Top 20 Countries With the Highest Doctor Salary

Top 20 Countries With the Highest Doctor Salary .. 2023

In this article, we will tell you about the 20 countries with the highest doctor salary. Any doctor around the world has to bear many pressures on himself, other than the responsibility that falls on his shoulders, where it is fair to them.

Doctors have an extremely important task, which is to save lives. Doctors often risk their own lives for their patients. For this reason, being a doctor is one of the professions that most deserve a high salary.

Highest Doctor Salary

Top 20 Countries With the Highest Doctor Salary

Here are the 20 countries with the highest doctor’s salary, along with their characteristics.

Doctor Salary in Netherlands

The Netherlands is considered a dream country for doctors, because it provides high-paid salaries for them in addition to the existence of great working conditions, short working hours, and a lot of holidays. , while the practicing physician earns about 117 thousand dollars annually.

Doctor Salary in Australia

It is considered the second highest country in paying doctors’ salaries very well, as doctors from the UK meet in Australia, to provide better working conditions and an advanced support system where doctors learn to advocate and work side by side, and the specialist doctor gets 247 thousand dollars and the practitioner gets $91 thousand.

Doctor Salary in United States

Many believe that the United States pays the most money for doctors, and the United States of America gets the third place, and the amount of the specialist is about 230 thousand dollars annually, and the practicing doctor gets about 161 thousand dollars.

Highest Doctor Salary

Doctor Salary in Belgium

Doctors in Belgium work longer than any other country in Europe, with an average of 51 hours per week, and pay high taxes, which makes them even more difficult to thrive. A specialist earns $188,000 a year, while a practicing physician makes $61,000.

Doctor Salary in Canada

Canadian doctors face a lot of difficulties, as a large number of its doctors immigrate to the United States of America due to its better conditions, and the specialist earns approximately 161,000 dollars annually, while general practitioners earn 107,000 dollars annually.

Doctor Salary in United Kingdom

A large number of doctors in Britain are trying to escape to Australia to work, because they receive a salary there that they deserve to stick to. Approximately 118 thousand dollars.

Doctor Salary in France

A specialist doctor in France earns an average of 149,000 dollars annually, and the salary of a practicing doctor reaches 92,000 dollars annually, and it is famous for its distinguished doctors.

Doctor Salary in Ireland

It comes in eighth place on the list of the highest wages for doctors, and the salary of a specialized doctor is approximately 143,000 dollars, while general practitioners earn about 90,000 dollars annually.

Doctor Salary in Switzerland

It is ranked ninth in the list of the highest paid doctors, as the salary of a specialist doctor working in Switzerland reaches 130,000 dollars, while the number of general practitioners is about 116,000 dollars annually.

Doctor Salary in Denmark

In Denmark, specialist doctors earn an average of $91,000 annually, while working practitioners earn about $109,000 annually, although there is not much difference between the wages of specialists and general practitioners.

Doctor Salary in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a medical professional makes an average of $86,000 annually, and a practicing physician earns about $78,000 annually.

Doctor Salary in Germany

Specialist physicians in Germany get approximately $77,000 and the practicing physician gets nearly $69,000.

Doctor Salary in Norway

The salary of a specialist doctor in Norway is approximately $77,000 while the salary of a practicing physician is approximately $66,000.

Doctor Salary in Sweden

A doctor who specializes in that country makes about $76,000 a year, and a GP makes nearly $66,000.

Doctor Salary in Finland

In Finland, specialists earn $74,000 annually, while general practitioners repatriate with $68,000. Thus, in Finland, a general practitioner earns less than half of what physicians earn in the United States.

Doctor Salary in Arkansas

A doctor who specializes in them earns an average of $211,422 and $270,000.

Doctor Salary in South Dakota (one of the states of America)

Physicians earn roughly $189,000 annually on average, specialist physicians such as orthopedic surgeons who earn a notable salary of $519,000 annually, cardiologists who are second in the competition to the highest paid physicians earn a salary of $512,000 annually. .

Doctor Salary in Iowa (one of the states of America)

The average salary for a physician in Iowa is $305,000 per year on average which tends to vary a lot with owning a specialty. Whereas a family practice physician earns up to $110,462 and an internist physician earns $232,493.

Doctor Salary in Idaho (one of the states of America)

Doctors earn an average salary of $187,111 which seems lower after the living conditions make the place happy for doctors all over the world.

Doctor Salary in Wyoming (one of the states of America)

The profession of doctor joined the best ever profession in the world recently as a doctor in Wyoming is extremely comfortable, earning an average salary of $124,908 annually.

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