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Studying Medicine in Belgium: A Full Guide .. 2023

Studying medicine in Belgium is a popular choice for many students all over the world. This is due to the scientific systems contained within it, which provide the best modern methods for improving students’ educational levels.

Low study and living costs, as well as the ability to communicate in three languages, are available in Belgium. Because of this, many high-achieving students have made studying in Belgium a priority. This article focuses on medical schools in Belgium. The best doctors in the world are educated in this country’s medical schools.

Studying Medicine in Belgium

Advantages to studying medicine in Belgium

Here are the most important features that will help you in your decision to choose Belgium as a place to study medicine:

  • Focusing on studying medicine in Belgium is an unparalleled choice
  • It ranks fourteenth in education in the world.
  • The costs of studying and living in Belgium are low compared to many neighboring countries.
  • Belgium ranks 20th in the field of business and 24th in the field of economy.
  • Belgium ranks 30th in the world in terms of security and well-being, ensuring peace and stability for you.

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Requirements for studying medicine in Belgium

Below we show the most important conditions and supporting documents that must be provided and prepared in order to study medicine in Belgium:

  • Duly attested high school certificate
  • Pass the entrance test that is coordinated annually by the Belgian Ministry of Education.
  • Success in the foreign language test (French, German or Flemish) according to the college you chose to study in and the language of this college.
  • Obtaining a residence and study visa in Belgium.

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Duration of studying medicine in Belgium

In general, the study of basic medicine in Belgium is estimated at six years

Two more years to become a GP

Three to six years to become an expert medical specialist

The cost of studying medicine in Belgium

The cost of studying in Belgium varies depending on the university and your personal circumstances. Knowing that Belgium is one of the most affordable European countries for medical care.

According to the latest statistics:

  • The amount needed to live in Belgium ranges between 850 and 4,200 euros, including food, housing and transportation.
  • Others stressed the need to communicate with the university in which you want to live and with former students to have a better knowledge of the costs that you will need during your studies.
Studying Medicine in Belgium

Scholarships to study medicine in Belgium

Those who want to study in Belgian universities but cannot afford it, Belgium opens the door for them and many international students, particularly those who live in agricultural areas and are looking for better opportunities to live, by providing free tuition.

Here are the most important scholarships offered by universities in Belgium:

  • VLIR-UOS Scholarship for Masters and Training
  • PhD Scholarships at Ghent University for international students from developing countries.
  • ARES tuition for international students from agricultural countries for a one-year expert or multi-month center preparation.
  • Erasmus Mundus Masters and PhD Scholarships

Belgium’s top medical schools

The universities listed below are the best in Belgium for medical education and research in a variety of medical and biomedical fields. Anesthesiology, cardiology, general and internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology, ophthalmology, radiology, and surgery are among the topics covered.

Catholic University of Louvain, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

This college was founded in 1425 and is known as Belgium’s main college.

The primary stages include science, histology, disease transmission research, and general medicine. The latter stage manages the body’s distinct frameworks, and students in the third stage must participate in the useful sciences, infection, humanities, examinations, and radiology. Jobs at the entry level.

Candidates for this university must prove their ability to speak French in order to be accepted.

Catholic University of Leuven School of Medicine

It is a free catholic college located in Flanders, viewed as the largest institution in Belgium with 58,000 students up to this point and viewed as possibly the best university on the planet being placed in the top 100 all-time.

The Lone Wolf’s and Master’s degrees at this university are uniquely offered in Dutch

You must prove your Dutch language ability to apply and be recognized at the University of Leuven

Faculty of Medicine at the University of Liege

Founded in 1817, the college has more than 25,000 elementary students, of whom about 4,800 are from all over the world.

Teaching in this college is oriented in French, so you must prove your French language authority to be ceded to this college.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Ghent

Located in East Flanders, it is the primary university for medical education in the Netherlands.

This university offers a program that aims to gather the information, perspectives, and capabilities of future physicians.

Free University of Brussels Medical School

It is a free college located in the capital city of Brussels. Offers clinical projects for undergraduate and male undergraduate degrees without an undergraduate degree, and conducts research in the physical sciences, sciences and life sciences, just as studies of life systems, histology, physiology, genetics, embryology, and many different sciences are directed during your investigation of medicine in this college.

Doctor’s salary in Belgium

The salary of a doctor in Belgium ranges from 80,000 to 350,000 euros per year, and this varies according to different jobs and fields in the field of medicine.

In general, a doctor who obtained his degree from Belgium is considered one of the best doctors in the world, and it is natural that this doctor receives a lot of money.

A doctor can start by secondarily receiving a specialist doctor’s salary of up to €200,000 per year.

Working as a doctor in Belgium

You should start by applying for a work permit from qualified professionals for a work permit, as having a new business line as a specialist will help you settle and work in Belgium without problems.

Applying to work during the period after you have graduated from clinical school is a sensitive period for rest and employment as an expert in Belgium. The review visa will give you ample opportunity to search for work and receive a work grant.

It should be noted that your application to work as a specialist in Belgium can be inconvenient given your opposition to nearby competitors and others from the European Union. They may cast a shadow over you if you are from outside the European Union or do not communicate in the official language of Belgium.

So make a good attempt to utilize your education period in Belgium to hone your abilities in one of the supported dialects such as French and Flemish, and try to get the highest scores to get better and better job opportunities in Belgium.


At the conclusion of our article, we are, you dreamer of studying medicine in Belgium and wishing to be one of the best doctors in the world and achieve a comfortable life, we have explained to you the most important information about studying medicine in Belgium, adding the best universities to study there and the conditions that must be provided.

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