Online Pharmacy Korea: Your Complete Health Guide.. 2023

In this article, we will talk about online pharmacy Korea.

We all use the online order method frequently in many sectors in recent returns. In this case, we would like to meet our health needs online. So, is there an online pharmacy service in Korea? If so, how is it maintained? Do pharmacies provide drug service? Keep reading and get answers to all your questions!

Online Pharmacies in Korea

Online Pharmacy Korea

It seems unlikely that an online pharmacy service will appear in Korea anytime soon. The political capacity to resolve this conflict is not yet expected.

Article 50, paragraph 1 of the Pharmacy Law in Korea states,  “You cannot sell drugs outside of a pharmacy and store.” phrase is included. But this topic leaves the shipping service out of the question. And companies take advantage of the small detail at this point while serving.

There are several articles on this subject that the ministry says cause it to be banned. These:

  1. Inability to provide appropriate drug guidance (In fact, drugs are already jammed and their use can be overwritten.)
  2. Possibility of spoiling the medicine during delivery (This seems unlikely as Korea is a country with a very active online fresh food ordering.)
  3. Encouraging drug use (This issue has nothing to do with drug delivery. If it is feared, it is necessary to start taking precautions from the prescribing process.)
  4. Mismanagement problem etc. (Seems to be an item that was introduced only to prevent this situation.)

The second player is a prescription delivery service that cooperates with traditional pharmacies. This includes companies specializing in delivery services such as express trade and food delivery. 

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Reasons for delivery service companies to enter the prescription drug market include:

  • It may seek to expand shipping items to improve low profit margins. The reason these companies enter the advertising market can also be found in improving the rate of profit.
  • Prescription drugs are products that do not disappear or spoil easily. For example, A orders delivery of fresh produce. A and B, sitting nearby, order prescription drug delivery. At this point the shipping company delivers the drug to B and can deliver the fresh product to nearby A at no extra cost. Freight  forwarders should ship  different products to avoid extra shipping costs when shipping fresh produce . The more of these items, the lower the shipping cost of the fresh product and the more competitive the price of the fresh product.

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In order to better understand the subject, we can compare a country with an online pharmacy system with Korea. The reason online pharmacy service is possible in the USA is because there is a prescription refill system in the USA as opposed to Korea where you have to get a prescription from a doctor one at a time. 

Prescription filling system is a system that allows you to take medicine for a certain period of time without having to go to the doctor again after getting a prescription from a doctor. However, the process of requesting refills from the doctor, the insurance company determining the price, and purchasing the medicine from the pharmacy must be done by the user and it is not easy at all.

For example , Amazon is one of the most important companies in the online pharmacy system in the USA. The reason Amazon got into the pharmacy business is because Amazon is targeting the healthcare market as a next-generation business. Besides pharmacies, Amazon has entered or plans to enter a variety of healthcare services such as telemedicine, medical data analytics, and health insurance sales.

But it’s hard for domestic companies to follow Amazon’s move. In Korea, such an online pharmacy service is in principle impossible, because according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the sale and courier delivery of medicines to non-pharmacies is prohibited, as we mentioned above.

Korea has a different medical culture than the United States, and there are many political and legal issues that require social consensus. And no other service provider can be as reliable as Amazon. However, domestic pharmaceutical consumers also have the right to receive transparent price information and to benefit from cheaper, more convenient and more reliable services. 

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Online Medicine Ordering in Korea

Online Pharmacies in Korea

Doctornow is one of the most used applications in this regard and stands out from its competitors.

Wherever you are, it offers the chance to meet with the doctor online and order your medicines online. After asking your questions to the doctor, you can get answers from the doctor or nurses in about 5 minutes. This is especially suitable for people who work during rush hour or who can’t leave their child to go to the doctor or who don’t want to be contaminated from the hospital.

However, the cost of treatment is the same as a face-to-face meeting. So they don’t expect you to pay extra for this extra service.

It is used by 6 million people and offers the opportunity to meet with doctors in 20 different fields.

Since it has a GPS-based system, it brings you your medicines from the nearest pharmacy.

Doctornow delivers the same day if the prescriptions are received before 21:00 on weekdays and 20:00 on weekends. Limited to areas where same day delivery is possible. Quick fee: 8,000 won. Shipping costs may vary depending on location and time.

In case of payment until 15:30 on weekdays/Saturdays, the prescription will be delivered on the same day. Shipping cost: 4,500 won.

How to Use Doctornow in Online Medication Order?

  1. Download the app and sign up. Then enter your credit card information and address.
  2. Select your symptom from the home screen and request treatment.
  3. Get examined by the doctor by phone or video and learn about your treatment. Estimated waiting time is about 8 minutes.
  4. After checking your prescription, choose between going to the pharmacy and ordering your medication online.
  5. You will be informed about the shipping process after your online selection.

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