Dawaee Service Guide for Pharmaceutical Distribution in Dubai.. 2023

Today we will talk to you about Dawaee for drug delivery in Dubai. The former Emirate of Dubai attaches great importance to the health of its citizens and residents as part of its lofty goals that make ensuring their safety and security above all else. The most qualified doctors  are spread across various regions, as in  private hospitals and various medical clinics and famous pharmacies  no less important than their predecessors in Dubai , making it easy for everyone to receive appropriate treatment.

What is this service and what are its advantages in this conversation, which is one of the health and medical services that fully meets the needs of patients, which is the drug service initiated by the Dubai Health Authority? Let’s find out in today’s article.


About Dawaee Dubai Pharmaceutical Service

Dawaee is a free medical service launched by Dubai Health Authority to serve citizens and residents interested in home delivery of medicines. Depending on a specialist pharmacist, various medications and medical consultations are given. 

One of the most obvious advantages and benefits of the Dawaee service is its expansion to a wider scale to cover the various emirates of the United Arab Emirates, as the Dawaee application was previously limited to delivering medicines only within the borders of the Emirate of Dubai.

However, later on, it started to take the service beyond its borders by collaborating with Talabat and Aramex, which specialize in delivery.

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People Who Can Use Dawaee Service in Dubai

The category eligible for drug service in the UAE includes citizens and residents of the Emirates as well as senior citizens with the Saada health insurance card and care card for women, men, children and people of determination.

Documents Required for Dawaee

If you are wondering about the documents required to get Dubai medicine service, you just need to present your ID card and valid prescription of the medicine and then start sending the service request form.

Service Application Procedures for Dawaee

After making sure that you have provided the necessary documents and documents mentioned before, you can get my medicine service by following a number of steps. 

You can get the service by contacting any of the DHA pharmacies directly, you can also submit a Dubai pharmaceutical service request form by selecting the medical services from the services directory on the DHA website and then clicking on “Dawaee service”, then click on access the service. 

After that, a service request form will appear where you need to enter all the necessary information and details to be able to click on the “Submit” option. The information required to make a drug service request includes:

  • Main customer information
    • Patient name
    • health card number
    • Emirates ID  card number
    • my place number
    • Place of delivery (within or outside the Emirate of Dubai)
    • Nationality
  • Appointment details
    • last date site
  • Customer details
    • e-post
    • Emirate
    • Preferred delivery date
    • Area
    • street number
    • Building number
    • Primary mobile number
    • Alternative mobile number
    • fixed phone number

Medication Service Fee

Free medicine is provided to both national patients and holders of Saadeh Health Insurance and Care Cards in Dubai.

Dawaee Service Hours

Dawaee service, one of the most distinctive advantages and benefits of the unique Dawaee Dubai service in Dubai, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medication Service Number

If you have any questions you want to know details about Dawai service, you can contact the following number:

  • 342 800

Important points

  • It is very important to provide a valid prescription.
  • It is possible to make a refill application within a period not exceeding one week from the actual filling date of the application.
  • It is necessary to be checked immediately after taking the drug.
  • Repeated service requests for the same recipe are ignored.
  • Make sure that the correct information is entered in the service request form.
  • My drug service does not cover narcotic drugs or those used only in hospitals.
  • The service provides about 20 drug trolleys, including 4 trolleys equipped with pharmaceutical refrigerators.

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