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Feasibility study for a cosmetic store project in the UAE .. 2023

In this article we will show you a feasibility study for a cosmetic store project in the UAE. A project for a cosmetics store in the UAE is needed because makeup and cosmetics are very important nowadays. There is no Arab woman who does not own a lip gloss or a concealer cream, and no woman’s bag contains eyeliner or any other cosmetic product. Such projects generate enormous profits and great success in a short period of time.

If you have a small budget and want to start a business in the UAE, a makeup and cosmetics store is the best option. And in this Tejaratna article, we will show you a feasibility study for a makeup and cosmetics store project in the UAE.

cosmetic store project

Why is a UAE makeup and cosmetic store project a success?

A cosmetic store project in the UAE is a success for a variety of reasons. These are their names:

  • Cosmetic products are in high demand.
  • Arab women spend more money on make-up and cosmetics than foreign women.
  • The project does not necessitate large sums of money or extensive experience.
  • In the presence of outdated cosmetics and beauty products, it is a must-have in any woman’s home.
  • The UAE provides significant encouragement and support for small projects.

As a result, the project of a makeup and cosmetics store in the Emirates will generate high profits in a short period of time, which is what any project requires.

Feasibility study for a makeup and cosmetics store in the UAE

Cosmetics store project in the UAE It necessitates the following:

Choosing the Best Location for a Project Cosmetics shop in the UAE

To begin displaying your cosmetics products, you must select a suitable location, and the best places to open that project are in populated areas, or next to various clothing and shopping stores, and if you manage to provide your own store in one of the malls, this will ensure that you A wide segment of individuals to deal with you and frequent your store, as for the appropriate space for that store, you can begin with an area of about 25 me

Make-up and cosmetics store project materials The beauty of the Emirates

Before you begin displaying the same goods, you will need to provide a number of supplies in the same shop. You’ll need a large glass showcase with shelves for displaying your products. You’ll also need large tables divided into sections to place the rest of the various cosmetics on. For selling and packaging, you’ll also need a chair and a small desk. In terms of shop decor, you can begin by making simple decorations with posters depicting makeup and cosmetics, and you will need a number of mirrors with high white lighting in the shop.

Costs of establishing a makeup and cosmetics store in the UAE

We can determine the final costs of the project based on the store that you will be able to provide and the nature of the products that you will provide in the store, and in general, the cost will not be high; you will need about 1000 AED to buy a simple set of different cosmetics, and in general, the costs of that project will range between 3000 and 10 thousand dirhams, depending on what you will offer in your store and the nature of the store in which you wil

Required labor in the UAE for a makeup and cosmetics store project

A make-up and cosmetics store project does not necessitate a large amount of labor. Such projects, especially at the start, will only require two people. You can also start on your own without a job, but having a worker with you will allow you to receive and deal with a greater number of segments, preferably in the make-up and cosmetics industry. The beauty is that the person dealing with customers is a girl, so she does not embarrass the customers, and she also motivates the customers to ask about the products through the girl and interact more, which will help you a lot in the sales process if that girl is experienced with cosmetics and their uses.

How to Get Wholesale Makeup and Cosmetics

cosmetic store project

Your project will focus on providing and selling various cosmetics. As a result, you’ll need to buy a variety of cosmetics, tools, and accessories at a discount. This is very simple, and there are three ways to obtain the best cosmetics at wholesale prices, as follows:

Purchase makeup and cosmetics at wholesale prices in the UAE

In the Emirates, there are markets that specialize in displaying makeup and cosmetics at wholesale prices. The markets of Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah are among the most prominent of these areas.

Websites offer makeup and cosmetics at wholesale prices

Sally Beauty Store, Faces, Overstock, and 4U are just a few of the websites that can provide you with the best makeup and cosmetics products at great discounts for large quantities, as well as products at wholesale prices. You can order the best beauty products at wholesale prices from them, and they will not charge you large shipping fees. Don’t worry, online shopping has become very popular during that time period.

China wholesale makeup and cosmetics

China is one of the best destinations for providing high quality products at low prices, and one of the most prominent products that you can import from there are cosmetics, where getting high quality makeup products at low prices allows you to make huge profits, and it is not difficult to find. Locate a Chinese company on the Internet, verify it, then contact them and begin doing business. Chinese companies use the best shipping companies to ship their products all over the world.

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How to Increase the Profitability of a UAE Makeup and Cosmetics Store Project

There are numerous ways to increase your profits in that project, the most prominent of which is to sell online as well. Don’t just put your products on display in your shop. You can set up a shop page on various social media platforms, display your products and prices, and offer home delivery. With a small shipping fee at first, you can spread your products more widely, and you can provide offers, gifts, and discounts, as women prefer such things.

That brings us to the end of our article, Feasibility study for a cosmetic store project in the UAE. Where we explained all of the project’s details, including extensions and methods for project success.

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