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24 Hour Pharmacies in UAE: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah.. 2023

Only those in need wonder about 24 hour pharmacies Dubai and the other countries and UAE. Sometimes we may need a pharmacy at any time of the day for your health and sometimes beauty needs.

That’s exactly why, in this article, we’re going to present you with 24 hour pharmacy UAE and the most important information about it.

24 Hour Pharmacies

24 Hour Pharmacies in UAE, Their Locations and Phone Numbers

24 Hour Pharmacies in Abu Dhabi

We have listed the 24-hour pharmacies in Abu Dhabi and their information for you.

Ibn Sina Pharmacy (صيدلية ابن سينا)

Ibn Sina Pharmacy is considered one of the leading 24-hour pharmacies in Abu Dhabi and other emirates with over 120 branches across the entire Emirate and is renowned for its highly qualified and experienced medical staff in the pharmacy field. It includes Emirati medicines, health care products, nutritional supplements, skin care products and much more.

Location : Al Dana Plaza, Khalidiya District

Contact : 02 667 8768

Nur El Ahli Pharmacy (نور الأهلي )

Noor Al Ahli Pharmacy is very keen on providing the highest level of service to its clients in Abu Dhabi and other emirates. It has expanded greatly since its opening in Abu Dhabi in 1984. It is still the first destination for many members of the UAE community. It is trusted by many of its customers in the Emirate to purchase medicines and many other products for health and personal care, making it one of the best and foremost 24-hour pharmacies in Abu Dhabi.

Location : Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street

Contact : 0524 621 02

New Manara Pharmacy (صيدلية المنارة الجديدة)

Next on our list of top leading 24-hour pharmacies in the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi, we’re talking about the new Al Manara Pharmacy, known for its outstanding services and variety of products. The pharmacy offers several leading brands in the pharmaceutical field. It is one of the most important pharmacies providing delivery services in Abu Dhabi from its various branches, as well as personal and beauty care products and various nutritional supplements needed by the human body.

Location : Khalidiya Tower, Sheikh Zayed First Street

Contact : 02 681 5080

Other 24-Hour Pharmacies in Abu Dhabi:

  • Landmark Plaza Pharmacy (صيدلية لاند مارك بلازا)
  • National Pharmacy (صيدلية الأهلية الوطنية)
  • Medeor Pharmacy 24×7 (صيدلية ميديور 24×7)
  • First Health Pharmacy – Baniyas (هيلث فيرست – بني ياس)
  • Tabarak Pharmacy – Bahia (صيدلية تبارك – الباهية)

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24h Pharmacy Dubai

There are many pharmacies operating 24 hours a day to serve you in the Emirate of Dubai.

Ester Pharmacy (صيدلية استر)

Ester pharmacies open 24 hours in Dubai is one of the most famous pharmacies in Dubai and many other emirates. It is also considered as one of the leading pharmacies at the regional level with more than 200 branches distributed in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. It is also one of the first pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates to provide online home delivery of various Pharmaceuticals and health care products.

Location : Al Manal Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

Contact : 04 320 9481

Nature’s Life Pharmacy (صيدلية ناتشرز لايف)

The list of leading 24-hour pharmacies in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular is not without Nature’s Life Pharmacy 24 hours Dubai, which caters to all the needs and requirements of its customers from medicines, health products, nutritional supplements for athletes and more. Besides the official website , there is also a special pharmacy application where you can browse their products.

Location : Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1

Contact : 04 344 1122

Pharmacy Pharmacy(ميديسينا)

Following the list of Dubai’s 24-hour pharmacies and the most famous, we commemorate Medicina Pharmacy, one of the leading pharmacies in many Emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah as it caters to all the needs of healthcare. It is one of the most popular pharmacies, providing nutritional supplements for both adults and children, as well as baby care products, skin and hair care and cosmetics.

Location : Nad Al Hamar Streets, Nad Al Hamar District

Contact : 04 289 8201

Other 24-Hour Pharmacies in Dubai:

  • Supercare Pharmacy – Jumeirah (صيدلية سوبركير – جميرا)
  • Thumbay Pharmacy – Al Qusais (صيدلية ثومبي – القصيص)
  • Ibn Sina Pharmacy – Jumeirah Towers (صيدلية ابن سينا ​​– أبراج جميرا)
  • Neem Pharmacy (صيدلية النيم)
24 Hour Pharmacies

24 Hour Pharmacies in Sharjah

Health and Beauty Pharmacy (صيدلية الصحة والجمال)

Health and Beauty Pharmacy is among the most famous 24 hour pharmacies in Sharjah thanks to its outstanding services in this field and highly qualified medical staff. It is one of the pharmacies that has earned the trust of Emirati residents.

Location : Al Zahraa Street, Al Sharq District

Contact : 0090 521 06

Mecca Pharmacy (صيدلية مكة)

Makkah Pharmacy is one of the most famous pharmacies in Sharjah and is part of a chain of Makkah pharmacies with branches spread across the Emirate. The pharmacy provides the best pharmaceutical and health care products in addition to consulting services.

Location : Al Zahraa Street, Al Sharq District

Contact : 6994 565 06

Al Qarayen Pharmacy (صيدلية القرائن)

Al Qarain Pharmacy puts its customers first as it is willing to provide the best services and the best types of medicines in addition to personal and healthcare services. It is also recognized as one of the best 24-hour pharmacies in the UAE and especially in Sharjah.

Location : Sharjah Cooperative Society, Al Qarayen district

Contact : 056 679 7830 | 6765 558 06

Other 24-Hour Pharmacies in Sharjah:

  • Hayat Pharmacy – Al Majaz 2 (صيدلية لايف – المجاز 2)
  • Messina Pharmacy – Al Shahba District (ميديسينا – منطقة الشهباء)
  • Ibn Sina Pharmacy – Al Majaz 1 (صيدلية ابن سينا ​​– المجاز 1)
  • Al Hikma Pharmacy – This is Tina area (صيدلية الحكمة – منطقة بوطينة)

Pharmacies Open 24 Hours in Ajman

You can buy different types of medicines throughout the day in Acman pharmacies, which are open 24 hours a day.

Al-Iman Pharmacy (صيدلية الإيمان)

Al Eman Pharmacy is one of the best 24-hour pharmacies in Ajman as it ensures the satisfaction of all its customers.

This is due to the experience of the medical staff and their high qualifications in the field of pharmacy and all kinds of health products.

Location : Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Nuaimiya 3

Contact : 06 746 6407 | 8107 991 055

Doa Pharmacy (صيدلية دعاء)

Location : Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street, Ajman Industrial Zone 1

Contact : 1870 748 06

Mother’s Pharmacy ( صيدلية الأم )

Location : Unity Street

Contact : 9006 742 06

Mecca Pharmacy (صيدلية مكة)

Location : Müşerif Mahallesi

Contact : 3606 740 06

Amana Pharmacy (صيدلية الأمانة)

Location : Rashidiya 1

Contact : 06 740 2866

24 Hour Pharmacies in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah has a large group of pharmacies that provide various nutritional supplements.

Kiyeni Pharmacy ( صيدلية الكيان )

We move on to another pharmacy in the list of the most famous 24-hour pharmacies in the UAE, specifically in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. In addition to its offers and discounts, the pharmacy offers many products from various high-quality international brands. It provides continuous service as well as home delivery service in Ras Al Khaimah and many other Emirates.

Location : Al-Kadi Street, Al-Juwais District

Contact : 9191 456 054

Global Pharmacy (الصيدلية العالمية)

Location : Dafen Al Khor

Contact : 4012 233 07

Mecca Pharmacy (صيدلية مكة)

Location : Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street, Al Dhait South

Contact : 1445 244 07

Mervan Pharmacy ( صيدلية مروان )

Location : old market

Contact : 5666 808 052

24-Hour Pharmacies in Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain has a large group of pharmacies that provide various nutritional supplements.

Noor Al Haram Pharmacy ( صيدلية نور الحرم )

Location : King Faisal Street, Al-Raqqa District

Contact : 3823 634 056

Doa Pharmacy ( صيدلية دعاء )

Location : Alhambra

Contact : 06 766 6871

Medicom Pharmacy ( صيدلية ميديكوم )

Location : Al Salamah 2, Al Salamah District

Contact : 0014 765 06

24 Hour Pharmacies in Fujairah

Olive Pharmacy ( صيدلية الزيتون )

Location : Hamad Bin Abdullah Street

Contact : 8646 223 09

Thumbay Pharmacy ( صيدلية ثومبي )

Location : Thumbay Hospital

Contact : 4380 224 09

Reem Pharmacy ( صيدلية ريم )

Location : Hamad Bin Abdullah Street

Contact : 09 224 1124

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