Dopamine detox

Dopamine Detox : Everything you need to know 2023

Dopamine is what allows us to feel pleasure, reward, motivation, and movement.

Dopamine Detox is a popular subject these days. But what is dopamine detox? How does dopamine work in the body and how can dopamine detox help you to improve your life? This article will answer all of those questions and more.

Dopamine Detox

How Does Dopamine Work?

Dopamine is a brain-produced neurotransmitter that performs many important functions in the body, both organically and psychologically. These include controlling how we feel when joyful situations occur as well as motivating us to seek out activities or substances which bring joy for ourselves.

What is Dopamine Detox?

When you get a social media notification or open a new text message on your phone, dopamine is released. If the dopamine rush feels good enough you are likely to keep checking social media or continue texting with whomever it was who texted you for as long as possible.

Dopamine detox involves removing substances that produce dopamine rushes in your body.

The idea of dopamine fasting is to stop activities that make our brain produce dopamine, which might be habit-forming. The goal of a dopamine fasting is to become less dependent on dopamine for making you happy.

Dopamine Detox has been created and used most by Dr. Cameron Sepah to free people from dependence on certain stimuli to get happiness, including social media message notifications and phone rings. 

It is interesting to know that eating food, especially the right kind of food, can make people feel good. They do this because eating food makes their brain release dopamine, which makes them feel happy.

Benefits of dopamine detox:

Dopamine fasting is a process where you allow yourself to find joy in activities simpler than those you are used to, such as spending hours on social media.

Dopamine detox can help you get rid of any of the following negative behaviors:

  • Emotional eating – EE.
  • Excessive use of the Internet.
  • Excessive playing video games.
  • Too much shopping.
  • Excessive pursuit of new and exciting experiences.
  • Drug Addiction.
dopamine fasting

Who Can Benefit from dopamine detox?

Anyone who eats unhealthy food, uses the Internet excessively, plays video games too much, shops excessively, or pursues new experiences constantly may benefit from a dopamine detox.

How do you apply dopamine detox?

To dopamine detox, you need to identify which dopamine-producing activities are the ones that make you feel good.

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Make a list of these dopamine-producing activities and then create an abstinence plan.

Dopamine fasting is achieved by completely abstaining from any behavior that brings pleasure rush, including the following behaviors:  

  1. Surfing the Internet.
  2. Use of social media.
  3. Eating delicious food.
  4. Smoking.

But it is advised not to over-practice this fasting, for example, it can be done by staying away from practicing behaviors that bring joy in one of the following times:  

  • 1 – 4 hours at the end of the day.
  • one weekend day.
  • One full weekend every 3 months.
  • One week each year.

This means doing your best not to do any activity on this list for a specific amount of time.

Then after seven more weeks without dopamine producers, reevaluate how it is going with dopamine fastıng before moving onto another whole month of no dopamine stimulators

During Dopamine Detox you can use mindfulness meditation when cravings become too strong. Mindfulness allows people in recovery from addiction or bad habits to deal with their feelings instead of acting impulsively based only on instinctual reactions.

Is dopamine fasting based on science?

It is important to mention that dopamine detox has no scientific basis and is not based on scientific research.

Evidence for its benefits has only come from reported experiences, and most of the benefits are related to addictive behaviors.  

There is no guarantee that the benefits of dopamine detox will last for a long period.

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