Doctor salary in netherlans

Doctor Salary in the Netherlands .. 2023

Doctor salary in the Netherlands are among the highest in Europe and the world. But why and how? The Netherlands is one of the safe countries, with a higher education system that has advanced in global university rankings.

The Netherlands also has a good international reputation in higher education, particularly in the medical profession, so many doctors want to travel to the Netherlands and practice medicine there. In this article, we will learn about the average salary that a doctor in the Netherlands can expect to earn when working in the medical field.

Doctor Salary in the Netherlands

Doctor Salary in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is located on the other side of the border with Germany, and there are numerous opportunities for student exchange between the two countries, so they provide a comparable and advanced level of medical service.

The Netherlands is also one of the highest countries in the world in terms of paying doctors in different specialties.

In the Netherlands, a general practitioner expects to earn an average salary of around $112,530. For some specialist physicians, this average increases to an average of $171,928 per year.

According to the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI11), the Netherlands prides itself on having the best healthcare system in Europe .

That is why, in addition to the high average salary of doctors in the Netherlands, doctors will have great professional and scientific advantages. As for the average monthly income for doctors in the Netherlands, according to , it is the equivalent of 11,300 euros per month.

Salaries range from €4,240 (lowest average) to €18,900 (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including all accommodation allowances, transfers and other benefits. But as mentioned, rates vary widely between medical subspecialties.

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Doctor Salary in the Netherlands

Average Doctor Salary in the Netherlands by Specialty

Below we learn about the average monthly salaries of the most famous medical specialties in the Netherlands.

  • Allergist: 8,890 €
  • Behavioral hygienist: 5480 euros
  • Chiropractor: 5550 euros
  • Clinical Psychologist: €14,400
  • Rehabilitation therapist: 8810 euros
  • Psychological counseling: 11,800 euros
  • Dermatologist: 14,300 euros
  • Dietitian: 9160 euros
  • Emergency Department Physician: €10,200
  • Physiologist: €11,300
  • Forensic pathologist: 12,600 euros
  • GP: 9,640 EUR
  • Internist: 15,100 euros
  • Mental health treatment: €8,700
  • Physiotherapist: 13,800 euros.
  • Neurologist: €14,900
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist: 12,500 euros
  • Occupational safety and health specialist: 6,430 euros
  • Ophthalmologist: 9,730 €
  • Pediatrician: €11,700
  • Anesthesiologist: 15,900 euros
  • Cardiologist: 17,900 euros
  • Endocrinologist: 13,900 euros
  • Gastroenterologist: 13,200 euros
  • Geriatrician: €9,170
  • Hematologist and oncologist: 12,200 euros
  • Immunologist and Allergist: 14,000 €
  • Infectious disease doctor: 12,600 euros
  • Nephrologist: 14,400 euros
  • Otolaryngology: 8960 euros
  • Pain therapist: 7,970 euros.
  • Pediatric cardiologist: 12,500 euros
  • Neonatology: 12,600 euros
  • Rheumatologist: 12,500 euros
  • Sports medicine: 13,100 euros
  • Urology 16100 €
  • Physician Assistant 8000 Euro

Thus, we have known the average salaries of doctors in the Netherlands according to the most important and most famous specialties.

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