Cheap Makeup India

Cheap Makeup India: Your Beauty Guide .. 2023

This article will provide you with information on cheap makeup India products, prices, brands, and where to buy cheap wholesale makeup India.

Because of the state of the global economy, we have all begun to look for cheaper products. One of them is low-cost makeup. Continue reading if this topic has piqued your interest.

Cheap Makeup India

Cheap Makeup India: Cheap Makeup Brands India

We are always interested in trying out new makeup products when we go shopping or to the mall. India is now a major producer and consumer of cosmetics. Makeup is no longer just a fashion statement; it is now something that many people require.

Because of its low-cost makeup, it attracts attention from all over the world.

1. Elle 18

The best makeup accessory is widely regarded as being an Elle 18 product. The company is renowned for its stylish and affordable makeup. They offer a wide range of fun and unique eyeliner, lipstick, and nail enamel colors.

A must-try are the Elle 18 color burst lipsticks, which cost Rs. 100 each. There are a ton of colors to pick from, and most of them have a rich pigmentation.

Additional top-selling products include

  • Elle 18 Water Resistant Black Out Kajal (Rs.85/- for 22 gm)
  • Elle 18 Glow Foundation (Rs.210/- for 30 gm)
  • Elle 18 Glow Compact (Rs.120/- for 8 gm). 

2. MUA Make up Academy

This company is based in London. Despite their low prices, their products are of high quality.

Must try products of MUA,

  • MUA Matte LipsticksPro-base Prime and Conceal Correcting Cream (It is available in three colors: lilac, yellow, and green.)
  • MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush
  • MUA Blusher

3. Makeup Revolution

Cheap Makeup India

This is yet another outstanding London brand with a wide selection of goods.

The highest-quality items under this brand,

  • Makeup revolution lipsticks (Rs.295/-)
  • Makeup revolution powder blush
  • Makeup revolution highlighter
  • Makeup revolution ultra-sculpt and contour kit (Rs.850/-)

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4. Rimmel

This one is the best there could possibly be.

Several of Rimmel’s incredible goods,

  • Rimmel Soft Kajal Pencil costs Rs.170
  • Rimmel Lasting Lipstick by Kate Moss (Rs.275/-)
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Rs.230/-)
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation 

5.Maybelline New York

Without a doubt, Maybelline New York dominates the Indian market with their incredibly inexpensive products. The goods from this brand never fail to impress.

  • Maybelline New York Colossal kajal
  • Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation
  • Maybelline New York the Blushed Nudes Palette (This palette is a knockoff of Urban Decay’s NAKED 3 palette., Rs.899/-.)

6. Lakme

Lakme, an Indian manufacturer of cosmetics, is owned by Unilever. Lakme was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills, part of the Tata Group (Tomco). Its name is taken from the French opera Lakme, which is the French equivalent of Maa Lakshmi.

a full-fledged beauty brand that concentrates on skin care and color cosmetics and provides a wide range of beauty services through a network of Lakme beauty salons.

The products from this brand are of high quality and are reasonably priced. They provide a wide range of products, such as foundations, eyeshadows, and tint soufflé. You essentially have an abundance of options.

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks priced at Rs.260/- has 40 shades. As a result, everyone can find something.

7. Coloressence

Cheap Makeup India

This brand will not only provide you with the desired results, but it will also be inexpensive. The best part is that each and every item is completely vegan.

  • Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base Foundation (Rs.150/-; four shades)
  • Coloressence High Definition Loose Powder (Rs.350/; four shades)
  • Coloressence Lip Colour (Rs.175/- ; 31 shades)

8. Faces

Another high-quality, inexpensive makeup company.

Among the must-haves are the following:

  • Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal (Rs.175/-)
  • Faces Lipstick (Rs.249/-; 24 shades)
  • Faces CC Cream (Rs.399/-; 2 shades)
  • Faces Sheer Radiance Liquid Foundation
  • Faces Eye Pencils

9. Gala of London

This brand’s products, which were recently launched online, are intriguing.

  • Gala of London Pearl Sheer Finish Compact (Rs.130/-)
  • Gala of London Volume Mascara (Rs.250/-)

10. Street Wear

In a nutshell, this brand is known for its eye-catching packaging, affordable prices, and superior goods.

Street Wear Ultra-Moist Lipsticks are available for (Rs. 199/-) and don’t cause dry lips. There are 16 different colors available.

11. Revlon

Another company that offers Indian makeup fans a variety of colors is Revlon.

They offer a variety of cosmetics, such as mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, lip plumper, bronzer, lipstick, and eye shadow.

Their matte and colorburst balms are the most well-liked. The world of lipstick has long been enthralled by Colorburst lipsticks, which are incredibly moisturizing.

12. Colorbar

Cheap Makeup India

A popular and well-known Indian brand is Colorbar cosmetics. The products are very reasonably priced, and they are of excellent quality as well.

The matte lipstick market was completely transformed by their velvet matte lipsticks. Due to their low prices, they were also fierce competitors in the Indian market. They’ve received a lot of favorable feedback because of the low prices of their makeup products.

13. Loreal

A lot of people praise Loreal Paris for their inexpensive cosmetics that look great on Indian skin. Most of the kits used by makeup artists are filled with Loreal cosmetics and makeup. Among Indian women, Loreal foundations are the most dependable. The daylong wear of Loreal foundations.

Lipstick lovers will value their wide variety of lipsticks with various formulas.

Among fans of makeup, their Cannes Collection was the most well-liked.

14. Lotus Herbals

An Indian company called Lotus Herbals makes the claim that its products are made with only natural and herbal ingredients. Their natural kajal is a popular item. They offer a variety of makeup products in addition to kajal, including lipglosses, herbal lipsticks, beginners foundation, and herbal sindoor.

The nail polish enthusiasts loved their Acetone, DBP, and Toluene-free Colour Dew Nail Enamels.

15. Chambor

Cheap Makeup India

Women in India love Chambor cosmetics just as much as other domestic brands because they have been available on the market for a while. Chambor is well known for its sheer highlighters and mono blushes. When shopping on a tight budget, there are several Chambor makeup products that can be easily included.

16. Faces Canada

A 40-year-old Canadian cosmetics company called Faces Canada was started in India. It quickly became well-known in the Indian market and fiercely competed with other top makeup brands.

It offers products for skin care, makeup, and personal hygiene.

These are made specifically for each skin tone, texture, and type.

You can use cosmetics like lip glosses, kajals, eyeshadow, and lipsticks. There are also online shopping portals available. Its goods have been spotted in bridal makeup kits. The lip liner and application are the most widely used products.

Cheap Makeup India: Wholesale Makeup India

Cheap Makeup India

You might be wondering where in India you can buy cosmetics and makeup accessories at the lowest prices.

If you operate your cosmetic item business properly, you can make a sizable profit. Please let us know where we can buy cheap cosmetics at wholesale prices and where to find the best makeup in India.

About Wholesale Makeup India

Doing business in various types of cosmetics, makeup, and cosmetics accessories and items is unquestionably a profitable business model, and you can get good output through your excellent business and marketing skills and build a good brand name in the next 10 to 15 years. Huh.

To see good growth in this business idea, you must first identify the needs of your customers and then make people aware of your brand and product through online and offline marketing.

We have addressed the main questions in this post, such as where to get the cheapest makeup items in India, where to get cheap cosmetic items at wholesale rates, and where to get cheap cosmetic items in India, among others. I attempted to respond through.

You can easily start a cosmetic business for Rs 70,000 to 1.5 lakh and gradually build good customer relationships with best products, achieving good growth in 10 to 15 years through online medium.

We hope that you will start this business carefully and with great success very soon.


Mumbai’s cosmetic wholesale market is well-known for its appealing cosmetic accessories and items. You can get all kinds of makeup and cosmetic items in retail and wholesale at very low wholesale rates.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Mumbai

क्रॉफर्ड मार्केटCrawford Market
फैशन स्ट्रीटFashion Street
जवेरी बाजारZaveri Bazaar
बांद्रा बाजारBandra Bazar
मदनपुरा मार्केटMadanpura Market


When it comes to cosmetic or fashion items, Delhi is the best marketplace to buy wholesale makeup, cosmetic items, fashion items, and cheap clothes, among other things, for yourself or your business. Aside from these, you can buy cheap clothes at Delhi’s cheapest textile market.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Delhi

करोल बाग मार्केटKarol Bagh Market
जनपथ मार्केटJanpath Market
गांधीनगर मार्केटGandhinagar Market
सदर बाजारSadar Bazar
ग्रेटर कैलाश मार्केटGreater Kailash Market


Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley and IT hub, is a great marketplace for cosmetic and beauty products, as well as the best gold and diamond jewelry brands. Welcome to Silicon Valley if you want to make a good profit by purchasing trendy cosmetic and makeup items.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Bangalore

चिकपेट मार्केटChickpet Market
मैजेस्टिक मार्केटMajestic Market
एवेन्यू स्ट्रीटAvenue Street
कमर्शियल स्ट्रीटCommercial Street
दुबई प्लाजाDubai Plaza


Kolkata is a well-known wholesale and retail market for Imported & Exported Wholesale Cosmetics, Makeup, Fashion, Artificial Jewellery, and Best Trending Clothing, among other things. You can buy all kinds of cosmetic items or makeup accessories for commercial use in good quality and at reasonable prices from here.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Kolkata

न्यू मार्केटNew Market
गरियाहाट मार्केटGariahat Market
बड़ा बाजारBara Bazaar
हातिबागन मार्केटHatibagan Market
कॉलेज स्ट्रीटCollege Street


In Pune, Maharashtra, there is a cosmetics and readymade fashion hub. You can order a wide range of readymade items or cosmetic makeup accessories of the highest quality from any part of India and profit handsomely by selling wholesale or retail.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Pune

हांगकांग लेन मार्केटHong Kong Lane Market
कोरेगांव पार्कKoregaon Park
लक्ष्मी रोड मार्केटLaxmi Road Market
फैशन स्ट्रीटFashion Street
तुलसी बाग मार्केटTulsi Baug Market


Jaipur in Rajasthan, which is adjacent to Delhi, is also expanding for various types of business opportunities. You can purchase and keep the best cosmetic products for your cosmetic shop. Here you will find the best trending designs with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets of Jaipur

जौहरी बाजारJohari Bazaar
गौरव टावरGaurav Tower
बापू बाजारBapu Bazaar
चांदपोल बाजारChandpole Bazar
त्रिपोलिया बाजारTripolia Bazar


If you live in or near Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is the best and cheapest market for cosmetics and makeup accessories. You can restart your cosmetic store with a loan from India’s leading small finance bank. You can purchase various types of cosmetic products at reasonable prices in both retail and wholesale settings.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Lucknow

हजरतगंज बाजारHazratganj Bazaar
आलमबाग मार्केटAlambagh Market
अमीनाबाद बाजारAminabad Bazaar
कपूरथला बाजारKapoorthala Bazaar
याहियागंज बाजारYahiyaganj Bazaar


Ahmedabad is slowly emerging as a global business hub, and the best branded and trending products are always available here. You can purchase a wide range of cosmetics and makeup items for your cosmetic shop and sell them online or in person.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Ahmedabad

लाल दरवाजा मार्केटLal Darwaja Market
मानेक चौक मार्केटManek Chowk Market
रानी नो हाजीरोRani no Hajiro
रमकड़ा मार्केटRamakada Market
सिंधी मार्केटSindhi Market


Chennai is well-known for its cosmetics and sarees. You can make good money here by purchasing high-quality cosmetics and ready-made fashion sarees for yourself or your business. Chennai is a well-known wholesale market center with numerous business opportunities.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Chennai

टी. नगरT. Nagar
रिची स्ट्रीटRitchie Street
पोंडी बाजारPondy Bazaar
जॉर्ज टाउनGeorge Town


Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana, is well-known for its business, startup, and new business ideas. Imported and exported are the highest quality trending makeup cosmetic products. You can make good money by purchasing a variety of high-quality trending products at wholesale prices from this site.

Top 5 Makeup Wholesale Markets in Hyderabad

बेगम बाजारBegum Bazaar
चारमीनार बाजारCharminar Bazaar
परफ्यूम मार्केटPerfume Market
शहरान मार्केटShahran Market
जनरल बाजारGeneral Bazaar

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