Fucicort Cream

Fucicort Cream 30 g Price in Turkey

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Fucicort Cream

Fucicort Cream 30 g Indications

Fucicort Cream;
– Psoriasis,
– Skin inflammation caused by contact with substances in the external environment (contact dermatitis),
– An inflamed and itchy skin disease, which is usually seen in areas of the skin where the sebaceous glands are dense (face, scalp and upper part of the body), but the exact cause is unknown. [Seboreik dermatit (Unna hastalığı)],
– Inflammatory discomfort (stasis eczema) on the skin associated with chronic vascular insufficiency in the lower part of the leg, with symptoms of itching, crusting and sometimes scar formation,
– Skin inflammation characterized by inflamed sores in the form of coins or discs (discoid eczema),
– Chronic, post-pubertal area of ​​small, very itchy skin thickening that can occur anywhere on the body, in one or multiple locations [Vidal hastalığı (liken simpleks)]

– Atopic eczema (a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is thought to be inherited. It has the appearance of reddish skin irritation on the cheeks, sometimes on the trunk and arms of the person. It is most often seen in those with other allergic conditions such as asthma and hay fever)
– It is effective in the treatment of diseases such as discoid lupus erythematosus.

Fucicort Cream Price

Fucicort Cream 30 g, medicine price: VAT included sales announced by IEGM (TİTCK) affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey as of 20.12.2022 price 118.03 TL is This drug, with barcode number 8699514350088, offered for sale by Abdi İbrahim İlaç company, is in the Original drug class in the Original/Generic/Twenty Years classification.

Category of the drug Fucicort Cream 30 g

Dermatological Drugs – Dermatological Corticosteroids – Corticosteroids Antibiotic Combinations – Potent Corticosteroid and Antibiotic Combinations – Betamethasone and Antibiotic

Fucicort Cream 30 g Active Ingredient

Fusidic Acid and Betamethasone

Chemical Structure Picture for the main active ingredient of Fucicort Cream:

Fucicort Cream 30 g () Chemical Structure (2 D)Fucicort Cream 30 g () Chemical Structure (3 D)

Drug Information
Drug Name: Fucicort Cream 30 g
Company: Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals
Active ingredient: Fusidic Acid and Betamethasone
ATC Code: D07CC01
Public Code: A10690
Barcode: 8699514350088
Previous: 8699704357569
Price: 118.03 TL
Prescription Type: Regular Recipe
e-Prescription: Active
Recruitment: Get your medicine only from the pharmacy!

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