Doctor salary in UK

Doctor Salary in the UK: A Full Guide .. 2023

“How much will I be paid as a doctor in the UK, and what is the average doctor salary in the UK?” This is possibly the most common question asked by UK budding doctors or doctors looking to travel to the UK, and it is critical for many who want to relocate to the UK. Because spending is as important as earning, we will discuss both the remuneration and expenses of a doctor in the United Kingdom.

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Doctor Salary in the UK

The Pay Scale for Doctors

It is critical that you become acquainted with the various levels of doctors in the United Kingdom and what they are called, as even non-trained doctors have a level based on their responsibilities.

The wage scale is determined on the basis of two things:

  • Obviously, at what level (as explained above), you are an employee, and make sure you know this 100% before you start your business.
  • How many hours will you work per week? Will your rota include working night or day-long duties (aka on call) or is it a shift based duty? Or will it be only basic hours.

Therefore, for basic hours only, there is a fixed base pay depending on the level of the doctor.

Encirclement or Salary Increase for Doctors in the UK

The range is a variable appendix to reflect the average number of overtime hours worked, type of work pattern, frequency of overtime tasks, and the antisocial nature of the working arrangements, and if the doctor works an average of 40 hours per week and the working hours are always Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., no restrictions are applied, which means they will receive only their basic salary.

If you work calls or night shifts, you can easily expect 30–40% overtime (of your base pay) on top of your base pay, so your gross pay = base pay + ranges or improvements. Before the job begins, make sure you understand your base payments and total amount due after improvements.

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Doctor Salary in the UK

Taxes and Other Discounts

In general, if you are on a fixed-term contract with an NHS trust, NI tax and NHS pension (if you do not opt out) will be deducted from your paycheck and the remainder will be paid to you. This is known as PAYE (Pay As You Profit).

So you don’t have to think or remember to pay taxes and other taxes and bills like council tax and utility bills can have a direct debit system where the bill is taken from your bank account at the right time and again you don’t have to remember to pay.

Income Tax

If you are on a fixed-term contract with an NHS Trust, your tax code should be 1250L, and you should ask for a P46 form to be filled out before preparing your payroll; otherwise, you will be taxed at the base rate without any personal allowance, which is important to know because if you are not informed, you will not be able to tell if you are getting your money correctly or not.

National Insurance

Employers and employees both pay into the National Insurance system, and your contribution is deducted from your pay by the employer.

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Doctor Salary in the UK

As previously stated, in order to get a general quote, you must know how much you will get after improvements before taxes, which is why you must request your work schedule from HR in your hospital, and so in order to get a total annual wage of 80,574 pound taking into account the 9.3 percent NHS pension, I am using a salary calculator to see what my salary will be (tax deduction, pension, and national insurance).

At this point, I want you to look at the image at the top of this post again, where I mentioned what level you can start with based on your previous qualifications and general salary check, and your total salary may change depending on your contract and working hours, which is why it is very important to know this information when you agree to take a job, and you can easily find out your salary using calculators.

Doctor Salary in the UK

Is the Doctor Salary in the UK the Same for Trained and Untrained Doctors?

The pay structure is determined by the level at which you will be employed. A training doctor’s salary in the United Kingdom will be funded by the Deanship. Individual funds will pay a non-trainee doctor’s salary in the United Kingdom. Negotiation with the Deanship is limited, but this may not be the case for trust funds.

So, while you can technically negotiate higher salaries in non-training jobs based on your previous experience, the basic pay structure at different levels, as mentioned above, remains roughly the same for both trainee and non-trained doctors.

Doctor Salary in the UK for GP or Consultant Medicine and Surgery

The pay of a paid GP, specialist physician, and consultant varies primarily according to the length of employment, different thresholds, and questions such as “How much do dermatologists make in the UK?” Who are the highest-paid consultants in the United Kingdom? It’s difficult to respond.

When you accept a position as a consultant, you agree to pay and negotiate based on your tenure and work experience, so the salary of an emergency medicine consultant will not be the same (which is not the case for junior doctors), and some consultants or general practitioners can also sign up for private clinics, which significantly increases your salary.

As a result, salaries for consultants and general practitioners in the United Kingdom vary greatly.

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The Cost of Living in the UK for Doctors

Even if you earn £2,500 per month, it may not be enough if you spend twice as much on average. Where to put your money:

  • Food
  • Living
  • Clothes
  • Transportation
  • Personal care
  • Entertainment

There is no need to save, but you should be practical about how much money is deposited and how much is spent. For example, a studio apartment in London can cost you £800 to £1000 per month or more, whereas a studio apartment in Liverpool or Hull can range in price from £500 to £700 or less, and look at accommodations provided by the hospital if they are offered; they tend to be much cheaper, less difficult, and close to the hospital.

There is more to life than money, and to believe that doctors in the United Kingdom are not paid to live would be incorrect. While there are certainly other countries where doctors are paid more, the cost of living, hours worked, and standard of living are frequently overlooked. keeping life in mind.

MSF doctor salary UK

The starting monthly gross salary is $2,039, with subsequent raises based on expertise and experience.

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