Dermatologist in Austria

Best Dermatologist in Austria: Full Guide .. 2023

Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems. They are experts in skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and other skin diseases. Some dermatologists also specialize in cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections or laser hair removal.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is in constant contact with the environment. Skin conditions affect your quality of life, how you feel about yourself, and how you interact with other people. There are a lot of skin conditions out there, and it’s important to find a dermatologist that can help you manage your condition. Someone with the proper skills and knowledge to help you get back to feeling your best.


Best Dermatologist in Austria

Dermatologists are the specialists who diagnose and treat common skin conditions. They also provide recommendations for how to avoid skin problems in the future.

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Dermatologists are highly trained doctors who need to go to medical school for four years before they can specialize in dermatology. They must then complete an internship and residency of three years. (Also depends on the country.)

Dermatologists recommend the following:

  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, especially when using a tanning bed
  • Wear sun protective clothing like hats, sunglasses, long sleeves and pants
  • Use broad spectrum insect repellents on exposed skin
  • Stay out of the sun during peak hours (10am – 4pm)

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Here are some things to consider when choosing a dermatologist:

  • The location of the dermatologist.
  • The qualifications of the dermatologist.
  • The experience of the dermatologist.
  • Whether you want to see a male or female doctor.
  • Whether you want to see a doctor who speaks your language.
NameLocationHealth Insurance Companies
1Dr Florian WeberInnsbruckAll health insurance companies and private
2Dr Meykadeh NuschinDornbin, VorarlbergÖGK BVAEB SVS
3Dr GuggenbergerSchwechatÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
4Dr Christina Ambros-RudolphGrazPrivate
5Dr Manfred FiebingerSalzburgÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
6Dr Walter WaldlWelsÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
7Dr Michael SigmundSalzburg DermapointPrivate
8Dr Nikolaus SchicherKlagenfurtPrivate
9Dr Vera KaierEisenstadtPrivate
10OA Dr. Rudolf MoshammerSt. PöltenPrivate
11Dr Birgitt Hantich-HladikSalzburgBVAEB SVS KFA 
12Dr Nadja GobaraWaidhofen/YbbsPrivate
13OA Dr. Alexander MlynekBad LeonfeldenPrivate
14Dr Felix WeishengruberViennaPrivate
15Dr Julia LämmerhirtViennaPrivate
16Dr Kaan HarmankayaViennaPrivate
17Dr Karla RokaViennaPrivate
18Dr Verena LacknerViennaPrivate
19Dr Johanna LatzkaViennaPrivate
20Dr Nicole HerzogViennaÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
21Dr Eva-Maria PutzViennaAll health insurance companies
22Dr Daniela WechdornViennaÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
23Dr Verena BeckViennaPrivate
24Dr Judith HuttererViennaPrivate
25Dr Alice PincViennaPrivate
26OA Dr. Markus DawidViennaPrivate
27Univ.Prof. dr Florian RokaViennaPrivate
28Dr Oliver KandlViennaÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
29Dr Eva WegrostekViennaPrivate
30Dr Patricia Gill-FigwerViennaÖGK BVAEB SVS KFA
31Associate Univ.Prof. dr Rainer KunstfeldViennaPrivate
32Dr Verena Bauer-PohlViennaAll health insurance companies and private
33Dr Margit MeidingerViennaPrivate

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