Doctor salary in CANADA

Doctor Salary in Canada .. Everything You Need to Know 2023

You will find anything you need to know about doctor salary in Canada. Knowing the average salary for a medical doctor in Canada is useful if you are just starting out in the medical field, starting your residency, or considering relocating from another country.

Even if you are interested in medicine because it is your passion, the money you can expect to make in Canada is an important consideration.

Doctor Salary in Canada

Important Points to Know About Doctor Salary in Canada

What factors influence the average Canadian doctor’s salary are:

  • Province
  • Specialization
  • Years of experince

Canada’s average physician pay might be anything from $83,379 to $414,389 annually according to Job bank Canada. What accounts for such a wide discrepancy? The following six considerations will be illuminating:

1. Number of patients

The average physician salary in Canada is derived from a variety of sources. The most important is a fee-for-service model, which allows doctors to bill the government for each patient they see. A Canadian doctor’s salary is made up of a rate per service that is claimed and submitted to the government for reimbursement. The average doctor salary will be determined by how many patients they can see in a day, the services they provide, and the province in which they practice. In 2019, family medicine doctors charged an average of $51 per service, while medical and surgical specialists charged $87 and $91 per service, respectively.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that 72% of physicians work on a fee-for-service basis. Alternative payment plans (which usually include some fee-for-service tasks) and salaries are the other payment models.

A doctor’s hourly salary in Canada will vary depending on the province where they work, the number of patients they see per hour, and the amount they can bill for each patient under the fee-for-services model. Family doctors see more patients per day, but specialists can bill at a higher rate per patient, so a doctor’s yearly salary is determined by how many patients they can see, how many hours they work, and how much they can charge for each service.

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