How to Get Profit on Medicine

How to Save 75% on Medicine: A Full Guide

In this article I will tell you how to save 75% on medicine. Pharmaceutical costs are among many people’s monthly expenses these days. In this case, many people may believe they have nothing to do because they are concerned about ‘profiting from health.’

In this case, in addition to the method I will explain shortly, it would be beneficial to look for applications that will allow you to buy prescription drugs at a lower cost from the start. You can read our article on the subject by clicking on the link.

How to Save 75% on Medicine

Use Pill Splitter and Save 75% on Medicine

Some drugs are fragile, though few people are aware of this. It has no effect on dose, absorption, or effect if it is broken correctly.

This situation is usually used with a doctor’s recommendation for people who take low-dose drugs. You may have noticed that some medications have notches on them.

I recommend that you use the method I’ll explain shortly only with your doctor’s permission.

Because, once again, certain drugs should never be broken, divided, or opened.

For example, there is a divisible drug that you use by taking 25 mg daily. You discussed the situation with your doctor and received approval. He gave you the 100 mg dose.

After that, divide the tablets into four with a tablet cutter to obtain four times the number of 25 mg tablets.

My advice is to divide the tablets before using them.

The tablet divider shown below has received rave reviews. I strongly advise you to take a look.

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JohnBee Pill Cutter

Best Pill Cutter for Small or Large Pills 

Now let’s move on to my method.

Let’s say I’m using escitaloptam (generic Lexapro) 5mg.

The average pharmacy retail price is $57.30. The lowest drug price in GoodRx with medicine discount coupons is $9.90.

The average pharmacy retail price of 20mg of escitaloptam is $49.72. The lowest price on GoodRx is $8.56. Less than 5mg price. Yes, it’s like a joke.

BEFORE: $9.90 for a 30-day supply x 12  = $118.80

AFTER: $8.56 for a 120-day supply x 3 = $25.68

This equates to about $93 in profit per year.

Isn’t it amazing?

Pill splitting has worked well for me, but it’s important to consult your doctor first because not all pills can be safely split.

The Food and Drug Administration has this to say about it on its website:

“At some point your healthcare or managed care company may have recommended tablet splitting for reasons such as to adjust the dosing of your medication or to reduce costs. In such cases, it is your healthcare professional’s responsibility to monitor the impact of risks associated with the practice of tablet splitting. You should always talk to your healthcare professional before splitting a tablet and not be afraid to ask him or her questions if you are considering splitting tablets.”

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