Doctor salary in turkey

Doctor Salary in Turkey: According to Specialties .. 2023

In this article, we will talk about the doctor salary in Turkey. Medicine is one of the most noble professions, and doctors are charged and sworn to keep us healthy, find cures for incurable diseases, and develop new medicines.

Turkey has always tried to prevent brain drain, particularly from doctors, who were the main soldiers in recent times, claiming the lives of many friends and relatives.

Doctor Salary in Turkey

Doctor Salary in Turkey

Doctors who have completed their basic medical education (which is comprised of four years of theory and two years of practical training and is offered at all schools of medical school education) and their medical specialization training (which can be obtained at any medical faculty) are eligible to take the medical specialization exam and earn the title of specialist doctor. Basic medical education lasts for a total of six years.

As a direct consequence of this, the government of Turkey has decided to raise the salaries of medical professionals in Turkey beginning in the year 2022.

JurisdictionSalary for 2022
Uzman Doktor
Sspecialist doctor
13230 TL
Yeni Mezun Doktor
New graduate doctor
10600 TL
Pratisyen Doktor 
General Practitioner
9325 TL

Docent Doktor
Associate Doctor
11,319 TL
Uzman Doktor Maaşı Döner Sermaye Dahil
Specialist doctor’s salary inclusive of the revolving fund
16700 TL
Asistan Doktor 
Physician Assistant
7700 TL
18185 TL

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Gaziantep, which is located in Turkey’s first region and third group of the first region, is one of the cities in Turkey that offers one of the lowest salaries for medical professionals.

They are medical professionals who have completed additional training and earned a surgical certification in their chosen area of medical specialty. The salaries of specialists in Turkey are expected to be at least 13,230 Turkish liras per year as of the year 2022, according to estimates.

There is no denying that the pay scale for these physicians will change depending on the region in which they work and the amount of time that they put in at the office.

Also the monthly salaries of medical professionals who specialize in a certain service area such as neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, eye surgery, otolaryngology, psychiatry and nerve specialties generally differ according to the earnings of general practitioners.

Doctor Salary in Turkey

Doctor Salariy in Private Hospitals in Turkey

In public hospitals and clinics, the salaries of medical professionals are determined by the Ministry of Health; however, in private hospitals, these decisions are made by the accounting departments of the respective institutions. As a direct consequence of this, the salaries paid by the government in Turkey tend to be significantly higher than those paid by private hospitals.

It has been determined that the salaries of doctors working in private hospitals range anywhere from 8,000 to 18,000 Turkish Lira per month.

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Family Doctor (Aile Hekimi) Salary in Turkey

Family doctors, also known as (Aile Hekimi), are employed in Turkish clinics and have been brought in to relieve pressure on Turkey’s public hospitals.

Therefore, some diseases do not require a specialist doctor, and they are treated solely by the family doctor in the clinic. This is because the clinic is the first destination for citizens to treat their conditions or obtain a health report for their Turkish driving certificate.

In the event that the disease cannot be treated by the general practitioner and requires the expertise of a specialist, the general practitioner will send you to the hospital.

It was determined that the monthly salary for this particular physician could range anywhere from 8110 TL to 13230 TL.

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