and health service with a beautiful image that raises the head. Oh God, grant us the blessing of the homeland and security. Thank you, the best doctors.”

Abdul Rahman Jan’s review:

“Hey guys, I came to them, I need a needle, I need a nutrient, they are tired by force. The nurse arrived with them, raising her voice. She says, “Your heart has come to you since the morning. I’m already on my shift. And she has no right to ask why I didn’t come early, and there is more than an hour left until closing time. And the doctor comes to write a pendulum. She said, “Sure, you will get a message. Go take the treatment and write a pendulum in the prescription. On the same day, I take two types of pendulum. I mean, it is not difficult. One goes to buy a pendulum early and relieves himself. I swear to God, it is a shame that some doctors and nurses are sitting.

In conclusion, if you were a visitor to Al-Salamah Health Center in Jeddah, please write to us the details of your experience in the comments box at the bottom of this page so that it may benefit others.

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