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Dog Food Delivery US: Best Services .. 2023

All of your questions about the top dog food delivery services will be answered in this article. Because your dog is a member of your family, you want to feed him the best food in the same way that you want to feed yourself.

On the other hand, selecting the right food for your dog can be challenging. Our top picks for dog food delivery services are listed below. Find out more by reading on.

Dog Food Delivery

Best Dog Food Delivery Services

Overall winner: The Farmer’s Dog

Dog Food Delivery

Human-grade meals prepared with real meat and vegetables are served at The Farmer’s Dog and would not look out of place on your own dinner plate. The focus is on fresh ingredients, which provide all the nutrients your dog needs while using fewer processing steps and no preservatives than traditional dog food.

Every plan is different and is based on a questionnaire about the age, way of life, health, and dietary preferences of your dog. After filling it out, you can specify which recipes you want or don’t want to include in your plan by limiting it by protein. For larger, more active breeds, the service can cost up to $12 per day and starts at around $2 per day.

Food from The Farmer’s Dog is delivered frozen and ships free to any of the lower 48 states. Your plan can easily be modified as necessary, including the timing and amount of food delivered. A daily meal delivery service that uses top-notch ingredients is The Farmer’s Dog.

Best Warranty: Nom Nom

Dog Food Delivery

The manufacturer promises that you’ll see a difference in your pet within 30 days or your money back, we like Nom Nom dog food.

Depending on the nutritional requirements of your dog, you can select from four flavors (beef, chicken, pork, or turkey) in each pre-portioned meal that is made from fresh, natural ingredients. To make sure that your dog receives all the nutrients needed, Nom Nom’s in-house veterinarian creates the recipes. Start a trial of two weeks with meals designed for your dog. After that, based on your schedule, select shipments every two or four weeks.

Prices vary based on the size and nutritional needs of your dog, but you can estimate your specific quote on their website. For an additional fee, you can even rotate recipes every week if your dog is a picky eater to make it simpler to introduce new flavors to your dog. In addition, Nom Nom offers a $15 variety pack that lets you sample a dish from each of its four flavors.

The Best Dry Food: Spot & Tango

Dog Food Delivery

Get 50% off your initial Spot & Tango order using the code SPRUCE50. The subscription will then return to its original price for the following scheduled delivery. Try their Yam Yum and Chicken Munchies Snacks; you can switch between these two single-ingredient snacks at any time with each Fresh or UnKibble shipment.

Spot & Tango’s “UnKibble” offers the advantages of fresh food in an accessible, dry form, in contrast to many dog food subscriptions that emphasize frozen meals. With options like turkey with red quinoa or lamb and brown rice, there is no doubt that the service’s fresh meals are excellent. What makes it stand out is the option to order specialty dry food.

Like its fresh meals, Spot & Tango’s dry food is made with human-grade ingredients and is free of additives, fillers, and artificial preservatives. All items (fresh and dry) are appropriate for both puppies and adult dogs, and you can customize the dry foods in your plan.

Fresh meal plans at Spot & Tango start at about $15 per week, and their “UnKibble” plans cost about $7 per week. Your dog’s age, weight, and other factors will affect the cost. Within the contiguous United States, the service offers free two-day shipping, and you can easily change, pause, or cancel your subscription. The Happy Pup Guarantee allows you to begin your subscription with a two-week trial, and if you’re not pleased with the food, they’ll refund your trial order.

Best Subscription Choice: A Pup Above

Dog Food Delivery

Even though A Pup Above is primarily a subscription service, you can also buy its four main recipes—turkey, beef, chicken, and pork—in individual bags. Each one costs around $35 for a 3lb bag, has a large amount of non-GMO vegetables, and is devoid of additional antibiotics and growth hormones.

The service’s use of sous-vide, a cooking technique that circulates water to preserve the nutrients in each ingredient, is another distinctive feature. Why shouldn’t your dog use it if upscale restaurants do?

A Pup Above sells fresh 3lb dog food bags in all four flavors for about $130, and it also offers a subscription service (which uses the same recipes) for as little as $3 per day ($16 per week) for the tiniest breeds. A delivery schedule of two, four, six, or eight weeks is an option. You can easily customize the service to meet your needs with A Pup Above by selecting between a half plan (3 lb bags) and a full plan (7 lb bags).

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The Most Natural: Ollie

Dog Food Delivery

The use of high-quality ingredients is encouraged by many dog food delivery services, but Ollie’s recipes stand out for their high-quality meat and complete absence of artificial flavors, byproducts, or preservatives.

Ollie offers four recipes (chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef), each of which strikes a balance between minimally processed protein and wholesome fruits and vegetables. The meals are of human-grade quality and are free of all kinds of fillers.

Create a profile for your dog first, and Ollie will make a personalized recipe plan for it based on its requirements. Although meals are delivered on time, adjustments can be made if necessary. The food may be frozen until thawing is desired.

Plans for small breeds that only receive Ollie meals start at about $4 per day. There are also options for partial meal plans.

The best way to get an idea of overall costs, as with the majority of dog food subscription services, is to create a profile with the details of your pet.

The Best Prepared Food: PetPlat

Dog Food Delivery

For dog food delivery, we like the subscription service PetPlate. The site’s adaptable menu options offer freshly prepared, high-quality recipes for chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey (with no by-products, artificial preservatives, or rendered meats).

Each meal is quickly frozen to preserve freshness and can be defrosted in the microwave or allowed to thaw in the refrigerator. Your strategy will be customized based on your dog’s breed, any allergies, and other elements. For customers who want to use PetPlate meals in addition to regular dry food, the website even offers a “topper” plan.

PetPlate offers plans that can be upgraded starting at just under $3 per day. In order to get a more accurate idea of the cost, we advise creating a profile for your dog with details about their age, health, and breed before setting up a topper plan.

You can click here to website to order dog food.

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The Most Effective Commercial Delivery: Chewy

Dog Food Delivery

Don’t like the subscription business model? There Don’t like the subscription business model? Major retailers and numerous well-known pet supply websites all ship dog food.

Chewy has one of the largest selections of commercial dog foods, making it our favorite of the bunch.

Because of the site’s layout, it’s easy to filter results by food type (wet, dry, raw, and human-grade are just a few examples), brand, life stage, breed, and a number of other factors.

You can use Chewy’s auto-ship feature to have your preferred dog food refilled automatically, just like with a subscription plan. This feature allows you to schedule shipments so you never have to worry about forgetting to place an order. You can easily change something or stop using it.

On Chewy, the majority of dog food brands are available for auto-ship, and many of them offer a 5% discount when you do (Chewy will also give you 35% off your first auto-fill order). Due to the wide variety of foods, prices differ depending on the brand.

How Much Does Dog Food Delivery Cost? 

Prices can be the same or lower than purchasing dog food at your local store, depending on the type of food you require for your dog. The monthly cost ranges from $45 to $140 on average.
Raw dog food is often more expensive than traditional hard food, but for many puppies, the cost is well worth it. Some dog food delivery services offer weekly or monthly subscriptions. The final cost will be determined by the size of your dog and its dietary requirements.

Why Should You Get Dog Food Delivered?

Dog food delivery ensures that you never run out of dog food, and it can be a great value for higher quality ingredients. Many dog food delivery services provide homemade meals with ingredients chosen specifically for your pup’s dietary requirements. In some cases, you can tailor your dog’s meal plans to ensure that he gets the nutrients he requires each month.

Is Raw Food Necessary for My Dog?

A raw food diet can be a very healthy option for many dogs, but it may not be appropriate for all dogs. Before beginning a raw food diet, consult with your veterinarian. Raw dog food can help your dog lose weight by removing calorie-laden carbohydrates from his diet. Because raw food does not contain the same additives as commercial dog food, it may be a good option for pets who have gastrointestinal issues or allergies.


We reviewed every dog food subscription service available and chose our favorites based on price, selection, and food quality. All of our recommendations are made with all-natural ingredients and are beneficial to your dog’s overall health. Any service that allowed for customization for pets with allergies or picky eaters received extra points. For example, we chose Ollie because of its natural ingredients and The Farmer’s Dog because of its human-grade meals.

These services have a good reputation, provide high-quality food, and have flexible shipping and delivery options. Excellent customer service and money-back guarantees were also important considerations in our selection process.

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