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Cheap Makeup Japan : Your Beauty Guide 2023

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Cheap Makeup Japan, including the cheapest brands, most famous shopping websites, and more !

We have listed the brands and types of low-cost and high-quality make-up materials that are widely available in pharmacies and beauty supply stores. Continue reading!

Cheap Makeup Japan

Cheap Makeup Japan

1. Excel

A treasure trove of trendy colors and trendy items that can actually be used! Excel suggests realistic trend makeup that is also affordable.

Many high-sensitivity fashion items are available from Tokyo brands! The eye makeup genre is a must-see among them.

Skinny Rich Shadow (Color / SR-01)

It has a fantastic color balance that allows you to use all four colors, and the user experience is fantastic!

In any case, the powder quality is excellent! The powder is soft and moist, making it not only comfortable to wear, but also easy to apply to the skin and create a gradation with.

The elegant eyes with a faint pearl are sensitive, and there is almost no lame feeling. The powder is fine, and the color is applied evenly and naturally.

Price:1620 yen

Long & Colored Rush (Color: Green Ocean)

In terms of finish, resistance to collapse, and usability, this is an excellent product. A dark green that can be seen at any time, such as in the sun or with downcast eyes, broadens the makeup palette. All four colors are available, so be sure to look at the other options!

The brush doesn’t pick up too much liquid, and you don’t have to worry about your curls falling out, so you can keep your lashes up all night! It dries quickly and leaves no residue around the eyes.

Price: 1650 yen

Shiny Shadow N (Color: Nude Pink)

There is no other exquisite color that is neither too light nor too dark! The light of the pearl is lovely, and it hides the dullness of the eyes. It is also advised to use it as a base before applying eyeshadow.

The soft powder adheres to the skin, and with just one application, the eyes sparkle. The color nuance is also exquisite!

Price: 1100 yen

Skinny Rich Liner (Color: RL03)

Greige, which is lighter and gentler than brown, gives the eyes a softer impression than black. A unique color in eyeliners that is highly regarded by professionals! The brush bends, allowing you to freely draw thin and thick lines.

A color that gives your eyes a youthful appearance. By combining it with eyeshadow, you can achieve a more fashionable look.

Price: 1430 yen

Skin Tint Serum (Color: ST02)

Your beautiful skin will last forever, thanks to the power you wouldn’t expect from such a low price!

Its ability is undeniable, and the texture that spreads well conceals the roughness of the skin with luster, making the bare skin appear beautiful.

It can be used without a base, saving time and being a fantastic product! It conceals blemishes to some extent, but instead of filling in the unevenness of the pores, it leaves them with a glossy finish. As a result, there is no sense of thick coating.

Price: 1980 yen

2. Canmake

Super useful cosmetics hidden in cute packaging impressed me!

Because of their adorable appearance, you’d think that most of them are for students and young people just starting out with makeup, but there are plenty of masterpieces that we’d like adult women to use.

The abundance of color variations that are easy to experiment with is also a plus!

Perfect Stylist Eyes (Color / 17)

The finish is almost as good as Chanel’s! The color will be too strong if you use CANMAKE’s pink on the bottom left as is, so the point is to add other colors.

The finish is similar to Chanel’s masterpiece eyeshadow “Les Quatre Ombres,” with a fine and elegant pearly feel! Even when applied, the powder does not smear around the eyes, and the color is vibrant. Applause for a finish that rivals Chanel!

Price: 858 yen

Creamy Touch Liner (Color / 01)

An iron-plate eyeliner that is sweat and sebum resistant!

The melting comfort of CANMAKE’s gel liner has made it a hot topic. The color is vibrant enough to be noticed by professionals, and it improves your vision. Even though it’s a pencil, you can draw smoothly without using force, which means it won’t irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes.

With just one coat, this jet-black black enhances your eyes. You can also draw the outer corner of the eye’s jumping line smoothly and beautifully. Furthermore, the color does not fade even when rubbed with a cotton swab after a shower, indicating that it is resistant to rubbing.

Price: 715 yen

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Marshmallow Finish Powder (Color / ML)

The legendary powder that sold 10 million pieces has real power!

A face powder that provides a glossy finish with a single swipe. It’s truly amazing that you can get this quality for only 1000 yen.

You can also use it as a repair powder! Although it dries slightly, the moist and comfortable powder adheres to the skin and provides a matte finish.

Price: 1034 yen

Volume up lady gloss

A gloss with red pepper extract that plumpifies your lips. In addition to plumping and plumping your lips, it contains fine glitter to instantly make your lips more popular! Pink can be worn alone, and trendy blue gloss can be worn over rouge for a subtle change in color. The gloss was easy to keep even after eating, and it also had staying power!

The texture spreads more evenly than Dior’s best-selling “Addict Lip Maximizer,” giving it a plump finish. There are no vertical wrinkles in the coating!

Price: 715 yen

Glow Fleur Cheeks (Color / 04)

Beautiful blush with fine glitter and luster. A popular blush among females for giving cheeks a soft, ruddy complexion.

The texture of the powder is good, and there is also a feeling of adhesion that sticks to the skin, and it is also excellent in that it does not fall off easily. The cute cheeks are perfectly reproduced with a little pearl in it!

Price: 880 yen

3. Visee

Visee, which comes in a variety of seasonal colors, has excellent moisturizing and covering properties! The moisturizing power and finish of the same lip are completely different!

Visee is well-known for its trendy colors. Pay attention to the lip, even if there are other things going on! Because the texture’s hardness varies, the outcome is classified as either good or bad.

Oil in Lip Tint (Color / 003)

Sheer that has been freshly applied lasts and gradually develops beautiful color! Vise’s lip tint was difficult to remove because it claims to be “difficult to fade.”

The glossiness will fade slightly after eating, but if you reapply it quickly, the color will gradually develop, so there will be no problem with the feeling of use! It was an excellent product with a gloss-like feel and lovely color, as well as a lovely gloss and seasonal plump lips.

It retains the fresh-painted appearance without fading.

Price: 1404 yen

Lipstick (Color / 028)

A useful lip that can effectively moisturize!

Elegant finish with a pinkish coral color and a fine pearly feel. It is highly recommended for everyday use as well as those looking for a lipstick that will keep their lips moisturized during the dry season.

Although the overall color tone is slightly lowered, there is still a significant amount of keibuka. Keep your skin moisturized with a hint of luster!

Price: 1760 yen

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Color Impact Liquid Liner (Color / RD440)

The deep Bordeaux color is simple to apply, even for beginners, and it is a versatile color that works well with both yellow and blue bases. Visee’s liquid liner is recommended because it is resistant to both sebum stains and color. Furthermore, there is no such thing as being able to generate a trendy feeling!

A deep, calm Bordeaux with a sense of fashion.

It adheres well to the skin and does not crumble when rubbed with a cotton swab, as demonstrated by the sebum crumbling test.

Price: 1000 yen

My Nude Eyes (Color / BE-3)

Vise’s smoky-colored eyeshadow with a natural gradation. Because the pearls are fine, you can achieve an elegant and mature look. Iebe would look great in the medium beige BE-3 with a strong gold pearl.

A gold color that complements a yellow base. The beautiful finish with exquisite dullness impressed me.

Price: 1200 yen

4. Cezanne

Cheap Makeup Japan

The sebum-preventing base is well-known, but there is also a color-rich blush!

Many items that are both inexpensive and simple to use.

Cezanne achieves a reasonable price by making the package simple. The well-known base is also excellent, but products like blush, mascara, and lipstick that can be applied naturally are also highly regarded.

Cheek Stick (Color / 02)

In contrast to the package’s low cost, it has an elegant finish and is extremely talented! Cézanne has a luxurious finish that combines the subtle color of powder blush with the distinct luster of cream blush.

Because the texture blends well with the skin, all you have to do is apply it to your cheeks and blend with your fingers to achieve a flawless complexion. It is also effective against sebum, and it is considered the best blush!

It is a cream that is lighter than it appears and blends well with the skin. The color is natural, and you can quickly stretch it out if you apply too much.

You don’t need any special instructions on how to use it; simply apply it carefully and you’ll be fine. It spreads easily, so a small amount will provide the desired shade. You don’t need to apply too much at once, so even if you’re clumsy, you can relax!

Price: 648 yen

Airy Curl Mascara

The natural finish that doesn’t look like it was applied lasts all night! Cezanne has a strong image of foundation and cheeks, but mascara is also very good.

When applied, Airy Curl Mascara separates cleanly, does not clump, and provides a natural finish. It also has a high curling power, which is important for mascara, and it is a great product that lasts all day after application. The comb’s size and flexibility are ideal, and the shape makes it simple to pick up hair.

Because short and soft and thin eyelashes can be applied evenly, vertical application is simple.

Price: 626 yen

Eyebrow With Brush Extension (Color / 03)

The wick, which has a moderate hardness and an oval cross section, has good color development and is comfortable to use, as is the screw brush.

Blur with a screw brush for a soft, confident finish.

Despite this, it is sebum resistant and can maintain beautiful brows for a long time.

Price: 638 yen

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Lasting Gloss Lip (Color / BE1)

A lovely all-purpose beige color that can be worn regardless of skin tone or setting!

A lipstick that is reminiscent of a traditional beauty, with a subtle color and luster. It is difficult to fall off in addition to the finish. It’s great because it doesn’t twist even when you eat it, and it doesn’t stand out even if it falls off slightly.

It is easy to apply without feeling stressed, and the color is suitable for all skin tones. Even after eating, Cezanne retains its color and luster. Also, the color is close to the color of your lips, so even if some comes off, it won’t be noticeable.

Price: 518 yen

5. Etude House

A well-known Korean cosmetic brand with a crunchy kick! We want adults to use a variety of masterpieces.

Korean cosmetics = student image erasure!

It is a brand that stands out from the crowd of passing trends.

There are numerous long-lasting cosmetics available, such as the standardized gel tint!

Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (Color / Ice Tint)

A lot of nonsense! Beautiful, long-lasting shine.

Etude House’s gel tint receives a perfect score despite its cute appearance, lame feel, and difficulty in removal. It has a smooth texture and a pleasant aroma.

The small size makes it easy to transport. When you magnify the glitter, you can see that the blue and pink glitter shines.

Price: 700 yen

Picnic Air Mouse Eyes (Color / BR403)

With its mousse texture, it’s a good thing it doesn’t come off easily!

It adheres moistly to the eyelids when applied. The orange color is closer to brown, making it suitable for use by adults. The shine is natural, and you can easily achieve a trendy look while brightening your eyelids.

Price: 800 yen

Play 101 Pencil (Color / #23 Glitter)

Dull green and one-of-a-kind but natural

A great pencil with a soft nib that allows you to reline your eyes firmly to the creases. The framed eye makeup that tends to look sharp with a single black line looks natural with this color.

Draw a line above the eye, below the eye, and 1/3 of the way around the outside corner of the eye, then softly blur it with a shadow.

Price: 900 yen

Any Cushion All Day Perfect (Color / Beige)

For natural-looking skin with a natural luster. Even though it has a natural finish like bare skin, it conceals rough skin.

It is resistant to sebum and sweat and does not crumble, so your skin will be covered in a glossy veil for an extended period of time.

Resistant to sebum and sweat! In the endurance test of the difficulty of crumbling, the foundation hardly came off even when sebum was dripped and rubbed, and the color remained properly.

Price: 2400 yen

6. Chifure

Japanese cosmetics that are both inexpensive and of high quality! The ability of a long-established low price was unquestionable!

There are cosmetics available at a reasonable price that can be used with confidence. A well-known brand that has been around for nearly 50 years.

True to our philosophy of providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, our lipsticks, which have been repeatedly featured as best buys in beauty magazines, are surprisingly affordable! It’s a waste to pass it up simply because it’s too cheap.

Lipstick (refill) (Color / 748)

Quality that does not appear to be affordable!

It is not a simple brown, but an excellent lip that expresses complex colors that enhance the beauty of mature skin. It has the same hyaluronic acid concentration as the beauty serum and provides just the right amount of moisture and luster. Beautiful redness complements all skin tones!

It blends naturally into brown skin that naturally suits them, and it goes well with mature skin that tends to be dull. Furthermore, complex colors mixed with red and gray go well with white skin, which usually stands out!

Price: 385 yen

Eyebrow Pencil Retractable (Color / 22)

At this price, it’s with a brush!

Soft color development with a slightly hard core. This brow is recommended for people who want their brows to be as thin and fluffy as possible.

Overall, the finish is thick, fluffy, and light.

Price: 440 yen

Lipstick Y (Color / 744)

A lipstick with delicate gold pearls that can be worn to work. A reddish brown that blends into the skin develops and blends into the skin gradually. It’s slim and easy to hold, and it doesn’t add bulk even when placed in a pouch, making it ideal for carrying around all day.

Brown lips are hard to compete with, but because Chifure is reddish brown, it blends well with the skin and has an elegant finish.

Price: 550 yen

Loose powder (with puff) (Color / 1)

It’s inexpensive and doesn’t appear powdery!

The fine particles and slightly beige color blend into the skin. It conceals pores without leaving a white cast. Effective against sebum and sweat!

It does not become overly matte, and it has a slight gloss to create the illusion of transparency. Furthermore, the area where the pores are visible is neatly concealed.

Price: 880 yen

Powder cheek (Color / 570)

Anyone with a calm color can use it!

In the spring of 2019, Chifure’s powder blush was relaunched. It is a fantastic cosmetic with no flaws in terms of cost performance, color development, or ease of use.

The muted reddish brown color is ideal for achieving a retro look! The red color is almost brown, making it suitable for daily use by adults. It has a moderately glossy appearance and blends well with the skin.

7. Kate

Although she represents the cool type, there are many partial make-ups that are surprisingly natural! The popular eye makeup is a true talent!

Kate’s favorite makeup products are eye shadows and brows. Contrary to popular belief, it is simple to use due to its natural finish.

Vintage Mode Eyes (Color / RD-1)

It keeps the glitter from falling off and the color from fading even when rubbed!

Kate’s crunchy lame eye shadow has almost no glitter fallout, which was a concern. The moist powder adheres to the eyelids, and even if you blink, it will not move and will remain beautiful under your eyes.

It is resistant to sebum and does not rub off easily, so it retains its color. With a moist powdery texture, it adheres firmly. Keeps the lower eyelids looking beautiful without even large amounts of glitter falling off!

Price: 1296 yen

The Eye Color (Pearl Type– Color / 011)

Yellow eyeshadow with a pearly finish. A type that has a firm luster and shines elegantly along the eyeball’s roundness. The color is not overpowering, and the powdery texture does not adhere to wrinkles.

It has more color than beige and blends better with skin than brown because it is a light yellow color. Because the color is unexpected, it stands out even in the back double layer. Moist powdery pearls and fine lame sparkle subtly, giving your eyes a three-dimensional appearance.

Price: 702 yen

Designin Eyebrow 3D (Color / EX-4)

Nobody will be let down! This is the method to use if you want basic brows without fail.

Kate, a large standard shoulder cosmetic, is simple to use and can produce fluffy brows. Because the powder works with any hair color, anyone can have beautiful brows. It’s a slightly yellowish brown that’s so appealing that it’s simple to match without floating on the skin. Another plus is that it complements any hair color.

Price: 1188 yen

Double Line Expert (Color / LB-1)

One-size-larger eyes with a deceptive line drawn!

I was surprised when I drew a line thinking it was an eyeliner and discovered it was beige! As the name implies, you can draw the line however you want.

The color is just enough to add a slight shadow to the skin tone without appearing to be a trick. Simply drawing a little on the double scar, the shadow of the tear bag, and the inner corner of the eye will completely change the impression. Optical illusions can be used to improve the appearance of the eyes.

Price: 918 yen

Dimensional Rouge (Color / RD-16)

With a quick fix, you can revitalize your beautiful lips!

A single coat creates a natural look, while multiple coats produce a trendy chic red. The complexion’s tone is improved because it imparts a more natural luster.

The shape is thin and diagonally cut, making it simple to apply and difficult to remove! You can quickly paint it and give it a stylish look!

Price: 1296 yen

8. Integrate

Accent Color Eyes CC (Color / BR693)

Excellent base cream! Makes the eyes appear brighter. A brown color scheme with a lot of glitter.

There is no bad color scheme like that found in petit plastic palettes, and all three colors do not have to be discarded! The pink base cream is even more popular. It played an important supporting role in brightening the eyelids and preventing fading while maintaining good color development.

The color is good on its own, but when applied on top of the base, it becomes even more pigmented. It’s satisfying to see the color appear exactly as you see it. The base cream adheres firmly to the glitter, so there is no risk of the glitter falling off.

Price: 1000 yen

Melty Mode Cheek (Color / OR381)

When you combine two blushes, the finish changes!

A cream blush with a glossy finish for the cheeks. It’s a solid color, but it’s useful because you can finish it to the intensity you want depending on how you mix it.

However, because it is susceptible to sebum and crumbles easily, removing scratches on the ball is difficult. The glittery texture can be applied to the cheeks as an illuminating layer for a vibrant orange glow.

Price: 1200 yen

Cheek Color (Color / Orange 300)

Although it is a summer color, it can also be worn in the fall with matching lips! Covers skin dullness and maintains clear color development for a long time.

The natural orange color looks great on people with yellow skin. Because the color is not overpowering, it can be worn with any makeup. Orange that can be worn in the spring, summer, and autumn.

Price: 810 yen

Airfeel Maker (Color/ Lavender Color)

The finish that a professional will recognize! Integrate is introduced as more comprehensive than a petit plastic.

Certainly, it has a strong effect on skin color correction in addition to removing pores and redness. Above all, the degree of adhesion is incredible; even if you apply sebum, it will not come off!

When you apply it, you can clearly feel the pores and redness. The texture is a little difficult to spread and can be toned up with just one coat.

Price: 900 yen

9. Majolica Majorca

The key is to select one that both looks and feels great. It looks cute, so having everything from the same brand is acceptable. If possible, I’d like to consider functionality and try my hand at painting!

Shadow customization (Color / GD822)

Eyelid-friendly moisturizing powder.

It is a pioneer of single-color eye shadow and is well-known for the high quality of its powder.

Because it has a lot of glitter and a gorgeous gold color, it’s best to layer shades and finish with a single color.

Price: 550 yen

Lash Expander Liquid Extension Ex (Color / BK999)

The amount of liquid that sticks to the comb is small, and clumping is difficult.

When you take it out, it combs, making it simple to adjust the amount you apply, and it coats each lash while neatly separating the lashes. Those who value volume should consider this.

Price: 1300 yen

Milky Skin Remaker (Color / NB)

NOT A THICK COAT! To achieve naturally beautiful skin

When applied, a solid type sticks to the skin and smoothes it out. Layering increases coverage, but the finish leaves you with bare skin! It dries quickly if you layer it quickly.

Price: 1800 yen

10. Kiss & Whomie

An emerging brand that has become a hot topic due to its brilliant and popular hair and makeup production that produces popular faces.

The brand’s unifying theme is “natural.”

Two Japanese brands that have given the world of affordable cosmetics a new lease on life.

Matte Chiffon UV Liquid Foundation (Color / 03)

Beautiful velvet skin that will satisfy even makeup enthusiasts!

Although semi-matte, it is a light liquid, similar to a soufflé.

A single application evenly fills pores and conceals blemishes. The semi-matte texture with fine pearls creates a modern look.

Price: 1950 yen

Slide Rouge (Color / 02)

I was captivated by the smooth application and deep color.

The creamy rouge glides on smoothly, revealing a glossy finish. This is an epoch-making product that gives you a smooth rouge simply by sliding the button on the side of the case.

It is simple to open and close because it is a one-touch type.

Prace: 1950 yen

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