The 9 best maternity hospitals in Jeddah according to the

The 9 best maternity hospitals in Jeddah, according to the experience and evaluation of mothers

There are a large number of maternity hospitals in the city of Jeddah. You entered this page because you are looking for the best one. In short, the list of the best maternity hospitals in Jeddah is: Jeddah National Hospital, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, Saudi German Hospital, International Medical Center Hospital, Bakhsh Hospital, Maternity and Children Hospital, Future Hospital, King Abdulaziz Hospital, and North Jeddah Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology.

All of these hospitals offer the best levels of medical care and other services for mothers and newborns, but I advise you to do more research on this important topic, as these statistics were measured on the basis of medical services provided in the hospital, doctors with certificates and opinions of former patients. Below are the details of these hospitals:

Jeddah National Hospital

Jeddah National Hospital is one of the best and most famous maternity hospitals in Jeddah. It is one of the oldest hospitals in the city, and includes a large number of doctors with expertise in this field. The hospital has two branches in the city of Jeddah, and the hospital is characterized by the speedy administrative procedures without any complications.

  • Address: Al-Madina Road, the intersection of Palestine, next to the Ministry of Interior – Jeddah – Kingdom.
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 0126675000 or 050817386
  • Website:

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital is known to include a group of the best doctors in the field of anesthesia and caesarean section. It is also distinguished by a high-quality level of services comparable to international hospitals in this regard.

  • Address: Palestine, Al Hamra, Jeddah 23323, Kingdom.
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 920012777.
  • Website:

German Saudi Hospital

If we are talking about the best maternity hospitals in Jeddah, we cannot miss the Saudi German Hospital, which includes great efficiency in dealing with childbirth cases, and what distinguishes this hospital is that it does a lot of research and agreements with the largest hospitals in Germany, and benefit from its global expertise and competencies.

  • Address: Batterjee, Al Zahraa District, Jeddah 23521, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: 920007997
  • Website:

International Medical Center Hospital

From entering the International Medical Center Hospital, you will find the reception service that has won the approval of many people and former patients for the good treatment and the presence of the best health services in addition to the use of the latest international medical equipment and a medical staff of the most skilled doctors specialized in the field. Not only in the field of childbirth, but in many other areas.

  • Branch Address 1: Hail Street, Al-Ruwais District 23214 Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The address of the second branch: The first modern clinic complex – Etoile – Gate B – King Abdul Aziz Road. 21423, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: 920027778
  • Email:
  • Website:

Bakhsh Hospital

This hospital is not very famous like the rest of the hospitals we mentioned, but it should have been added to this list because it is one of the hospitals that is keen to provide special escorts during the delivery period, in addition to the best level of hygiene and the best care for newborns.

Bakhsh Hospital attaches special importance to the process of hygiene and sterilization, and to providing the highest level of health care for the mother and child in particular. After all, the hospital continues to provide the mother with advice to maintain the health of her and her fetus.

  • Hospital address: Anas bin Malik, Sharafiya, Jeddah 23216, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: 0126510666.
  • Email:
  • Website:

Maternity and Children’s Hospital

One of the best maternity hospitals in Jeddah. The Maternity and Children Hospital conducts many periodic medical examinations to help study the health status of the pregnant woman, all the necessary information during pregnancy, the expected date of delivery, and how the fetus is constantly growing.

  • Address: Medina Road, Al Hamra, Jeddah 23324, Kingdom.
  • Phone number: 0126650781

Hospital of the future

This hospital is considered one of the most important hospitals for obstetrics and gynecology in Jeddah, and it was established in 1976 AD. You can go to the hospital’s website and find out more details.

  • Address: Muhammad Fida Street, Jeddah 22331, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Website:
  • Phone number: 0126875255

King Abdulaziz Hospital

One of the best maternity hospitals in Jeddah, a governmental university hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Health. The hospital includes a number of medical departments, with qualified medical staff.

  • Address: Al-Mahjar – Jeddah – Kingdom.
  • Phone number: 0126375555

North Jeddah Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology

There is not much advice about the opinions of former patients, but you can ask about it or visit the website to find out more details.

  • Hospital address: King Abdullah Medical Complex – North Jeddah – Al Sheraa District 7358 – Jeddah 23816 – Kingdom.
  • Phone number: 0126652600

In the end, we recommend again to search for other details to evaluate the best maternity hospital in Jeddah, and you must rely in the search on the best obstetrician and gynecologist in Jeddah and in any hospital that works, so that the mother can follow the pregnancy as well as follow the health of the fetus directly, so that the fetus does not suffer from any Multiples .

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