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Flexo Spray 50 ml Price in Turkey

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Flexo Spray

Flexo Spray 50 ml Indications

Flexo Spray;
– Crush, sprain, injury, sports injuries,
– Painful shoulder stiffness,
– Ankylosing spondylitis (a rheumatic disease, especially seen in the joints of the spine and loss of movement),
– Backache,
– Muscle rheumatism,
– inflammatory joint rheumatism in a chronic state (rheumatoid arthritis);
– Degenerative joint disease, joint calcification (osteoarthritis),
– Sciatica,
– It is effective in the treatment of diseases such as bursitis (inflammation of sac or bag-shaped formations in the body, especially between the organs that rub against each other and prevent their abrasion).

Flexo Spray Price

Flexo Spray 50 ml, medicine price: VAT included sales announced by IEGM (TİTCK) affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey as of 20.12.2022 price 110.59 TL is This drug with barcode number 8699566515008 offered for sale by Berksam Pharmaceuticals is in the Generic drug class in the Original/Generic/Twenty Years classification.

Category of Flexo Spray 50 ml drug

Musculoskeletal System – Body Surface Muscular-Joint Pain Medicines – Topical Medicines for Joint and Muscle Pain – Topical Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory – Etofenamate (topical)

Flexo Spray 50 ml Active Ingredient

Etofenamat, the active ingredient of Flexo Spray, with its original name etofenamate The National Library of Medicine registration number (CAS No) is 30544-47-9, its molecular weight is 369.33503 g/mol, and its formula is C.18H18F3NO4 is The pregnancy / pregnancy category of etofenamate is C-D, it is taken through drugs containing the active substance.

Chemical Structure Picture for Etofenamate, the main active ingredient of Flexo Spray:

Flexo Spray 50 ml (Etofenamate) Chemical Structure (2 D)Flexo Spray 50 ml (Etofenamate) Chemical Structure (3 D)

Drug Information
Drug Name: Flexo Spray 50 ml
Company: Berksam Pharmaceuticals
Active ingredient: etophenamate
ATC Code: M02AA06
Public Code: A03054
Barcode: 8699566515008
Price: 110.59 TL
Prescription Type: Regular Recipe
e-Prescription: Active
Recruitment: Get your medicine only from the pharmacy!

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