Hedensa Pomade

Hedensa Pomade 100 ml 20 g Price in Turkey

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Hedensa Pomade

Hedensa Pomat 100 ml 20 g Indications

Hedensa Pomade; Deep cracks, crevices, internal and external hemorrhoids, inflammation of the rectum (last part of the large intestine), painful and itchy conditions after interventions related to the anus and rectum, as well as the vulva (all external genital organs of women) in the anus (breech) region. ) is used in the treatment of itching in the area.

Category of Hedensa Pomat 100 ml 20 g

Cardiovascular System – Vasoprotectives – Creams for the Treatment of Hemorrhoids (piles) – Other Hemorrhoids Medicines – Antihemorrhoidal Combinations

Drug Information
Drug Name: Hedensa Pomade 100 ml 20 g
Company: Unknown
Active ingredient: MONOCARVACOL
ATC Code: C05AX02
Public Code:
Prescription Type:
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