Allianz Turkey … Your full guide 2023

Allianz Turkey is one of the best companies that offers a wide variety of comprehensive insurance policies in Turkey.

The famous insurance company offers health insurance, life insurance, and other types of policies that cover all aspects of life.

Allianz Turkey

About Allianz Turkey

Allianz Turkey, whose operations in Turkey date back 99 years, including Allianz Insurance in basic insurance, Allianz Life and Pension and Allianz Life and Pension businesses in private pension and life insurance.

Allianz Turkey’s headquarters, which concluded 2021 with a premium and contribution output of 18.1 billion Turkish liras, is situated in ‘Allianz Tower’ Istanbul, while its operating center is located in ‘Allianz Campus’ Izmir, according to aggregated statistics.

Allianz Teknik, Turkey’s first licensed earthquake fire and test and training facility, was formed to help raise societal risk consciousness, and Allianz’s investments in Turkey since 2008 total more than 1 billion euros.

With 2,400 personnel, 12 regional directorates, 4,000 agencies, 1,500 bank branch channels, and 7,200 contracted institutions, Allianz Turkey serves 6.2 million consumers in 81 provinces.

Allianz Turkey’s strategy for digital transformation centers on its customers and seeks to make the company a market leader in all of these areas as well as in customer experience, agility, digitalization, employee engagement, sustainability, and innovation.

With the Allianz’m Mobile Application, customers in Turkey can easily keep tabs on their policies, payments, compensation details and processes, and private pension savings, as well as quickly submit health claims, increase their contributions and switch funds, and get in touch with a doctor or nurse for advice.

Smart health insurance policy with Allianz Turkey

Special preferences and applications are now accessible to your health goods thanks to the BRE (Business Rules Engine) that Allianz has commissioned in the Health Provision Process. can swiftly adapt

  • Inpatient treatment automation brings in a new era: for the first time in Turkey, automated negotiated price management of inpatient treatment bills will be available.
  • Automatic provisioning response rate will be enhanced: The rate of automatic provisioning replies for outpatient operations will be increased.
  • More flexible special condition management: Your policy’s rights will be handled more flexibly and precisely.
  • Provisioning applies to all requests: the amount of files submitted to postpayment will be decreased.
  • Competitive approach in group health insurance: In private health insurance, there will be quicker adaption to your group’s requirements.

Accurate and quick access to the services you need!
Because all the terms of your policy will be defined parametrically in our systems, you will be able to take advantage of thousands of different service variations thanks to BRE (Business Rules Engine).

Chance to be judged out of tens of thousands of options!
In the health sector, there are close to 50,000 medical services. Thousands of diagnoses and treatments will be evaluated automatically so that you can get the best service for your needs, and your response will be made quickly.

Provisioning response that is automatic and instant!
With this system, your health product will quickly be changed to meet your specific needs.
You will also get an SMS right away when the provision request and approval stages happen.

Smart Prescription Allianz Turkey

If you need to take drugs for an extended period of time and are weary of doing the same things every time you run out, we have some excellent news for you: You may acquire your prescriptions from contracted pharmacies through the Allianz Web-Pharmacy System with only one “long-term drug report” from your doctor. A prescription will not have to be reprinted.

  • No need to carry an insurance card: You will be able to make transactions only with your TR ID number if you do not have your insurance card.
  • There is no need for a prescription for long-term drug use: ‘Purchasing Medicines without a Prescription from Contracted Pharmacies’ will continue with the long-term drug report application.
  • Medicines accepted as special to the policy are in direct payment: You will be able to purchase the drugs specified in your policy’s special condition directly from the pharmacy.

Because the individual medication applications for your insurance will be processed at the provisioning stage, you will be able to acquire your prescriptions directly from contracted pharmacies.

Allianz Turkey Contracted Health Institution

Your treatment expenses at Allianz Contracted Health Institutions will be covered by Allianz Insurance directly on your behalf, within your policy limits.

You can check hospitals, pharmacies, opticaions and clincs that have contracts with Allianz Turkey from here.

Types of insurances in Allianz Turkey

Health insurance

These are the insurances that are prepared to cover your medical expenses as a result of an unexpected accident or illness, as well as all types of diagnostic and treatment procedures that you will require for your health, in the most prestigious health institutions using the most cutting-edge methods and without financial concerns.

Your medical expenditures are covered under the policy’s general and specific conditions, as well as the policy’s limitations.

Allianz Vitamin 2E (Health Insurance for Foreigners)

Private health insurance for foreigners is at Vitamin 2E with the advantages of Allianz!

Vitamin 2E private health insurance for foreigners is a compulsory private health insurance for foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey before the application process.

Advantages of Allianz Vitamin 2E Insurance for You
  • Foreign health insurance customers with Allianz Vitamin 2E may easily pay their inpatient or outpatient treatment fees via a large network of contracted health facilities.
  • Allianz promptly monitors and covers your health-care spending in contracted health-care facilities.
  • Examination, X-Ray, Laboratory, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Advanced Diagnostic Methods, and Childhood Vaccine Expenditures are all covered by Vitamin 2E Foreign National Health Insurance.
  • Allianz covers all of your medical expenditures that may arise at university hospitals.
  • If you are a paid or declared taxpayer, you may deduct the premiums you paid from your tax base under the Income Tax Act.
  • You may obtain free mammogram and PSA screenings once a year without compromising your damage.
  • You don’t even have to be concerned about medical bills that aren’t covered by the policy.
  • Many Contracted Health Institutions provide services at discounted Allianz rates.
  • You may benefit from the services given at reduced pricing in hundreds of institutions ranging from sports centers, beauty salons, optical stores, and dental clinics, and you can experience the difference and benefits of being an Allianz Insured to the future.

Allianz Complementary Health Insurance

You may cover the gap in your SGK-covered health expenditures at private health facilities with an Allianz TSS agreement with Allianz Supplementary Health Insurance without making any extra payments (except for the SGK compulsory examination contribution).

If you choose private health institutions that are not contracted with Allianz but are contracted with SGK for inpatient treatments, you will have an extra limit for non-contracted institutions.

When it comes to Medical Equipment coverage, you may use your limit at institutions that have or do not have an agreement with Allianz, as long as it is confined to the materials mentioned in the policy particular circumstances that are not covered by the SGK.

At the event of Home Care and Artificial Limb coverage, you may spend your limit in institutions with or without a contract with SGK for circumstances that meet the policy rules, regardless of whether the contracting institution has a contract with SGK.

Outpatient treatments and birth-related coverages may be added to the insurance if desired. These assurances are only available in private health care facilities signed with Allianz and SGK.

 Advantages of Complementary Health Insurance
  • With Allianz Complementary Health Insurance, which is among the best Complementary Health Insurance products, you can start to benefit from health services in a wide range .
  • With Allianz Complementary Health Insurance, you can have the comfort of private health insurance with affordable prices and payment terms .
  • You can obtain a ” Lifetime Renewal Guarantee ” after a three-year uninterrupted insurance period .
  • Allianz Supplementary Health Insurance, a private health insurance, supports you in the most difficult moments .

Allianz Modular Health Insurance

Allianz Modular Health Insurance stands out for its extensive coverage, allowing you to choose the best insurance plan for your budget. You may pick the private health insurance that best meets your needs and expectations, and you can quickly compare various options.

 Advantages of Modular Health Insurance
  • Thanks to Allianz Modular Health Insurance, you can use your freedom of choice and make your choice from any health module.
  • You can choose between different limits, payment percentages and exemption alternatives offered within the modular health insurance, and you can make your product suitable for your budget.
  • You can freely choose the contracted health institutions that you want to receive service from among different Network options. You can reach our contracted institutions with one click on our website or mobile application.

Morale Support Insurance

Moral Support Insurance gives monetary assistance to the insured in the event of a future cancer diagnosis. Even if you do not have any other private health insurance, you may utilize the financial assistance provided by Moral Support Health Insurance to cover your medical bills.

Advantages of Allianz Morale Support Insurance for You
  • In case of contracting cancer during the policy period, Moral Support Insurance is activated and provides collective financial support to the insured.
  • Morale Support Insurance provides support to overcome cancer, which is one of today’s common diseases and can be treated with early diagnosis, much more easily.
  • In case of catching this critical disease, the collective cash support provided at the time of diagnosis helps to overcome high treatment costs and easily meet different needs that may arise.
  • In cases where other private health insurances do not cover the cancer treatment expenses, the collective financial payment will be your biggest supporter.
  • Depending on the Morale Support Insurance coverage, you can also benefit from flexible price options.

Allianz Evil Eye Bead Health Insurance

Evil Eye Bead Insurance, which is your biggest assistant in difficult situations such as surgery and intensive care, allows you to easily cover your emergency health expenses.

Allianz Evil Eye Bead Insurance, also known as surgery and intensive care insurance, allows you to cover your surgery and intensive care expenses with a limit of 100,000 TL and 90% repayment opportunity at contracted institutions.

In addition to surgery and intensive care expenses, Nazar Boncuğu Health Insurance also offers you the opportunity to pay cash in case of surgery or intensive care hospitalization in Official Health Institutions using your General Health Insurance (SGK). 

Hospital services and additional financial support are included in the services you have received within the scope of domestic inpatient treatment coverage. The total limit of the policy is 90.000 TL net annually.

Allianz Life insurance in Turkey

Allianz Turkey offers a lot of different options for life health insurance that covers everything in case of death, from debts, education expensses, living expensses and a lot more.

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