Al Ajaji Dental Clinics Branches Doctors and Review

Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics: Branches, Doctors, and Review

The group of Dr. Clinics. Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinic is one of the specialized and leading clinics in the field of dentistry in Riyadh. They have been operating for more than three decades. They provide a number of services in the field, including: treatment of gum diseases and infections, root canal treatment, prosthodontics, dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral health and dental care, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Their official website is here hereinstagram hereand Twitter here.

Al-Ajaji Dental Branches

They have several branches inside and outside the Kingdom, the following are their details:

  1. Al-Ajaji Al-Malaz Branch: The main center, Ali bin Abi Talib Street, phone number 0114849444, working hours from 9 am to 9 pm, except Friday.
  2. Al-Ajaji Olaya Branch: Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Center, Olaya, King Fahd Road. Phone number 0115259999 ext. 8.
  3. Al-Ajaji, Al-Rayyan Branch: Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital Branch, Khurais Branch Road, phone number 0114909999 Ext. 8.
  4. Al-Ajaji, Al-Suwaidi Branch: Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Center, Al-Zahra, Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib, phone number 0114754444 ext. 8.
  5. Al-Ajaji, Qassim Branch: Dr. Branch. Suleiman Al-Habib, As-Safra, Buraydah, King Abdulaziz Road. Phone number 0116316666 ext. 8.
  6. Al-Ajaji Specialty branch: Dr. Hospital branch. Suleiman Al-Habib, Al-Rahmaniyah.
  7. Al-Ajaji, Khobar Branch: Dr. Hospital Branch. Suleiman Al Habib, Al Bandariya, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road, phone number 0138711111 Ext. 8.
  8. Al-Ajaji Dubai Branch: Dr. Hospital Branch. Sulaiman Al Habib, Dubai Health City, Street 26, phone number 0097144297777

Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics

The following is a list of the names of Al-Ajaji dentistry doctors according to specializations, knowing that booking an appointment is made through the official website of the clinic:

  • Endodontists: Dr. Mohamed Basem, Dr. Diana Moreno Sosa, Dr. Kitty Elena Romero Sanjuan, Dr. Fahad Al-Jarbou, Dr. Antonio Florez, Dr. Javier Hernandez, Dr. Diego Alejandro Romero Rodriguez, Dr. Hani Kabbani, Dr. Ziad Slut.
  • Doctors treating gum diseases and infections: Dr. Juan Carlos Marquez Bellop, Dr. Zelaya Antonio Juan.
  • Pediatric dentists: Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Dr. Rasha Chamoun, Ahmed Essam Al-Mahdi, d. Claudia Carrascal, Dr. Najwa Al-Radwan, Dr. Eva Shadid, Dr. Fouad Almhairat, Dr. Sona Mammadova, Dr. Babu Josey, Dr. Abdul Rahman Musaed Al-Sarhan, d. Otto Gonzales, Dr. Maryam Al-Huraibi, Dr. Saad Al Dehaimi, Dr. Zeina Al-Qahtani, Dr. Mohammed Batis.
  • Oral health and dental care doctors: Dr. Hyun Su Park, Specialist Munira Al-Shathri, Specialist Farah Khan, Specialist Wijdan Al-Razouk, Specialist Maryam Al-Masawi, Specialist Majd Fahd Abdul Rahman Al-Aoushan, Specialist Afnan Al-Ahmari, Al-Anoud Saud Saad Al-Ajaji, Specialist Nora Al-Kaf, Dr. Hamad Tawil, Dr. Hassan Ahmed, Dr. Zaher Nour, Dr. Abdullah Al-Olayani, Dr. Maha Al-Mutairi, Dr. Noura Al-Najashi, Dr. Brahim Friday.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons: Dr. Saleh Al-Bazei, Dr. May Abdel Latif Barhouma, d. Wael Al-Moqbel, Dr. Abdul Wahab Al-Wreikat, Dr. Ehab Salem Ibrahim, d. Ibrahim Abu Rumman, d. Abdul Rahman Al-Awaisha, Dr. Abdullah bin Nabhan, d. Mohamed Dabdoub.
  • Cosmetic dentists: Dr. Ahmed Al-Zayer, d. His blessed sultan, d. Walaa Al-Qahtani, Dr. Maha Al-Ajaji, Dr. Hassan Arash, Dr. Fouad Talk, Dr. Rana Al-Shammari, Dr. heart.
  • Orthodontists: Dr. Farhan Al-Wadi, Dr. Muhammad Nazir, Dr. Ali Al-Qurban, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Khenin, Dr. Robin Solbaran, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hublin, Dr. Mushabab Asiri, Dr. Robin Iranisho.
  • Prosthodontics doctors: Dr. Alejandro Ramirez, Dr. Marco Hurtado, Dr. Mortada Al-Doukhi, Dr. Issa Al-Obaidi, Dr. Nabil Al-Ghazali, Dr. Fahad Al-Wathenani, Dr. Muhammad Abu Hantash, d. Sami Al-Wadihi.
  • Conservative therapists: Who here
  • Advanced general dentists: Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Jifry, d. Ahmed Kanaan, Dr. Al-Jazi Al-Rakan, Dr. Akram Salem, d. Nayef Al Ibrahim, Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi.

Review of Al-Ajaji dental clinics

All branches of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics have received positive reviews from visitors on Google. The following are excerpts from the visitor reviews.

Mushaira Ali wrote:

“I visited the clinic today for a consultation with Dr. Abdel-Wahhab Al-Jifry for the first time. My comments are many. The place is very spacious and clean, commensurate with the nature of the services. Starting from the phone call to the receptionist, nurses, and medical evaluation doctor, everyone is nice, cheerful, helpful, and works happily. Dr. Abdel Wahab is very sincere in his work and raises the patient’s status and reassures him. Also, his method of explaining the treatment plan is very excellent, and his reliance on clarifying the scientific foundations of the patient was very comfortable for me. I thank you all for your sincerity in your work and good treatment.”

Bodour Fahd Rating:

Honestly, Dr. Ahmed Kanaan and Dr. Otto for the children are sweet, and also Alejandro in general chose the right doctor because the beloved is affiliated with them, but the staff is not. Sorry, I have to add an important one because of my mother’s operation, which was affiliated with Dr. Kanaan, because the bleeding did not stop after the transplant, and the doctor referred us to a doctor in Habib Khurais Oh God, I forgot his name, Doctor. Oh God, he treated me kindly, took and gave with my mother, guided her, guided us, and accepted all her fears. Unlike Al-Ajaji, may God guide them. Let my mother calm down and sew her up. On top of her, he gave us his number and said, “Any time they called me personally, unlike Kanaan, he had the operation. Unfortunately, there was no interest or contact. With him, they refused and said that they are out of work, and we cannot, knowing that we all have treatment with them and our files, and the first of us is my mother, who is more than 20 years old. Imagine that I once got annoyed with them after they dealt with my mother, knowing that her health condition requires great care and attention. He is recovering and can bear the softness of aggression, but this was a painful point for me.”

In conclusion, if you are a visitor to any of Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics, please write to us the details of your experience in the comments box at the bottom of this page so that it may benefit others.

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