Work as A Foreign Doctor in Netherlands

How to Work as A Foreign Doctor in Netherlands .. 2023

Working as a foreign doctor in Netherlands is many doctors’ dream because of the country’s high living standards and pay. Netherlands has also opened its doors to foreign doctors under certain conditions.

Is it possible to work in Netherlands as a foreign doctor? What are the prerequisites for this? Is a work visa required? All of these questions are answered in our article.

Foreign Doctor in Netherlands

Working as A Foreign Doctor in Netherlands

Dutch Language Proficiency

The ability to speak the language of the country is one of the requirements for doctors to work in the Netherlands or any other country. This is because the doctor or other member of the treatment team must have accurate knowledge of the patient’s condition and be able to provide appropriate medical advice to the patient.

Given the sensitivity of such situations, language proficiency is one of the requirements for medical work in the Netherlands. Physicians and other health practitioners who wish to work in the Netherlands must have at least a B2 Dutch certificate and be able to reach C1 level during the equivalency stages of their certificates in order to communicate with patients.

In fact, the only way for medical personnel to obtain a work permit in the Netherlands is to have sufficient language skills and to go through the process of medical degree equivalency in the Netherlands or dental degree equivalency in the Netherlands.

Doctors planning to work in the Netherlands must take a test called the AKV to prove their knowledge and skills. If they pass the test successfully, they enter the BIG course at the next stage. In this course, in addition to having at least a B1 degree in Dutch, they will begin their internship in a clinic or hospital in the Netherlands and at the same time develop their language skills. 

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Equivalency of Certificates

Another requirement for doctors to migrate by working in the Netherlands or other countries is to complete the medical degree equivalency process in the Netherlands. In reality, document equivalency means that the applicant can obtain the necessary permits to practice medicine in another country while also having their degree recognized by the government.

In the Netherlands, this is true for both medical and dental equivalency degrees.

Conditions for Doctors Who Want to Live and Work in the Netherlands

If the applicants are eligible to immigrate and work as doctors in the Netherlands, they will receive a work permit in the Netherlands, which requires the provision and submission of some documents and conditions. This process takes a long time, and for this purpose it is necessary to obtain a long-term visa in the Netherlands. 

Since the Netherlands does not issue long-term visas to some countries to carry out the required procedures, one has to enter the Netherlands through other ways, such as studying, doing the equivalency process, and learning the Dutch language on Dutch soil. 

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Required Documents for Visa

The following documents are required to obtain a Dutch student visa:

  • Obtaining admission to a Dutch university,
  • Providing identification documentation,
  • submitting health documentation,
  • Insurance,
  • Certificate of Financial Capability,
  • Label sheets

If the applicant has a study visa, he can come to the Netherlands under the guise of studying and proving the equivalence of his certificate in order to work in this country.

Two institutions, MSRC (Medical Specialist Registration Committee) and KNMG (Royal Medical Society), will review the applicant’s documents and requirements, and if approved, they will be required to complete some short-term training courses in the final step. One disadvantage of doctors migrating to the Netherlands is that the procedures for beginning a medical career in the Netherlands take 3 to 4 years.

Work as A Foreign Doctor in Netherlands

Advantages of Working as A Doctor at Netherlands

Without a doubt, those who meet the immigration requirements and work as doctors in the Netherlands will benefit from the country’s excellent working and living conditions. In this country, immigrants have always been treated well. In terms of health insurance and health services, the Netherlands is regarded as one of the best in Europe.

Regardless of how difficult it is to obtain a Dutch work visa for doctors, the income level of doctors and dentists in the Netherlands is very high, with a minimum monthly salary of 10,000 euros. Aside from the money, Dutch clinics and hospitals have the best medical equipment. The Netherlands is one of the best European countries for combining a high standard of living with a high quality of life.

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