Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah Address Doctors Medical Departments

Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah – Address, Doctors, Medical Departments, and Review

Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah is one of the distinguished government hospitals in Jeddah. It is affiliated to the Saudi Ministry of Health. The hospital has a capacity of 100 beds in the year 1441 AH. It obtained institutional accreditation from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties as a training center. It serves the people of the region, the highway accidents, the Prince Fawaz Southern and Northern Project, Al-Adl, Al-Sanabel, Al-Ajaweed, Al-Alfia and other areas.

The hospital is clean and sterilized daily, the rooms are tidy and clean and have a bell, and visits are available for two hours a day, from 5 to 7 pm. There are six centers affiliated to Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah, namely: Al Montazah Health Center, Kilo 14 Health Center, Kilo 13 Health Center, Umm Al Salam Health Center, Al Harazat Health Center, and Prince Abdul Majeed Health Center.

Address of Al-Thager Hospital, Jeddah

The following are the details of the hospital’s address within the city of Jeddah:

  • Location: Al Thagher, Al Adl District, South Jeddah, 22361
  • Phone number: 0126202333
  • Working hours: Open 24 hours
  • Book an appointment at the hospital by calling their phone number.
  • The official website of the hospital is here here.

Specialties and doctors of Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah

The hospital includes a number of medical departments and specialties, including:

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Children, Department of Orthopedics, Dental Clinic, Emergency, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Radiology, Laboratory, Department of Emergency Operations, Hypnosis, One-Day Surgery, and other departments of medicine.

Among the most important doctors of Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah are:

  • Dr.. Amani Al-Mutawa, a dentist
  • Dr.. Khadija, obstetrics and gynecology specialist
  • Dr.. Hanan Al-Shehri, Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant
  • Dr.. Lina, pediatric consultant

Review of Al-Thager Hospital, Jeddah

The hospital was rated averagely by visitors on Google. Below are quotes from the reviews and observations of some of them:

Muhammad Maghfuri’s review:

“I came to them at dawn on Thursday, October 6.. By God Almighty, I did not expect this to be the hospital, since I am from another city and have tried our hospitals.. I felt exhausted and went to the nearest Al-Thaghr Hospital. A thousand goodness is lawful for you, every riyal.”

And Ruba’s rating:

“What should I say, and what should I abandon the maternity staff? Although my birth was short, and that is why I would like to thank them by name at the beginning. I would like to thank the midwife. May God make you happy, as long as you did not make me easy on me. And the specialist Khadija, who used to tell me, do not be nervous, do not be afraid, you are fine, because the fetal water came down and I was afraid. Also, the most beautiful and wonderful consultant, Dr. Hanan Al-Shehri, may God make you happy wherever you are. Thank you very much, nurses Sukkara, Amani, Ghada, and Thuraya, especially nurse Shaqra, oh, Shaqra. May God grant you success, happiness, and reward you with Paradise.

In conclusion, if you were a visitor to Al Thagher Hospital in Jeddah, please write to us the details of your experience in the comments box at the bottom of this page so that it may benefit others.

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