Study Medicine in the Korea

Studying Medicine in Korea: Your Full Guide 2023

The process of studying medicine in Korea is very rigorous and competitive. Korea has a long history of producing some of the best doctors in the world.

The Korean medical system is based on a Western model and offers an excellent education that prepares you for your future career as a medical doctor.

Studying Medicine in Korea

Study Medicine in Korea: Best Medical University in South Korea

There are many distinguished universities in Korea that teach medicine, and here is a list of the top eight Korean universities where you can study medicine (1) (2):

Seoul National University (SNU)

The College of Medicine at Seoul University is regarded as one of the best medical colleges in Korea, owing to its educational staff of the most skilled doctors with doctorate degrees in medicine, as well as the university’s advanced scientific research.

It costs about $9,581 per semester to study medicine there. (3)

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Sungkyunkwan University is one of South Korea’s oldest universities, focusing on developing students’ skills through the integration of modern and innovative technology in teaching with the traditional method. It is also notable for having a large number of English-language programs. The cost of studying medicine in that country is approximately $7,550 per semester. (4)

Yonsei University

It is one of South Korea’s oldest medical colleges, competing with Seoul University in providing the highest quality education in medical specialties, and it is one of the universities keeping up with the most significant developments in medicine. (1)

It costs about $5,150 per semester to study medicine there. (5)

Korea University

Korea University’s College of Medicine is regarded as one of the most difficult to enter, with only 25% of applicants accepted. It is one of Korea’s best and most distinguished colleges, with numerous achievements in the medical field and international recognition in scientific research. (1)

Each semester, the cost of studying medicine there ranges from $4,300 to $10,800 USD. (6)

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Catholic University

This university’s medical school takes a different approach to teaching, known as the OMNIBUS curriculum, in which students are specially educated in pre-medical education, in addition to the 6-week teaching program in which important courses are covered to develop students’ competencies, and the cost of studying medicine is low. It costs around $7,020 per semester. (7)

Kyungpook National University (KNU)

This university’s medical school is one of the oldest in Korea, and admission is extremely competitive due to its international reputation, with only 110 students accepted each year. American dollars per semester (8)

Ulsan University

Studying Medicine in Korea

This university is one of the best in Korea for studying medicine because students can train in the most prestigious and distinguished medical centers, the most important of which is Asan Medical Center, and the cost of studying medicine is approximately $8,200 USD per semester. (9)

Kyung Hee University

This university is regarded as one of the best medical schools in Korea. According to the Times Higher Education classification in 2021, Kyung Hee College of Medicine received a score between 176 and 200, and its research centers provided multiple medical research; The Kyung Hee Institute for Aging and Brain Related Diseases, and the Healthcare Industry Research Institute. (2)


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