Doctor Salary in Germany .. Your full guide 2023

In this article, we will answer all your questions for Doctor Salary in Germany with updated salaries for 2023 in euros.

After the huge surge in inflation in 2022, salaries in general witnessed a substantial increase which lead to a doctor salary increase to catch up with the rise of prices.

Doctor Salary in Germany 2023

How much is Doctor Salary in Germany per month? (2023 updated)

Depending on the employer, the starting salary as an assistant doctor in the first year is 4,760 euros to 5,109 euros gross per month. In the course of professional life, the salary increases with increasing professional experience and after five years you can expect a salary of 6,000 euros gross per month.

The following is an overview of the starting salary in the various collective agreements (as of 2022). This is how much you earn from the various employers in the first year of work:

Hospital typeResident’s salary (occupation entry)
Municipal clinics4,852 €
University hospitals4,938 €
Helios clinics5,109 €
Asklepios clinics4,830 €
Sana clinics4,770 €
Röhn clinics4,760 €

Assistant doctor salary according to collective agreement

Depending on professional experience and employer, the assistant doctor’s salary is between 4,700 euros and 6,000 euros. It is usually determined by a collective agreement, both at university hospitals, municipal hospitals and private employers.

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The two most common collective agreements are the collective agreement for municipal hospitals (TV doctors VKA) and the collective agreement of the university hospitals (TV Ärzte TdL), in which the salary development is precisely defined. In addition, there are numerous collective agreements from private hospital groups such as Helios, Asklepios and Sana, to name but a few.

Collective agreement for university hospitals

In the collective agreement for university hospitals, the grade Ä1 shows how much euros you earn gross per month as an assistant doctor from which year. The starting salary can be found in the row Ä1 / column level 1. The other levels are reached depending on the respective year of professional affiliation (e.g. from the second year you are in level 2, from the third year you are in level 3, etc.). The collective agreement of the university hospitals is valid until 30. June 2022.

GradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Ä1 Assistant Doctor4,938 €5,218 €5,418 €5,765 €6,178 €6,339 €
1. Year2. Year3. Year4. Year5. Year6. Year
Ä2 specialist6,518 €7,064 €7,544 €7,814 €7,961 €8,164 €
1. Year4. Year7. Year9. Year11. Year13. Year
Ä3 Senior Physician8,164 €8,644 €9,331 €
1. Year4. Year7. Year
Ä4 Ltd. Senior physician9,604 €10,290 €10,837 €
1. Year4. Year7. Year

Collective agreement for municipal hospitals

In the collective agreement of municipal hospitals, grade I shows how much you earn in the assistant doctor profession. The indication “4 years” in the overview in level 4 means that the level is reached after four years. The starting salary can be found in row I / column level 1:

GradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
I Assistant doctor4,852 €5,127 €5,323 €5,663 €6,069 €6,236 €
at recruitment1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years
II Specialist6,403 €6,940 €7,412 €7,687 €7,955 €8,224 €
at recruitment3 years6 years8 years10 years12 years
III Senior Physician8,021 €8,492 €9,167 €
at recruitment3 years6 years
IV Ltd. Senior physician9,435 €10,110 €
At the setting3 years

Change of hospital or subject

For all collective agreements, the individual stages are not based on the training period in a specific subject, but on medical professional experience. For example, if you change the hospital or maybe even the subject after three years, you do not start again at level 1, but then continue at level 3 or Stage 4.

This is not clear to many assistant doctors and the employer often does not draw attention to it, because he has to pay significantly less in level 1.

Remuneration of services and on-call duty

The assistant doctor’s salary can be improved by services, work on weekends or overtime.

In total, the following options are available:

  • On-call services
  • Overtime
  • Night work
  • Sunday work
  • Holiday work
  • Work on the 24th and 31st December

According to the collective agreement for municipal hospitals, overtime is remunerated with a surcharge of 15 percent of the normal hourly wage. The regular working time is 40 hours. In addition, additional work will be compensated accordingly with the surcharge. Night work is also compensated with a 15 percent surcharge, Sunday work even with a 25 percent surcharge. Holiday work is remunerated with a 35 percent surcharge for leisure compensation, without compensation even with 135 percent.

Resident Doctor Salary (Net_

The net salary of assistant doctor in Germany is between 2,700 euros and 3,000 euros at the start of your career. Many factors such as state, church affiliation and tax class are relevant for the exact calculation. Various online tools and salary calculators are available to calculate the exact net amount. Here you can calculate the net salary in a simple way.

Below we have created an example calculation with tax class 1, church affiliation in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

Calculation of assistant doctor salary net:

Gross salary€5,000.00
Church tax77.04 €
Income tax963.08 €
total taxes1,040.12 €
Pension scheme€465.00
Unemployment insurance€60.00
Health insurance€379.74
Nursing care insurance85.87 €
Total social security contributions€990.61
net salary2,969.27 €

Depending on the aforementioned factors, between 55 and 60 percent of the gross wage usually remain.

However, this amount is also the money from the services. As described above, it can increase the net wage, especially by working on weekends and public holidays. With three to four services a month, you should be able to increase your net salary to 3,200 euros.


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