Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey: Full Guide .. 2023

The Turkish Dentists Association has announced dental treatment prices in Turkey. The fees for the oral and dental health examinations you will request in 2022 have been announced, as have the parameters that determine the prices.

In this article, we will discuss the costs of dental treatments in Turkey. Continue reading if you’re interested.

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey

According to information provided by the Turkish Dentists Association;

  • The procedures to be performed on each tooth will be evaluated for fees in bridge treatments based on the type of crown.
  • For prostheses with sensitive and semi-precise attachments, staff fees and other expenses will be added to the fee.
  • The service fee for interventional procedures performed under general anesthesia will be 50% higher.
  • Working hours determined for dentists: 09.00-13.00-14.00-19.00, lunch break will be between 13.00-14.00
  • A fee schedule of more than 50 percent will be applied for treatment services going to the patient.
  • A 50 percent excess fee schedule will be applied for medical interventions to be made outside of working hours.
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Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey – TDA Price List

The Turkish Dentists Association has announced the price tariff determined within the scope of dentists’ treatments, with details in the list below. The price tariffs that will be in effect throughout Turkey will take effect on January 1, 2022.

Tooth extraction prices , which are in the list of determined treatment fees and frequently questioned by patients, have also been announced. As detailed in the table below;

  • Tooth Extraction Fee 347 TL excluding VAT
  • Complicated Tooth Extraction Fee 685 TL
  • Impacted Tooth Operation 1.175 TL
  • Impacted Tooth Operation (Bone Retention) prices are also 1.412 TL

was determined by the Turkish Dental Association.

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Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey
Dentist Examination199.07215.00
Expert Dentist Examination217.59235.00
Control Physician Examination180.56195.00
Expert Dentist Consultation217.59235.00
Hypnosis (Per Session)472.22510.00
Acupuncture Application (Per Session)439.81475.00
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning259.26280.00
Oral Hygiene Training106.48115.00
Determination of Saliva Flow Rate and Buffering Capacity199.07215.00
Microbiological Analysis in Saliva620.37670,00
Gnatology, TMJ Muscle Examination (Occlusion Control)736.11795.00
Vitality Control (Per Tooth23.1525.00
Dental X-Ray Film (Periapical)87.9695.00
Occlusal Film111.11120.00
Bite – Wing Radiography87.9695.00
Extra Oral X-Ray Film125.00135.00
Panoramic Movie273.15295.00
Lateral Sephalometric Film273.15295.00
Antero-Posterior Cephalometric Film268.52290,00
Intra Oral Digital Radiography (RVG or Phosphor Plaque)106.48115.00
Hand Wrist Film268.52290,00
Tomography (Regional)273.15295.00
Tomography (Single Chin)509.26550,00
Tomography (Two Chin Chin)726.85785,00
Joint Tomography (Bilateral)1,041.671.125.00
Computerized Large TMJ Function Test2.101.852.270.00
Computerized Muscle Tone Analysis949.071.025,00
TME Film and Examination402.78435.00
Local Anesthesia (Injection – Infiltrative)37.0440.00
Local Anesthesia (Regional)37.0440.00
Amalgam Filling (One-Sided)435.19470,00
Amalgam Filling (Two-Sided)537.04580,00
Amalgam Filling (Three Faced)652.78705.00
Composite Fill (One Sided)462.96500,00
Composite Filling (Two-Sided)574.07620,00
Composite Fill (Three Faced)703,70760,00
Direct Composite Laminate Restoration574.07620,00
Black V Arm Filling (Composite)462.96500,00
Glass Ionomer Filler351.85380.00
Black V Arm Filling (Glass Ionomer)273.15295.00
Inlay Filler * (One Sided)953,701.030.00
Inlay Filler * (Two-Sided)967.591,045.00
Inlay Fill * (Three Faced)986.111,065.00
Composite Inlay Filler (One Sided)810.19875,00
Composite Inlay Filler (Two-Sided)902.78975.00
Composite Inlay Filler (Three Faced)981.481.060.00
Ceramic Inlay Filler (One Sided)2.750.002.970.00
Ceramic Inlay Filler (Two-Sided)3.250.003,510,00
Ceramic Inlay Filler (Three Faced)3.500.003.780.00
Onlay * (Ceramic)3,324.073,590,00
Pinley *1,259.261.360.00
Filling (Restoration) Repair375.00405.00
Filling Removal (Single Tooth)143.52155.00
Coating (Excluding Filling)69.4475.00
Extirpation (For Each Channel)240.74260.00
Root Canal Treatment – Single Canal (Excluding Filling)638.89690,00
Root Canal Treatment – Two Channels (Excluding Filling)930,561,005.00
Root Canal Treatment – Three Channels (Excluding Filling)1,263,891.365,00
Root Canal Treatment – For Each Additional Canal351.85380.00
Root Canal Treatment in Teeth with Periapical Lesions – Single Canal (Excluding Filling)652.78705.00
Root Canal Treatment in Teeth with Periapical Lesions – Two Canals (Excluding Filling)953,701.030.00
Root Canal Treatment in Teeth with Periapical Lesions – Three Canals (Excluding Filling)1,291.671,395,00
Channel Filling Removal (For Each Channel)337.96365,00
Canal Filling Repeat (Retreatment – For Each Canal – Except Filling)611.11660,00
Root Canal Dressing (Per Session)152.78165,00
In-Channel Ready Post Application (Metal) (Excluding Filling Fee)541.67585.00
In-Channel Fiber Post Application (Excluding Filling Fee)990.741.070.00
Removal of Broken Material from the Channel898.15970,00
Canal Perforation Repair (MTA etc.)476.85515.00
Dentin Pin Application (Per Pin)83.3390.00
Sensitivity Treatment (Single Tooth)185.19200.00
Sensitivity Treatment (Full Chin)500,00540,00
Teeth Bleaching (Bleaching Vital Single Tooth Maximum 4 Pieces) (Excluding Material Fee)273.15295.00
Tooth Bleaching (Whitening – Devital Single Tooth) (Per Session – Excluding Filling)347.22375.00
Teeth Bleaching (Whitening – Single Jaw) (Excluding Material Fee)1.500.001.620.00
Rubber-Dam Application152.78165,00
PEDODONTİVAT Excluding8% VAT Included
(For treatments not included in this section, the treatment and endodontics department is consulted.)
Riding Guidance with Abrasion (Per Session199.07215.00
Fissure Sealing (Sealant – Single Tooth)212.96230.00
Superficial Fluoride Application (Half Chin)208.33225.00
Compomer Filling500,00540,00
Resin Infiltration Treatment935.191.010.00
Amputation (Excluding Filling-Crown Superstructure-Biomaterial)449.07485,00
Milk Tooth Root Canal Treatment800.93865.00
Root Canal Treatment in Open Apex Tooth (For Each Canal – Excluding Filling) (Excluding Dressing Fees)1,745.371,885.00
Apical Barrier in Open Apex Tooth (For Each Canal – Excluding Filling and Dressing Fees)805.56870,00
Placeholder (Fixed)1.134.261,225,00
Placeholder (Animated)1,314,811.420.00
Prefabricated Crown *574.07620,00
Strip Kuron560.19605.00
Trauma Splint1,004.631,085.00
Child Prosthesis1,106,481,195.00
Child Prosthesis (Acrylic – Sectioned – Single Jaw)2,587.962,795.00
Child Prosthesis (Acrylic – Full – Single Jaw)2,810.193,035.00
PROSTHESISVAT Excluding8% VAT Included
Full Denture (Acrylic – Single Jaw)3.736.114,035.00
Partial Prosthesis (Acrylic – Single Jaw)3,652.783.945,00
Full Denture (Reinforced with Cast Metal – Single Jaw)4,884.265.275.00
Partial Prosthesis (Reinforced with Cast Metal – Single Jaw)4,837.965.225.00
Precision Retained Dentures (Excluding Precision Retainer Fee – Single Jaw)5,097.225,505.00
Implant Supported Removable Dentures (Excluding Precision Holder Fee – Single Jaw)4,462.964.820.00
Temporary (Immediate) Prosthesis (Acrylic – Single Jaw)3,185,193.440,00
Feeding (Single Jaw)1,314,811.420.00
Base Renewal (Rebazaj – Single Jaw)1,615.741,745.00
Prosthesis Soft Acrylic Application (Temporary Single Jaw)1,
Soft Acrylic Application on Prosthesis (Permanent Single Jaw)2,087,962.255.00
Repair (Acrylic Dentures, Broken or Cracked)675.93730,00
Crochet Addition699.07755.00
Metal Skeleton Repair699.07755.00
Tooth Addition (Single Tooth)351.85380.00
Roach Bridge1,004.631,085.00
Night Plaque (Soft)861.11930,00
Night Plate (Rigid Occlusal Splinting) (Acrylic)3,513,893,795.00
Pinley and Varieties *1,314,811.420.00
One Piece Cast Crown1,157,411.250.00
Veneer Crown (Acrylic)1.365.741,475.00
Veneer Crown ** (Ceramic)1,393,521,505,00
Implant Top Veneer Crown (Ceramic) (Excluding Abutment Fee)1,597.221.725,00
Laminate Veneer Composite1.250.001.350.00
Laminate Veneer (Acrylic)1,199,071,295,00
Laminate Veneer (Ceramic)2,935,193.170.00
Jaket Crown (Acrylic)1,143.521,235,00
Jaket Crown (Composite)1,046.301.130.00
Full Ceramic Crown (Without Metal Support)3,000,003.240.00
Kuron Telescope* (Coping)1,157,411.250.00
Milling Technique in Crowns Difference231.48250.00
Cast Post Core (Pivo) (Excluding Superstructure)1,157,411.250.00
Adhesive Bridge (like Maryland etc.)
Temporary Crown (For Single Tooth)236.11255.00
Crown Removal (For Single Fixed Member)199.07215.00
Fallen Crown and Bridge Cementation (For Each Fixed Member)148.15160.00
Crown Bridge Repair * (For Each Member)648.15700.00
Overdenture (Single Jaw) (**)3.736.114,035.00
Cleft Palate Prosthesis (Appliance with Velum Extension) (**3.675.933.970.00
Preoperative Appliance in Newborn (Screw Fee is Charged Separately) (**)2,777.783,000,00
Temporary Obturators (**)
Prosthetic Treatment in Simple Jaw Defects (**)5,175.935.590.00
Prosthetic Treatment in Complicated Jaw Defects (**)5,935,196.410.00
Facial Prostheses (With Soft Acrylic)
Eye Prosthesis (Ocular)8.500.009.180.00
Occlusal Abrasions736.11795.00
Correction of Occlusion1,351,851.460.00
TMJ Stabilization Splint (Postoperative)1,995.372.155,00
Implant Guide (Half Jaw)1,393,521,505,00
Implant Guide (Full Chin)2013.892.175,00
Tooth extraction347.22375.00
Complicated Tooth Extraction685.19740,00
Impacted Tooth Operation1,175.931.270.00
Impacted Tooth Operation (With Bone Retention)1,412,041.525.00
Root End Resection in Single Root (Excluding Root Canal Treatment and Filling)1,328.701.435,00
Root Tip Resection in Two Roots (Excluding Root Canal Treatment and Filling)1,606.481.735,00
Root Tip Resection in Three Roots (Excluding Root Canal Treatment and Filling)1,842.591,990,00
Alveolitis Surgical Treatment800.93865.00
Bleeding Response (Simple)328.70355.00
Bleeding Response (Stitched)550.93595.00
Alveolar Plastic (Half Jaw)1,305,561.410.00
Alveol Correction (Half Chin)1,199,071,295,00
Cyst Operation (Small)1,560,191,685.00
Cyst Operation (1 Cm Large)1,939.812,095.00
Operation Epulis925.931,000,00
Osteomyelitis or Osteitis Operation (Single Jaw Simple)2,787.043.010.00
Jaw Luxation300.93325.00
Vestibuloplasty (Half Chin)3,435,193,710,00
Sinus Plastic1,425.931.540,00
Hard Tissue Grafting (Excluding Graft Fee)2,152.782,325.00
Soft Tissue Grafting (Excluding Graft Fee)1,833.331.980.00
Sinus Lifting (Excluding Biomaterial Fee)2.101.852.270.00
Biopsy (Excluding Laboratory Fees)851.85920,00
Fibroma Operation902.78975.00
Abscess Drainage and Treatment (Extraoral)1,000,001.080.00
Abscess Drainage and Treatment (Intraoral)800.93865.00
Hood Incision – Implant Top Opening513.89555,00
Stomatitis Treatment296.30320.00
Physical Therapy (Infrared Session)245.37265.00
Jaw Fracture (Simple)2,745.372,965.00
Jaw Fracture (Complicated – Excluding Material Fee)10,138,8910.950.00
Intra-Bone Implant (Excluding Blade Single Implant Fee)3,819.444.125.00
Intra-Bone Implant (Excluding Single Cylindrical Implant Fee)3,787.044,090,00
Operation Torus (Half Jaw)1,486.111,605.00
Odontogenic Tumor Operation (Small)1,842.591,990,00
Odontogenic Tumor Operation (Large)2,435.192.630.00
Neuralgia Treatment (Alcohol Injection)250.00270.00
Neuralgia Treatment Surgery (Neurectomy etc.)1,699.071,835.00
Removing Stones from the Salivary Gland Duct (Simple)953,701.030.00
Stone Removal from the Salivary Gland Duct (Complicated)1,
Exposure of Impacted Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment (Bone Retention)1,444.441.560,00
TME Mekonoterapi583.33630,00
Intra-TMJ Injection (One Sided)310.19335.00
Arthrocentesis (Unilateral)625,00675.00
Open Joint Surgery (Unilateral)9,967.5910,765.00
Segmental Osteotomi10,231,4811.050,00
Osteotomy (Single Jaw)10,250,0011.070.00
Botulinum Toxin Application in Dentistry (Including Medicine)2,078.702.245,00
Implant Removal1,472.221.590,00
Plaque Placement for Anchorage (Excluding Material Fee)1,606.481.735,00
Anchor Plate Removal935.191.010.00
Zygoma Implant (Excluding Implant Fee)3.875,004.185.00
Detargeting (Scaling Cleaning – Single Jaw)356.48385.00
Subgingival Curettage (Single Tooth)194.44210.00
Subgingival Medication Administration27.7830.00
Gingivectomy (Single Tooth)578.70625,00
Flap Operation (Including Subgingival Curettage – Single Tooth)782.41845,00
Tunnel Operation (Single Tooth)782.41845,00
Tunnel Operation (Single Tooth)615.74665.00
Hemisection (Root Amputation – Excluding Root Canal Treatment)569.44615,00
Free Gum Graft (Single Tooth)597.22645.00
Soft tissue graft with handle (Coronally Shift, Side Shift, Single Tooth)625,00675.00
Periodontal Splint (Permanent)1,486.111,605.00
Periodontal Splint (Temporary)921,30995.00
Periodontal Chine (Splint – Temporary – Half Jaw)444.44480,00
Biomaterial Application (Excluding Single Tooth – Flap Op. and Biomaterial Fee)143.52155.00
Membrane Application (Excluding Single Tooth – Flap Op. and Membrane Fee)143.52155.00
Vestibule Plate (Gingival Prosthesis – Per Jaw1,259.261.360.00
Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft824.07890,00
Phrenectomy – Phrenetomy1,
Peri-Implantitis (Surgical) (Excluding Biomaterial and Membrane Fee) (Single Imp.)1,004.631,085.00
Peri-Implantitis (Non-Surgical) (Single Imp.)416.67450,00
Papille Creation (Surgery) (Single Papille)500,00540,00
Papille Creation (Non-Surgical) (Single Papille)300.93325.00
Fiberotomy (Single Tooth)305.56330.00
ORTHODONTICSVAT Excluding8% VAT Included
Lateral Cephalometric Film Analysis171,30185.00
Antero Posterior Cephalometric Film Analysis (Frontal Film Analysis)171,30185.00
Bone Age Determination101.85110.00
Orthodontic Photography101.85110.00
Orthodontic Photo Examination78.7085.00
Orthodontic Model Making171,30185.00
Orthodontic Model Analysis106.48115.00
Interim Cephalometric Film Analysis152.78165,00
Intermediate Model Making171,30185.00
Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class I Anomalies3,995.374,315.00
Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class II Anomalies5,810,196.275,00
Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class III Anomalies8,050.938.695.00
Fixed Closing Amplifier Application (Short Term)564.81610.00
Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class I Anomalies with Lingual Technique3,375.003.645,00
Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class II Anomalies with Lingual Technique5,486.115,925.00
Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class III Anomalies with Lingual Technique7,310,197.895.00
Orthodontic Treatment of Open Bite6,847.227.395,00
Preventive Orthodontic Treatment3,046.303.290.00
Short Term Orthodontic Treatment3.250.003,510,00
Reinforcement Therapy1,
ORTHODONTICSVAT Excluding8% VAT Included
Reinforcement Device (Hawley Device etc.)990.741.070.00
Lingual Retainer1,476.851.595,00
Lip Bumper1,685.191.820.00
Appliance Concerning Single Jaw (Excluding Screw)1,064.811.150.00
Apparatus Concerning the Double Jaw (Frankel Devices – Activator – Bionator)1,810.191,955.00
Screw Application (Single Screw)296.30320.00
Fixed Functional Device Application (Jasper – Jumper – Herbest Device)2,671.302,885.00
Reconstruction of Lost Appliance (Single Jaw)953,701.030.00
Aparey Tamiri421,30455.00
Extraoral Appliance Application (Headgear – Chincap)1,050.931.135,00
Reverse Headgear2,662.042,875.00
Straight Arch Wire Application (Single Jaw NITI Wires)449.07485,00
Wire Application with Twisting (Single Jaw393.52425.00
Segmental Arc or Torque Arc Application393.52425.00
Tape Application (Single Tooth)347.22375.00
Bracket Application (Single Tooth)305.56330.00
Lingual Bracket Application (Single Tooth)305.56330.00
Falling Tape Application (Single Tooth)347.22375.00
Falling Bracket Application (Single Tooth)277.78300.00
Tape or Bracket Removal (Single Tooth)125.00135.00
Lingual Attachment Application351.85380.00
Lingual Ark1,166.671.260.00
Nance Appears1,546.301.670.00
Rapid Maxillary Expansion Appliance1,921,302.075,00
Preoperative Cleft Lip and Palate (Orthodontic Treatment)2,625.002,835.00
Postoperative Cleft Lip and Palate (Orthodontic Treatment)2,574.072.780.00
TME Splint Production1,578.701,705.00
Model Set-Up796.30860,00
Positioner Construction2,319.442,505,00
Cephalometric Surgery Plan398.15430,00
Moving Orthodontic Models to Articulator with Face – Bow1.
Model Surgery675.93730,00
Occlusal Surgical Splint (Single Chin)
Orthodontic Operating Arch (Single Jaw)2,342.592.530.00
Riding Guidance2,078.702.245,00
Intraoral Distalization Apparatus (Pendex etc.)2,319.442,505,00
Repositioning the Impacted Tooth in the Tooth Sequence (Single Tooth)2,763.892.985,00
Niti Ark Application with Reserve Curve532.41575.00
Orthognathic Surgery Orthodontic Treatment6,814.817.360.00
Mini Screw Application912.04985,00
Interproximal Abrasion (Single Tooth)152.78165,00
Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plates (Light) (Excluding Plaque Fee)7,000,007.560.00
Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plates (Medium) (Excluding Plaque Fee)10.000.0010,800,00
Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plates (Heavy) (Excluding Plaque Fee)15,000.0016.200.00

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