Cost of Studying Medicine in Armenia

Cost of Studying Medicine in Armenia 2023

In this aarticle you will find anything you need to know about the cost of studying medicine in Armenia. If you are considering studying medicine in Armenia, you should be aware that the country has evolved from a tourist destination to a study destination, attracting a large number of medical students and students from other specialties. [1]

Armenia is also considered one of the cheapest countries to live and from to study, and its medical programs are taught for 6 years by skilled practicing doctors with a range of practical applications with skilled doctors,[1] Here is a more detailed breakdown of the costs of studying medicine in Armenia.

Cost of Studying Medicine in Armenia

Cost of Studying Medicine in Armenia

Study Fees

There is a large group of Armenian universities that offer a medicine program at a certain cost within their plans, as follows:[1][2]

  • Yerevan State Medical University

One of the most prestigious public universities in Eastern Europe, founded in 1920, has a medical program that costs $4000 per year for six academic years and is recognized by the World Health Organization.

  • Saint Teresa Medical University

A private school in Yerevan, Armenia, founded in 1992, offers a medical program for $4,000 for the first preparatory year and $3,000 for the remaining years, ranking tenth among the country’s private colleges.

Because an educational institution is located in the capital, Yerevan, the cost of living is higher than in the rest of Armenian cities. It teaches medicine for $2900 for one academic year and $3000 for the remaining years. It was founded in 1996 AD and teaches a variety of medical fields.

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  • University of traditional medicine

The educational staff at Armenia’s Capital University strives to compete with the best universities in the world. It teaches medicine for 6 years, 360 university hours, and $3000 per academic year using modern technology applications.

  • Yerevan Hipposak University

Yerevan Hipposak University is a private university in Yerevan, the capital, with more than 7000 students. It offers a medicine program at a cost of $2100 for the first preparatory year and $5000 for the rest of the 5 years, and it can be paid in installments.[3]

The Living

Cost of Studying Medicine in Armenia

The cost of studying for a scholarship student may differ from that of an Armenian student, so the student in Armenia will need housing and living companions to share wages between them. The cost of housing and living per person per month is not less than 700 dollars.[4]

The cost of living in Armenia for students also varies from one region to another, albeit with a slight variation. A student can live a comfortable life at 120 dollars without rent and may increase if he wants more luxury in food, however, the cost of food in Armenia is very low.[4]

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The cost of transportation, which includes electric and underground transportation as well as taxis, is typically very low, up to 110 dollars per year. The cost of housing in the capital, Yerevan, is effective and can reach 330 dollars per month for an apartment, while it can reach 170 dollars in other administrative areas. [4]


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