Doctor salary in Germany

Doctor salary in Germany : Everything you need to know 2023

In Germany, doctors are among the most well-paid professionals. In this article, we will explore the Doctor salary in Germany and find out what a doctor can expect to make in a year in Germany.

Doctors are required to complete a university degree before they can work as a doctor. They also need to complete an internship and pass an exam before they can qualify as a specialist.

Doctor salary in Germany

About being a doctor in Germany

A degree in medicine and the corresponding license to practice medicine are necessary to make money as a doctor in Germany.

The typical length of study for medical studies is 12 semesters, or 6 years. Most students, however, take a bit longer to earn their first paycheck as a doctor. It is really 13.8 semesters, according to Statista.

Overall, medical studies consist of three components:

  • Preclinical
  • Clinic
  • Practical year

The pre-clinical part lasts four semesters, The focus is on healthy people and their anatomy. 

In the following three years (clinical part), forms of therapy and diseases from various clinical subjects are taught. 

Areas of focus include:

  • General medicine
  • Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pathology

Finally, the practical year (PJ) takes place.

During the practical year, medical students work directly in a clinic or hospital, doing practical tasks in internal medicine, surgery, and an elective.

In addition to the first practical experience, the doctors are compensated. However, this is not similar to a doctor’s monthly salary.

According to the BAföG maximum rate, the maximum PJ payment is 597 euros per month.

How much is a doctor salary in Germany?

A job as a doctor is rewarding! According to the StepStone pay report for 2020, employed physicians receive the highest wages in Germany when compared to other professional groupings.

The average doctor annual salary in Germany is 92,316 euros. As a result, doctors get an average doctor salary in Germany is 7,693 euros.

Of course, not every doctor is paid the same. The position of one’s career has a significant influence on salary.

There are four types of doctors: assistant physicians, specialists, senior physicians, and head physicians. Naturally, an assistant physician is paid less than a assistant physicians.

doctor salary in Germany per month

Factors influencing doctor salary in Germany

In contrast to other professional groups, there are less regional salary differences in doctor salaries in Germany.

Because salaries are determined by the employer’s collective agreement, the geography plays a secondary role. In this scenario, the size of the employer has no effect.

The following criteria influence the income as a doctor:

  1. Employed or self-employed.
  2. Collective bargaining agreement or non-tariff pay.
  3. Fixed salary or tied to the workload of the practice.
  4. Work experience.
  5. Position.

Doctor salary in hospital in Germany

The income of a doctor in a hospital is determined by the various collective agreements, as well as professional experience and position.

The more physicians grow in their professions, the more money they make.

In Germany, there is a contrast between the following forms of collective agreements:

  • For University hospitals  (e.g. Charité Berlin, University Hospital Frankfurt)
  • For  Municipal hospitals  (e.g. clinics of the city of Cologne, Klinikum Dortmund)
  • For Private hospitals  (e.g. clinics operated by Helios, AMEOS or Asklepios)

In these collective agreements, the monthly salary of the doctor depends on the respective position and the duration of the professional practice.

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  • Starting doctor salary in Germany : Approximately €4,700 – €6,300
  • Specialist doctor salary : Approx. €6,200 – €8,100
  • Senior doctor salary : Approx. €7,700 – €10,600
  • Head physician salary : Approx. > 11,000 € (non-tariff payment)

The salary range for doctors in Germany 2023 (Update)

Here is a table summarizing the key information on doctors’ salaries in Germany:

Type of workSalary rangePercentiles
DoctorAnnual net income from €181,000 to €297,00025th percentile: €<5,800 <br> 75th percentile: <€13,500
ClinicalGross monthly salary from €5,656.92 to €6,131.23 for specialists
University HospitalsVaries according to the collective agreement with the 34 university hospitals
Hourly wageApprox. €52 per hour on average

The salary of doctors in Germany is influenced by different factors, such as experience, specialty and industry. The salary range for doctors in Germany ranges from €3,290 per month to €15,100 per month. The median salary for doctors is €9,670 per month, with 25% of doctors earning less than €5,800 per month and 75% earning less than €13,500 per month. Level of experience also plays a significant role in determining doctors’ salaries, with experienced professionals generally earning more. Medical technologists in Germany earn an average annual salary of €65,292, which is slightly lower than the starting salary of doctors.

Doctors’ salaries in Germany by medical specialization

It is impossible to make generalizations about the average salary of private sector doctors in Germany.

This is because a number of variables influence income determination.

Firm revenues and expenses can vary widely.

These are influenced, for example, by the size of the practice and the catchment area, the maximum working hours, or the type of treatment (conservative or surgical), etc.

In addition, the incomes of practising physicians vary according to each individual.

The annual net income of a firm (after deduction of personnel and other expenses) is on average 190,000 euros gross, according to the Federal Statistical Office.

The table below shows a comparison of the incomes of medical residents in Germany by practice:

RankingArea of activityNet income
8thENT doctor€223,000
10General practitioner€227,000
12Neurologist / Psychiatrist€180,000

Doctors’ salaries: Which doctor earns the most in Germany?

The salaries of doctors in hospitals are governed by the respective collective agreements. However, chief medical officers are paid outside the collective agreement. The average gross monthly salary is around 24,000 euros.

Due to the non-tariff payment, the Chief Medical Officer’s income can vary considerably. The physician’s negotiating skills are decisive in this regard.

Unlike hospital salaries in Germany, where doctors’ incomes are relatively similar, the differences in earnings as a practicing physician are larger.

For a doctor with a clinic in his own practice, the specialty is mainly decisive for the salary. A comparison shows that radiologists are the highest paid doctors in Germany, with a gross monthly salary of 31,000 euros.

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