Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets

Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets Price in Turkey

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Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets

Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets Indications

Methenamine hippurate, the active ingredient of Hippurin, is an antibacterial agent. hippurine In other words, hippuric acid in the composition of methenamine hippurate helps to acidify the urine and also has a weak bacteriostatic (inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria) effect.
hippurine It is effective in the following situations:
– In acute urinary tract infections, as a preventative after the infection is controlled with an appropriate antibiotic (It should not be used alone in acute urinary tract infections),
– As a therapeutic and prophylactic in case of bacteriuria associated with urinary tract infections (such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, pyelitis) that require long-term treatment,
– For long-term treatment in cases of cystitis (bladder inflammation) and residual urine (such as prostate, neurogenic bladder),
– In order to provide a bactericidal (bactericidal) effect in patients with a catheter inserted in their bladder,

Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets Price

Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablet, drug price: VAT included, as announced by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health as of 20.12.2022 price 77.42 TL is This drug with barcode number 8699559090321 offered for sale by Recordati Pharmaceuticals was in the generic drug class in the Original/Generic/Twenty Years classification ±r.

Category of Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets

(Anti-infective) Drugs Used Against Infection – Antibacterial (Antibiotic) Drugs – Other Antibacterials – Others – Methenamine

Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets Active Ingredient

Methenamine Hippurate

Chemical Structure Picture for the main active ingredient of Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablet:

Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets () Chemical Structure (2 D)Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets () Chemical Structure (3 D)

Pharmaceutical Information
Drug Name: Hippurin 1 g 28 Tablets
Company: Recordati Pharmaceuticals
Active ingredient: Methenamine Hippurate
ATC Code: J01XX05
Public Code: A03620
Barcode: 8699559090321
Previous: 8699530090029
Price: 77.42 TL
Prescription Type: Regular Recipe
e-Prescription: Active
Recruitment: Buy your medicine only from the pharmacy!

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