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Online Doctor Netherlands .. Your Full Guide 2023

This article contains all the information pertinent to online doctor Netherlands. Using telehealth, online doctors see and treat patients virtually. With virtual doctor visits, you can see a physician online and receive medical advice and prescriptions as needed.

Getting care at home through an online doctor appointment is convenient for social isolation or when time, transportation, or child care are in short supply. Telehealth cannot completely replace in-person medical care, but it can remove barriers to accessing health care.

Online Doctor Netherlands

How to Choose the Best Online Doctor in Netherlands

Making the correct diagnosis and prescribing treatment is a priority for every doctor. But the way to achieve this differs per doctor. Where one person offers a listening ear and also keeps a finger on the pulse after the visit by making a home visit, another limits the aftercare to a short telephone call. Such a difference is important to take into account when choosing another doctor. You should also not lose sight of practical matters. Because is there only consultation hours by appointment or does the doctor also organize walk-in consultation hours? In any case, think about:

  • Self-employed general practitioner or general practice: Do you want a doctor who has his own practice or one that is affiliated with a doctor practice where several doctors work? And do you want a small or large-scale general practice? 
  • Health centre: Do you think it is important that the general practitioner (practice) is located in a health center, close to other care providers, such as a physiotherapist and dentist? 
  • Opening hours: Can the doctor also be reached outside office hours? 
  • Making appointments: Do you have to make appointments by phone or can you also do it online? 

How Can You Reach a Doctor in Netherlands?

Live chat, text messaging, phone calls, and email are among the methods of communication offered by the best online physicians. Video consultations are the most common way to meet with a telehealth provider, as a visual examination is frequently required for an accurate diagnosis.

What Services are Available?

A visit to a physician in person can provide a variety of services, including preventative care, treatment for chronic conditions and acute medical issues, lab orders, and more. Online physicians provide the majority of these services. Although there may be restrictions on the medications that telehealth physicians are permitted to prescribe, it is generally anticipated that they will be able to send prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

Clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who provide mental and behavioral health care are members of a number of the currently available online doctor networks. In most cases, specialists are excluded; however, the majority of primary care physicians can refer patients to nearby specialists.

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What are the Benefits of Viewing Your Doctor’s Medical Records Online?

Viewing your data online yourself has advantages:

  • You can always access your medical data no matter where you are. So you can examine your data even when the general practice is closed.
  • Your medical information is neatly organized. This provides an overview.
  • You are always well-informed about your health. As a result, if something has changed (for example, your medication), you will notice it right away.
  • You can better prepare for your doctor’s appointment. This means you will be able to influence decisions and will receive better care.
  • You can read the advice again at home after your visit to the doctor. You can also have someone read along with you, such as your partner or home care.
  • Because you can read what your doctor writes, you can gain more trust in him or her. This can improve your relationship with your doctor.

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What are the Disadvantages of Viewing Your Doctor’s Medical Records Online?

Viewing your data online yourself also has disadvantages:

  • You might not comprehend everything you read. Medical data, for example, is difficult to write down in medical language. Or it contains abbreviations with which you are unfamiliar. You might be concerned about it.
  • You may become disoriented if you see too much information.
  • You cannot immediately consult your doctor if you have a question about your data. Then you must consult with your physician.
  • Your doctor does not explain the results of an examination to you. You may be surprised or confused by the outcome.
  • Then it’s inconvenient that you can’t talk to your doctor about it right away.

How Long Does It Take to Reach a Doctor in Netherlands?

Online Doctor Netherlands

The vast majority of telehealth services offer same-day appointments and can connect you with a doctor almost immediately. The best online medical clinics allow patients to schedule appointments at times that are most convenient for them. If you utilize a service with a large doctor network and around-the-clock virtual visits on demand, you can receive reliable medical care whenever you need it, day or night.

How Much Does an Online Doctor Cost in Netherlands?

The price of this service may vary depending on the company you receive the service from. Some companies have a 3-month free usage right. However, the consulting fee usually costs 29 €.

Can You Get a Prescription from an Online Doctor Netherlands?

A doctor should only prescribe prescription medications online if:

  • the doctor and you have a doctor-patient relationship;
  • the doctor knows your medication history; 
  • the doctor has a reliable medical file on you.

If the doctor does not meet these conditions, he cannot make a proper diagnosis. The doctor is then not allowed to prescribe medicines via the internet. Also, an online doctor is not allowed to prescribe medication based on a questionnaire that you have completed.

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