Best Online Vets US

Best Online Vets US: A Full Guide .. 2023

In this article, we will tell you about the best online vets US. Like many other industries, veterinary care has experienced significant online growth. Numerous telemedicine-based, online-only veterinary care providers have emerged in the last few years; the majority of them provide 24/7 access and the option to chat with or schedule a video appointment with a veterinary professional.

These services are a great way to get quick answers to questions about your pet’s diet, behavioral problems, and other health concerns—especially if you’re unsure whether or not to take your furry friend in for a physical exam. However, no online telehealth session can replace a face-to-face appointment with your veterinarian. Do you not know where to start? See below for our picks for the top online veterinarians.

Best Online Vets US

Best Online Vets US

Some online veterinarian services have unreadable websites that are deficient in key information (or seem more interested in pushing dog treats or other extras). We selected those websites that made it simpler to find and contact a licensed medical professional online because they received the highest ratings from users.

Best Overall: Vetster

Best Online Vets US

Why We Decided on It: Vetster virtually connects you with local veterinary care experts using a marketplace-based approach.


  • being able to choose between veterinarians and vet techs
  • The importance of finding medical specialists in your area is stressed.
  • Systems for reviews and profiles increase trust.


  • There are fewer vet options in some places.

The way in which Vetster approaches telehealth may cause some people to be reminded of Rover, the wildly popular app for finding pet sitters. By clicking a button, users can conduct a local search for veterinarians and set up telehealth appointments. Unlike the majority of other online veterinary services, Vetster gives you the option of veterinary doctors or vet techs, giving you more pricing flexibility based on the appointment’s urgency or necessity.

Vetster’s user interface is straightforward, and appointments can frequently be made for the same day. We also value the information that medical professionals include in their profiles, such as their professional titles, primary interests, and whether they are available for consultation on particular issues. It is our pick for the top veterinary service provided online overall.

Best With Brick and Mortar: Banfield Vet Chat

Best Online Vets US

Why We Selected It: Banfield Pet Hospital is a reputable veterinary care company with more than 1,000 locations nationwide.


  • Access to a veterinarian is available 24 hours a day, seven days
  • App that is well-designed
  • The continuity of in-person and digital experiences


  • Enrollment in a wellness plan is required.
  • Text-only communication

With locations in almost every state, Banfield Pet Hospital is one of the most well-liked veterinary care organizations in the country. The Vet Chat feature on the Banfield app can supplement the in-person care for your pet if they are already clients at one of the company’s physical locations. It’s simpler to decide whether to take your dog to urgent care after he chomps on a bag of cheese puffs when you have 24-hour access to a real veterinarian thanks to this app.

The Banfield website offers a text-based interface for Vet Chat, which is easy to use. Another important advantage is having the option to use the same service for both in-person visits and online consultations, guaranteeing consistency in your pet’s care regimen. The only real drawback is that, even if you are already a Banfield patient, you must sign up for the Optimum Wellness Plan in order to use the Vet Chat service. Visit the Banfield website for an estimated pricing calculator; monthly costs vary depending on the species, age, location, and whether or not your pet is spayed or neutered.

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Best Affordable: PetCoach

Best Online Vets US

Why We Selected It: PetCoach is an excellent resource that provides a wealth of free veterinary health-related information as well as an easy-to-use “Ask a Vet” feature.


  • cheaper than alternative telehealth services
  • regularly publishes questions submitted by users (with responses from vets)
  • App is accessible.


  • Some services are buried in the site
  • Content pages not organized by pet type

Both traditional veterinary care and frequently expensive telehealth services for your pet are available. Check out PetCoach, an online and mobile service that enables users to book a private telehealth consultation or ask a question to a veterinarian whenever they want.

We appreciate that PetCoach posts a lot of information on a variety of veterinary care subjects, including a lot of the queries and solutions provided by app users. One drawback is that there aren’t many filters on the website to separate content by pet type or condition, making it challenging to navigate (and tracking down vet profiles to set up consultations is also surprisingly tricky). On the other hand, the app is better designed and generally simpler to use.

Best for Prescriptions: Hello Ralphie

Best Online Vets US

Why It Was Selected: A wonderful app-based veterinary telehealth platform called Hello Ralphie offers a comprehensive online prescription service.


  • Ability to make an appointment for prescription or just advice
  • Saves vet chats and records for added continuity
  • Can fill prescriptions through the same service


  • You must carefully review the details before scheduling a prescription appointment.

It should go without saying that websites like 1-800-PetMeds are great for online prescription fulfillment for pets. With the help of Hello Ralphie, you can easily pair your subsequent remote visit with a medication order by combining the convenience of an online veterinary pharmacy with telemedicine. A consultation costs $35.

Online or through the Hello Ralphie app, appointments can be scheduled starting at $35. Your conversation and your medical history will both be recorded for later use. The service makes a distinction between “telehealth” and “telemedicine,” and only appointments falling under the latter category can include a prescription or diagnosis. It’s important to remember that not all states permit veterinarians to practice telemedicine, so do your research before scheduling an appointment.

Best Subscription: Whisker Docs

Best Online Vets US

Why Did We Select It: Whisker Docs provides a practical monthly subscription that gives you access to veterinarians whenever you need them.


  • If you frequently need veterinary care, they offer a subscription service.
  • Options for a single visit without a subscription
  • Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, a veterinarian is on call.


  • There is no way to get a prescription

A subscription-based service like Whisker Docs might be a good choice if you find yourself asking your veterinarian questions all the time. This online veterinary service is accessible around-the-clock, seven days a week, and connects you to a doctor or a vet tech via email, phone, or chat. While they are able to answer inquiries and offer suggestions regarding your pet’s health, they are unable to write prescriptions for drugs.

Whisker Docs provides both recurring visits and subscriptions. A single phone call costs $39.99, and monthly subscription plans start at $16.99. Plans are based on one pet, but you can add more pets at a discount. If your query is not urgent, you can purchase an email reply for $4.99; however, it will take four hours to receive a reply. Anyone looking for inexpensive, 24-hour access to a veterinarian should consider Whisker Docs.


Online appointments with veterinarians are not a substitute for in-person consultations, but they can be a great way to get answers quickly or figure out whether you need to make an urgent trip. Whether through text-based chats, video visits, or a question-answer submission system, the best online veterinarians provide licensed medical professionals around-the-clock, seven days a week.

How Much Does a Video Consultation with a Vet Cost?

Finding a veterinarian whenever you need one is now much simpler thanks to advancements in online technology. You can quickly get answers to urgent questions and determine whether you should take your pet to the vet by video or text chatting with a veterinarian.
The cost of online visits varies depending on the service, but you should plan on spending $30 to $60 per visit. For some services, subscriptions are offered, allowing you to pay a single monthly or yearly fee for limitless access to a professional.

Can I place an online prescription order for my pet?

Even though some online veterinarians do offer prescriptions, not all states do, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with local regulations.
You can frequently ask your physical veterinarian to send you a prescription, which will then be filled and delivered to your door by an online pet pharmacy like or 1-800-Pet-Meds. This can occasionally be less expensive than buying directly from your neighborhood veterinary clinic.

What Do I Do If My Animal Needs Veterinary Care?

Monitoring any behavioral changes in your pet is crucial. Seek immediate medical attention if your pet is acting strangely, sleeping more than usual, or not eating. Consult your veterinarian if you notice anything unusual because you are the one who knows your pet the best.
When dealing with minor issues, a veterinarian online might occasionally be able to assist, but urgent situations should always be handled in person.

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