Nurse Salary in China

Nurse Salaries in China: Your Full Guide 2023

Nursing, known for its unwavering compassion and dedication, holds a significant position in Chinese society and the healthcare system. Despite its critical role in patient care, nurses in China have historically faced challenges such as low wages and increasing workloads, which have led to undervaluation and discouraged professionals. Consequently, the nursing industry in China has experienced shortages of skilled practitioners and concerns about the quality of patient care.

In our exploration of nurse salaries in China, we aim to shed light on important aspects, including current remuneration standards, factors influencing salary levels, and potential future prospects for both local and international nurses. This journey will uncover the complexities surrounding nurse salaries in China and reveal the multitude of opportunities that await these remarkable individuals who serve as everyday heroes in healthcare.

Nurse Salaries in China

1. Average salary of a registered nurse in China

The annual and hourly pay for a registered nurse in China is shown in the table below. The data is collected from salary surveys of employers and employees across the country. The actual salary may depend on various factors, such as education, experience, and location. However, the data gives an overview of the income level for registered nurses in China.[1][2]

Annual Salary (CNY)Hourly Rate (CNY)


2. Salary range for registered nurses in China

Factors Affecting Salary RangeAverage Annual Salary (CNY)Typical Salary Range (CNY)
ExperienceVaries169,929 – 296,706

The salary range for registered nurses in China can vary significantly based on several factors, including experience, education, and location. On average, registered nurses earn approximately CNY 243,801 (approximately USD 38,000) per year. However, the typical salary range falls between CNY 169,929 and CNY 296,706 annually. It is important to note that these figures provide a general overview and individual earnings may differ based on specific circumstances and job requirements. The nursing profession in China offers ample opportunities for growth and development, promising a rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare sector [3][4]

3. Education level of registered nurses in China

The education level of registered nurses in China plays a significant role in determining their potential salary. On average, a Bachelor’s Degree is the highest level of education most registered nurses possess in the country.

This higher education enables them to provide better patient care and, in turn, increases their salary expectations. Having a bachelor’s degree sets them apart from other nursing professionals and attracts higher compensation packages from employers. Thus, investing in higher education can be of great benefit for registered nurses in China as they aim to improve their professional skills and earning potential. 

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