Andalusia Dental Centers Jeddah Branches Phone Reservation Doctors and Review

Andalusia Dental Centers Jeddah: Branches, Phone, Reservation, Doctors, and Review

Andalusia Dental Centers is one of the leading dental centers in Jeddah, as it was established in 1989. The center has approximately 20 specialized clinics in the field of dentistry, including: orthodontics, dental implants, children’s teeth, cosmetic veneers, teeth cleaning and polishing, teeth whitening, dental prosthodontics, root canal treatment, buried dental surgeries, dental fillings, initial examination and diagnosis clinic, and others.

Andalusia Dental Branches

Currently, the center has only two branches in Jeddah, the following are their details:

  1. Andalusia Dental Clinic – Desalination: This center “Andalusia Le Chateau” was opened in 2009. Tahlia Street “Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz”, Le Chateau Mall, Jeddah. Working hours are from 11 am to 9 pm, except for Friday. Phone number 0122166671.
  2. Andalusia Dental Clinic – Pasta: The first branch was opened in 1989. Macaroni Street, Mushrifah, Jeddah. Working hours from 9 am to 10:30 pm, Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Phone number 0126702777.

Their official website is here here Link to their Instagram account hereand their Twitter account link here. Andalusia Dental Clinic’s phone number is 0122166666.

An appointment can be booked at Andalusia Dental Centers by clicking on this linkAnd filling in the required data, or by contacting them through their WhatsApp number 0122166603.

Andalusian dentists

The following are the names of the medical staff at Andalusia Dental Centers in Jeddah with their medical specialties:

  • Dr.. Karim Metwally, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Dalia Mohamed, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Menna Allah Muhammad, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Shaima Zeinhom, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Abdul Rahman Nazim, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Dr.. Hossam Yousry, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Mostafa Anbar, Root Canal Specialist
  • Dr.. Ragab Wajih, dentist
  • Dr.. Mohamed Badr, dentist
  • Dr.. Maha Al-Qabbani, prosthodontics specialist
  • Dr.. Eman Bahnasi, Prosthodontics Specialist
  • Dr.. Maha Sharif Karwan, Dental Prosthodontics Consultant
  • Dr.. Ahmed Samir, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Dr.. Ahmed Hassan Freer, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Dr.. Hana Abdelaziz, Oral and Dental Surgeon
  • Dr.. Mohamed Magdy El-Ashry, Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
  • Dr.. Safa Hassan, pediatric dentist
  • Dr.. Jihan Mustafa, pediatric dentist
  • Dr.. Alia Ahmed Rifai, pediatric dentist
  • Dr.. Maha Fikri, dentist
  • Dr.. Muhammad Al-Asmari, dentistry
  • Dr.. Khaled Abdel Moneim, Consultant Oral and Dental Surgeon
  • Dr.. Sarah Hefny, Consultant Oral and Dental Surgeon
  • Dr.. Khaled Matar, dental prosthodontics specialist
  • Dr.. Samar Kayali, Prosthodontics Specialist
  • Dr.. Tahani Al-Attas, Dentistry
  • Dr.. Lulwa Effendi, dentist
  • Dr.. Sarah Amer, dentist
  • Dr.. Soldier’s Call, Dentistry
  • Dr.. Mohamed Abdel Khalek, Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
  • Dr.. Muhammad Akmal, orthodontist
  • Dr.. Nadia Habbal, dentist

Dental Andalusian Review

All branches of Andalusia Dental Centers have received positive reviews from visitors on Google. The following are excerpts from the center’s visitor reviews.

Ahmed Al-Shehri wrote:

“My experience is from several points of appointment: via mobile phone or direct booking with the doctor. They also send WhatsApp messages to remind you of the appointment and to call her day. Attendance: There is a commitment to the patient’s entry time, and there is no delay except for a few minutes. (Some other clinics enter two hours after your reservation!) Regarding the teeth: I made 8 fillings at Dr. Nadia Habbal, and her work was very smooth, and I did not feel any pain. I am very happy with the end result and with the tips she gave me to keep my teeth.”

Nabil Zahid wrote:

“My experience with Andalusia Dental Clinic, the pasta branch, is wonderful. Their prices are competitive. The doctors have a high level of experience and ethics. They deal with the patient professionally and punctually, not to mention the administrators. They are an example of ethics and taste. My dealings with the consultant, Dr. Khaled Matar, he is extremely ethical and polite with patients.”

In conclusion, if you are a visitor to Andalusia Dental Center, please write to us the details of your experience in the comments box at the bottom of this page in order to benefit others.

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