Doctor salary in Sweden

Doctor Salary in Sweden: A Complete Guide .. 2023

The doctor salary in Sweden (average monthly salary for specialist doctors) is SEK 79,200 in 2020. It’s not uncommon to hear doctors consider moving to Sweden due to the high salary of doctors.

In this article, we’ll show you how salary is affected by age, education level, industry, and region. The statistics here are valid for specialist doctors. 

Doctor's Salary in Sweden

Doctor Salary in Sweden

Salary must be determined individually and you negotiate your salary yourself at the start of an employment. Since the salary is determined individually, salaries differ between different people, for example depending on previous experience and skills. 

The median salary of an AT doctor in 2020 was SEK 33,500 per month and SEK 46,000 per month for an ST doctor. The average salary for completed specialist physicians was SEK 66,000 per month and SEK 78,900 per month for head physicians.

For doctors working in an emergency hospital or other so-called 24-hour operation, shift and emergency compensation are often added in addition to the basic salary. This applies, for example, if you work at night or on the weekend.  

202077 00081 50079 200

Salary of Specialist Doctors in Different Regions of Sweden

The table shows the average monthly salary for specialist doctors in different regions.

RegionWomanMalein total
Kingdom77 00081 50079 200
Stockholm74 60082 10077 600
East Central Sweden81 20086 40083 900
Islands and Smaland81 20086 20083 900
Southern Sweden69 50080 30074 300
Western Sweden77 70077 60077 600
North Central Sweden82 20076 600
Middle Norrland80 10082 00081 000
Upper Norrland88 60090 90089 700

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Doctor's Salary in Sweden

What Do Doctors Earn After Tax in Sweden?

When talking about salary, it is almost always salary before tax. This is because the tax you pay depends largely on many individual factors, such as where you live, whether you have other income, whether you are taxed on benefits and whether you receive any special allowances or benefits.

If we get 42,000 SEK per month before tax (average salary for doctors in the region) without any other compensation or income, in some larger Swedish municipalities the salary will be as follows.

  • Stockholm:  SEK 32,211 / month after tax
  • Gothenburg:  31,233 SEK / month after tax
  • Malmö:  31,282 SEK / month after tax

If you are a member of the Church of Sweden, a church tax of approximately SEK 450 per month will be added.

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Specialist Doctor Salaries of Different Ages in Sweden

The chart shows the total average monthly salary for specialist doctors. But it is also divided into age classes 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65-66. The diagram also shows the difference between men and women in each age group.

Gender18-24 years25-34 years35-44 years45-54 years55-64 years65-66 yearsTotal
Woman59 60073 80080 50083 60077 000
Male69 50077 50079 70086 70091 60081 500
Total63 90075 40080 10085 30079 200

Salary of a Public Physician in Sweden

Gender18-24 years25-34 years35-44 years45-54 years55-64 years65-66 yearsTotal
Woman69 40073 80081 00084 90087 50079 300
Male70 90076 90084 50089 00091 30083 500
Total70 20075 20082 70087 20089 70081 400

Salary of Specialist Doctors in the Private Sector in Sweden

Gender18-24 years25-34 years35-44 years45-54 years55-64 years65-66 yearstotal
Woman73 70079 10079 20071 100
Male81 00080 20075 400
Total76 30073 10079 80073 000

Which Specialist Gets the Highest Salary in Sweden?

Clinical pathology is the highest paying specialty, followed by Neurosurgery, which pays as much as Neuroradiology and finally Forensic Psychiatry. The average salary for Clinical Pathology is 83,040, 82,196 for Neuroradiology and 81,810 for Neurosurgery.

oneclinical pathology83 040
2neuroradiology82 196
3neurosurgeons81 810
4forensic psychiatry81 600
5Nuclear medicine80 175
6hand surgeon79 860
7clinical genetics78 960
8Psychiatry78 840
9General Medicine78 732
10Child and Adolescent Psychiatry78 420
11thPain78 120

Note: The figures do not include permanent employees.

Working as a Relay Doctor in Sweden

There are several ways to influence your salary as a doctor; An example of this is an effective salary negotiation. But by far the most effective method is to work as a hired doctor, also known as a temporary doctor.

What is Relay Doctor?

A transfer doctor works under contract at various hospitals and health centers in Sweden or other countries.

As a relay doctor, you usually work through a staffing company. A doctor may be employed directly by the staffing company or work as a consultant for the staffing company through his or her own company. The doctor may also choose to be bought directly by a county council with his own company. 

Relay Doctor Salary?

Purchase price for relay doctors in Sweden is between 867 – 1758 SEK/hr. This means that as a doctor you can expect to be billed in the range of 730 – 1670 SEK/hr depending on the costs of the staffing company. Here’s what you can expect to be billed in some of Sweden’s largest regions:

  • Stockholm : 880 SEK – 920 / hour
  • Västra Götaland : 1020 SEK – 1080 / saat
  • Scania : 940 – 1000 kr / hour

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