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Online Doctor France .. All About Teleconsultation 2023

Online doctor France is an innovative solution that facilitates access to healthcare professionals, especially when access to a hospital or doctor’s office is not possible for various reasons. 

However, in which case should you consult an online doctor? Which medical professionals can you consult? Is this a free service? What are the best platforms? I have answered all these questions for you in this article.

Online Doctor France

How Can I Meet With a Doctor Online in France?

Doctors’ online consultations are  done by video, not by phone. All you need to consult is an internet connection. So  you can consult a doctor online  even if you are not in France .

In an emergency, you can call the on-duty health services in your area or call the emergency doctors for face-to-face  examination,  outside the working hours of the practices   .

Advantages of Online Doctor France

Consulting a specialist remotely can also be very helpful in some cases if certain treatments and medical examinations are not compatible with teleconsultation:  

– Chronic pathologies:   Certain conditions or diseases require regular medical monitoring without requiring a systematic physical examination. Telemedicine then allows the healthcare professional to stay in contact with the patient at home, to monitor, for example, the development of symptoms or medication intake. This eliminates the need for patients to go to the office systematically while ensuring that their disease is followed consistently with their needs.   What’s next after this ad?

– Disabled or handicapped:   teleconsultation becomes an excellent alternative if it is physically or financially impossible to move. The elderly, the disabled or those who cannot attend a caregiver can thus benefit from a counseling service under all circumstances. If the practitioner deems it necessary, he can complete the teleconsultation with a home examination. 

– Announcement of test results:  blood tests, scans, radiological tests and other tests performed in the office require careful reading and a report from the GP to the patient. Physical consultation is not required. Teleconsultation is a huge time saver for the same service.

– Pathologies and mild symptoms:   in the case of symptoms that are not serious or do not require an in-depth examination, remote medical consultation can make it possible to obtain promptly informed advice and, if necessary, an appropriate prescription. This is especially true for seasonal viral infections of known cause or mild pain (headache, body aches, cold, irritation, temporary fatigue, teething etc.) In an emergency, you should call the special services: SOS Doctor, firefighters … 

What Are the Best Online Doctor Platforms in France?

General teleconsultation sites:

  • Livi   –  General and special medicine  
  • Hellocare  –   General and private medicine 

Specialized and/or complementary teleconsultation sites:

  • Charles.co –   Male erectile dysfunction 
  • Cancer Consult –   Advice and advice 
  • Helpsy –   Psychological support and instant answers  
  • Oncoscope –   Follow-up and support for people with cancer
  • Weepsee –   Support by certified psychologists

How to Book an Online Doctor Appointment in France?

An appointment with a teleconsultation doctor is made online.

  1. Go to the website or app you’re interviewing.
  2. Create your account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Find the doctor or specialty that interests you  and make your reservation online .
  4. You can create your online doctor appointment by choosing the time period that suits you.

Usually doctors are available not 24 hours a day, but  from 6 am to 23 pm and 7 days a week  . You can find a suitable doctor in less than 10 minutes for GPs   and during the day for specialists. Additionally, to speak to a doctor, you must meet online, but an online chat is also available for all non-medical questions. If you do not have a doctor you go to regularly or if you are unable to reach a doctor, it would be wise to get online doctor service.

Please note : In case of discomfort, chest pain or sudden difficulty in breathing you should call 911.

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Is it Free to Consult a PhD Online in France?

Online Doctor France

With free patient-caregiver matching services,  you can ask a doctor a  question online (via video) from anywhere. You can also get medical advice online, but teleconsultation is not free. However, it may be reimbursed depending on your status on the care pathway  .

  • On the other hand, healthcare professionals bill the online consultation as an in-office consultation  .
  •  You should also be aware that some teleconsultations, such as face-to-face meetings, may only  be reimbursed by Health Insurance provided you respect the course of care  .
  • For example, if you are referring to a specialist, the consultation must have been suggested by your doctor with a referral letter, unless it is a doctor with direct access.
  • If your doctor isn’t available soon enough, depending on your symptoms , your consultation is likely to be reimbursed depending on the circumstances.

Teleconsultation prices are subject to the same rules as face-to-face consultations. Since the law of 15 December 2018, teleconsultation health insurance has been integrated into the care pathway and can be covered by social security and mutual insurance.  

Conditions for access to the maintenance path and 100% coverage

  • Be referred by the attending physician or have received a physical consultation with the physician within 12 months prior to the appointment, or
  • Consult a specialty with direct access (gynecology, pediatrics, etc.), or
  • be under the age of 16 or
  • If you do not have a referring physician, or
  • Having a specialist physician who is not available within a time frame suitable for his/her health status

 Teleconsultation is billed by the teleconsultant doctor at the same rate as the physical consultation, ie between €23 and €58.50  depending on the sector of practice and the doctor’s expertise  . Self-employed physicians have the ability to bill an excess fee, which is stated on the practitioner’s presentation page. The care rules are the same as face-to-face consultations and have the same care rates (70%) as the classical consultation.  

Third party payment applies in the following cases

  • patients with long-term disease (ALD)
  • pregnant woman,
  • patients taking advantage of supplemental health insurance (formerly CMU-C) or assistance in obtaining supplemental health insurance (ACS).

If you’re on vacation in a foreign country, the cost of seeing a remote doctor based in France will usually be the price he or she charges. So whether you’re in Germany, Europe or elsewhere, you still pay the cost of seeing a doctor in person.

 Regarding reimbursement: Consultation with your doctor who performed your treatment in the last 12 months, or with a doctor you have met face-to-face, is your doctor who deals with reimbursement procedures as he usually does in the office (with your vital card number).  

If it is a doctor other than your GP, if you live in an area where the local partner structures of the platform are authorized to take responsibility for teleconsultation, if you had to pay a “remainder fee”, this additional part may be covered by your mutual insurance company depending on the coverage. The invoice will be presented to you. If you did not have to pay the remaining fee, you do not need to take any action.

Teleconsultation will not be refunded if you live in an area where the platform does not yet have a partner structure . An invoice will be prepared in your personal area. After the medical appointment is made, you are asked to pay by credit card. Active payment is made only when the inspection is over. Refunds are made directly to your bank account, as with physical examinations. 

Features of Online Doctor Service in France

Teleconsulting allows you to do many things! With this system, you can consult almost all areas of specialization, both doctors, health professionals and various practitioners.

Which Doctor Can We See in Teleconsultation?

Doctors of all medical specialties are  accessible online.

  • general practitioners
  • addiction doctors
  • geriatricians
  • Nutritionist doctors
  • Endocrinologists-diabetologists
  • Doctors allergists
  • Oncologists
  • radiation therapists
  • functional rehabilitation doctors
  • pediatricians
  • gynecologists
  • Dermatologists
  • ORL
  • psychiatrists
  • cardiologists
  • pneumologists
  • Gastroenterologists
  • rheumatologists
  • sexologist doctors
  • aesthetic doctors
  • plastic surgeons
  • sports doctors
  • urologists
  • cardiovascular surgeons
  • orthopedic surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists-resuscitators

Health Professionals and Practitioners Accessible Online in France

There are other medical professions, paramedics and practitioners you can consult, such as psychologists or dietitians.

  • dentists
  • midwives
  • podiatrists
  • masseur-physiotherapists
  • dietitians
  • speech therapists
  • psychologists

What Documents Can I Get With Online Doctor Service in France?

Getting Prescriptions from an Online Doctor in France

Yes,  if your doctor deems it necessary , your doctor can write you a prescription online and send it to you via the platform. It is also possible to request a refill of a prescription for medication.

 However, this is left to the discretion of the doctor based on your symptoms and observations during the online consultation . He will be able to give you a medical opinion and recommendations. He or she may also offer you a face-to-face consultation if the video consultation isn’t enough to provide a fairly accurate medical opinion.

Getting Sick Leave from an Online Doctor in France

Consulting a doctor online makes it possible to obtain some medical certifications, such as quitting a job (but not all and only if necessary). However, some doctors do not give permission due to their expertise. 

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