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Cat Food Delivery US: Your full guide 2023

All of your inquiries about cat food delivery will be addressed in this article. Why can’t the same be said about the food our pets eat? Why shouldn’t the food we feed our pets change in the same way that meal delivery services and subscription boxes have changed the game for home cooks worldwide?

For pet owners looking for higher-quality formulations, fresh or raw foods, and other options that provide all the nutritional value of a home-cooked meal, cat food delivery services are ideal (without any of the prep work). Whether you’re looking for better wet food or kibble that’s a cut above, we’ve compiled a list of the top cat food delivery services that will satisfy both you and your furry friend.

Cat Food Delivery

Cat Food Delivery: Best Services

Overall Winner: Cat Person

Cat Food Delivery

Why It Was Selected: Cat Person offers wet food, dry food, treats, and monthly meal plans, but it consistently sticks to high-protein, filler-free recipes.


  • offers both dry and liquid food.
  • the capacity to design individualized meal plans
  • In each recipe, 1-2 animal proteins are used.


  • There can be no recipes with grains.
  • A dietary requirement filter is not available.

Despite being a new player in the pet food delivery industry, Cat Person is succeeding in many areas. The business is dedicated to offering low-carbohydrate foods with at least 50% more high-quality animal protein than is typically found. Purchasing one of its wet or dry foods is advantageous for your cat’s general digestion (there are various recipes for each). No more than two sources of animal protein are used in each formulation, and the brand’s website provides simple access to all nutritional data.

Even though Cat Person only offers grain-free food, we still value the company’s dry, pâté, and shredded selections for their consistently high quality and their ability to make monthly meal plans that are customized to your cat’s individual requirements. Five 2.75-ounce cups of pâté cost $7.25, while a 2-pound bag of dry food costs $11. You can start with a $20 starter box to help your cat get used to their new food. Meal plan prices vary (you’ll save 10% on each order). Free shipping is available on purchases of $40 or more as well.

Best Price: JustFood

Cat Food Delivery

Why We Selected It: JustFood, which specializes in dog food, also sells excellent wet cat food at a price that is competitive with many other delivery-based options.


  • Free of preservatives and packed with protein
  • The cost is fair when compared to other brands.
  • The mixture keeps felines hydrated.


  • Only one cat food is available.

JustFood is best known for its dog food delivery service, but it is now branching out into the cat world with its fresh fish and chicken recipe. This moist food is free of gluten and grains, as well as preservatives. It is lightly cooked to maintain the nutritional value of its ingredients and also contains moisture-retentive yucca root, which aids in keeping your cat hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, the food is of the highest caliber.

JustFood for cats costs $13.95 for an 18-ounce package, which is less expensive than many delivery cat foods. The main drawback is the limited selection (the only option is the fish and chicken recipe), but the company also sells salmon bark snacks that are better for cats than typical cat treats.

Excellent for Fresh Food: Smalls

Cat Food Delivery

Why It Was Selected: With high-protein formulations free of preservatives, fillers, and other questionable ingredients, Smalls offers human-grade fresh food (as well as raw options) in three proteins and two textures.


  • Options for protein and texture are plentiful.
  • Clear labeling procedures
  • Additionally, frozen-dried and raw foods are offered.


  • You must navigate through several pages in order to see pricing information.
  • Only subscription-based plans are offered.

Fresh cat food from Smalls is rich in high-quality animal protein and free of any fillers or preservatives you might prefer to keep out of their diet. The fresh food options are particularly noteworthy; pick from chicken, turkey, and beef recipes in two “mouthfeels” (ground and pâté). It provides raw freeze-dried foods as well as fresh foods. By answering a few questions about your cat’s needs, you’ll be able to quickly create a meal plan that includes only fresh foods or a mix of fresh and freeze-dried raw.

Depending on your specific plan, prices will vary widely. If we had one criticism, it would be that it can be challenging to compare various options without repeatedly filling out the site’s questionnaire.

Smalls will start with a two-week sampler, usually $45, to test the waters. Your cat will then receive feedings every four weeks (the down-the-middle plan we came up with cost $3.86 per day).

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Ideal for Raw Food: Savage Cat Food

Cat Food Delivery

Why We Selected It: Savage Cat Food is a supplier of raw-only cat food with a selection of options for cat owners looking to switch to a raw diet.


  • There are more options than with other brands because raw foods are prioritized.
  • Pricing openness
  • There is no requirement for a subscription.


  • Pricier than the majority of luxury cat foods
  • Prior to use, the product must be kept frozen.

Savage Cat Foods is entirely committed to giving your cat a raw diet, in contrast to some cat food delivery services that only offer one or two raw-based options. There are a number of snacks that are more realistic than the typical cat treat, including chicken, rabbit, and duck that are available in diced and pâté-like textures (think a whole quail, feathers and all).

Each meal can be bought separately in a range of sizes or as part of a subscription plan that ships every two to eight weeks, which is something we like. Even though it is a premium brand, keep in mind that this raw food is more expensive than the average cat food; two 12-ounce tubs of ground chicken cost $20, and subscription plans can cost up to $180 per order.

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Suitable for Cats on Special Diets: Chewy

Cat Food Delivery

Why We Selected It: Chewy is an online retailer of pet supplies, but its subscription service enables you to pick the best cat food and have it delivered each month.


  • There are countless food options available.
  • Discounts for subscriptions


  • Free delivery only for purchases over $49
  • Options that are raw or organic are scarce.
  • There are no exclusive deals.

An online store called Chewy offers almost every pet supply imaginable. Due to its extensive selection of food, it is a fantastic option for cats following special diets. If your veterinarian has recommended a particular diet for your cat, Chewy is the best option because it offers nearly 3,000 wet and dry options.

Orders over $49 qualify for free shipping, which takes one to three business days to reach its destination. You can purchase pet food off the shelf or cat food that can only be obtained with a prescription, which enables your veterinarian to send in a prescription and have a veterinarian diet delivered right to your door. The cost of the food you select will vary, but Chewy offers both affordable and expensive options.

Ideal for Kibble: Open Farm

Cat Food Delivery

Why It Was Selected: Premium kibbles from Open Farm are low in fillers like grain, corn, wheat, and soy and high in protein. They can be purchased singly or as a bundle with a subscription service.


  • Meals with a lot of protein but few unhealthy ingredients
  • Although they are optional, subscriptions are offered.
  • Foods can be filtered using food sensitivities.


  • expensive compared to dry goods sold in mass markets
  • There should be a few more options available.

Wet and dry foods made with premium, ethically sourced ingredients are available from Open Farm. With protein-rich formulations made of meat devoid of antibiotics and growth hormones, its kibble stands out.

Salmon, whitefish, lamb, and a turkey/chicken blend are among the dry food options; they are all available in 4- or 8-pound bags. Although we would prefer more kibble options, we are grateful that each one contains “superfood” components that support digestive health and enhance the sheen of your cat’s coat, such as coconut oil and pumpkin.

Best for Delivery Customization: Raised Right

Cat Food Delivery

Why It Was Selected: You can tailor your delivery for your particular cat with the human-grade cat food delivery service Raised Right.


  • The best ingredients available to humans for your cat
  • No additional preservatives are present.
  • A creation of a veterinarian


  • It is expensive when compared to other cat food options.
  • Only two types of cat food are available.

Personalized cat food delivery service Raised Right was created with the help of renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and uses ingredients of a humane standard. You provide information about your cat’s weight, activity level, and dietary requirements when you sign up, and they present you with three choices. The most affordable choice is a blend of 25% Raised Right and 75% of the cat food of your choice, while the three most expensive options are 100% Raised Right, 50% Raised Right, and 25% Raised Right. Between chicken and turkey are available.

Raise Right is made with pure, healthy ingredients and doesn’t have any added preservatives. Although the company will make a recommendation based on your cat’s dietary preferences, you can alter the frequency of delivery. Prices will vary depending on the size, level of activity, and required weight of your cat, but generally speaking, the typical meal plan will set you back more than $100 per month.


Whatever your feline friend’s needs, there is a delivery service for you. There are many excellent cat food delivery services available, each with its own unique flavor. On the other hand, Cat Person stands out from the competition thanks to its wide variety of premium options and capacity for developing personalized meal plans (without forcing customers into a subscription).

From a cat food delivery service, what foods can I choose?

Cat food delivery services come in a wide variety. Most delivery services have it, whether you’re looking for homemade kibble, organic wet food, or a customizable human-grade option. A service like Chewy, which offers a subscription so you never have to remember to pick up your cat’s food, also lets you choose your favorite brand of cat food and have it delivered right to your door.

Are cat food delivery services preferable to buying from a pet store?

A cat food delivery service will save you the time and hassle of physically visiting a pet store while also giving your cherished feline much higher-quality food. If you’re looking for cat food that can be customized to meet your cat’s needs, a cat food delivery service can be a fantastic choice.
However, the majority of cat food delivery services are more costly than buying a bag of cat food from your neighborhood big box retailer. Some pet owners add fresh cat food delivered to their door as a cheaper alternative to their name-brand cat food.

How Does the Delivery of Cat Food Work?

The majority of cat food delivery services allow you to adjust the food for your pet based on factors like weight, age, and dietary needs. The food for your pet will then regularly be delivered to your door. You can find a delivery service that provides food that is raw, organic, human-grade, wet, dry, or any combination of these, depending on the specific needs of your cat.


We looked at a variety of cat food delivery services, including subscription-based brands as well as more widely available distributors and producers who will deliver cat food to your door. Our top picks are businesses that use high-quality ingredients, provide a wide range of products or specialize in a particular market (like raw food), and let customers set recurring delivery dates. We also considered the ease with which consumers could access a brand’s pricing and nutritional data, as well as the availability of a la carte rather than only subscription-based food purchasing.

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