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Best 100 Hospitals in Germany: A Full Guide 2023

At Therapidya, we present the best 100 hospitals in Germany so that you can choose the best hospital in Germany.

Germany’s hospitals also provide high-quality healthcare to its citizens and residents.

Best 100 Hospitals in Germany

Healthcare System in Germany

Compulsory insurance: All citizens are required to be insured in a statutory health insurance fund (GKV) if their gross income does not exceed a certain amount (“compulsory insurance limit”). Those with higher incomes can enroll in a private health insurance plan (PKV).

Contribution financing: Contributions from citizens with health insurance and employers are the primary sources of funding for health care. Subsidies derived from tax revenues are included. In comparison, state-run healthcare systems, such as those in the United Kingdom or Sweden, are funded through taxation.

Many citizens in market-based systems, such as the United States, must pay for treatment costs and lost wages due to illness themselves, or purchase private insurance.

Best 100 Hospitals in Germany

Solidarity principle: In the health-care system’s “solidarity community,” all statutorily insured people share the personal risk of illness-related costs. Everyone with statutory insurance has the same right to medical care and continued wage payment during an illness, regardless of their income or contributions.

Contributions are calculated based on income. Rich people pay for poor people, and healthy people pay for sick people in this way. Contributions, however, are only calculated on a percentage basis up to a certain income level (the “contribution assessment ceiling”). Everyone with a higher income pays the same maximum amount.

Principle of self-government: Although the state establishes the framework for medical care, it is not responsible for the organization and financing of individual medical services. However, the further organization and financing of individual medical services is the responsibility of the health care system’s so-called self-administration.

It is carried out in collaboration by representatives of physicians and dentists, psychotherapists, hospitals, health insurance funds, and insured individuals. The Federal Joint Committee is the highest level of self-administration within the framework of statutory health insurance.

Best 100 Hospitals in Germany

About the Ranking of Best 100 Hospitals in Germany

In total, over 2,000 hospitals from 25 countries contributed data and information to best 100 hospitals in Germany.

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Medical care, nursing, and the use of cutting-edge technology are all key features of world-class hospitals, as determined by international rankings.

1Charite hospital germany
– University Medicine Berlin
2Heidelberg University Hospital92.80%Heidelberg
3Clinic of the University of Munich84.11%Munich
4Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich83.84%Munich
5Hanover Medical School83.32%Hanover
6University Hospital Tübingen83.06%Tübingen
7University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf82.55%Hamburg
8Freiburg University Hospital82.28%Freiburg
9University Hospital Cologne82.06%Cologne
10Essen University Hospital81.70%Essen
11University Hospital Erlangen80.66%Erlangen
12University Hospital Regensburg80.63%Regensburg
13University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden80.25%Dresden
14University Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz79.46%Mainz
15Ulm University Hospital79.28%Ulm
16Würzburg University Hospital79.06%Würzburg
17University Hospital Düsseldorf79.01%Düsseldorf
18Bonn University Hospital78.82%Bonn
19Saarland University Hospital78.12%Homburg
20University Hospital RWTH Aachen77.87%Aachen
21Robert Bosch Hospital77.40%Stuttgart
22University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein – Campus Kiel76.09%Kiel
23Leipzig University Hospital75.95%Leipzig
24Jena University Hospital75.35%Jena
25University Hospital Münster75.28%Münster
26Professional Association University Hospital Bergmannsheil75.09%Bochum
27Frankfurt University Hospital (university hospital frankfurt am main)74.80%Frankfurt am Main
28Greifswald University Medical Center74.60%Greifswald
29BG Bergmannstrost Clinic Halle74.49%Halle (Saale)
30Asklepios Clinic Barmbek74.43%Hamburg
31Göttingen University Medical Center74.00%Göttingen
32University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein – Lübeck Campus73.93%Lübeck
33Munich Bogenhausen Clinic73.77%Munich
34Marienhospital Stuttgart73.37%Stuttgart
35Nuremberg North Hospital73.25%Nuremberg
36Kliniken der Stadt Köln – Merheim Hospital73.11%Cologne
37Asklepios Clinic St. Georg73.09%Hamburg
38St. Francis Hospital Münster73.09%Münster
39Albertinen Hospital73.07%Hamburg
40German Armed ForcesCentral Hospital Koblenz72.88%Koblenz
41Helios Park Clinic Leipzig72.85%Leipzig
42University Hospital Mannheim72.81%Mannheim
43Isar Clinic72.74%Munich
44Dresden Municipal Hospital – Friedrichstadt site72.74%Dresden
45University Hospital Giessen and Marburg – Marburg site72.73%Marburg
46Asklepios Klinik Altona72.50%Hamburg
47Nuremberg South Hospital72.50%Nuremberg
48Hospital Hedwigshöhe Berlin72.39%Berlin
49Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy Regensburg72.34%Regensburg
50Magdeburg University Hospital72.33%Magdeburg
51Klinikum Stuttgart – Katharinenhospital72.27%Stuttgart
52Martha-Maria Hospital Halle-Dölau72.27%Halle (Saale)
53Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy Trier72.23%Trier
54Dortmund North Clinic72.23%Dortmund
55Essen-Mitte Clinics – Essen-Huttrop Site72.19%Essen
56St. Hedwig Hospital Berlin72.16%Berlin
57Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek72.08%Hamburg
58University Hospital Bochum Knappschaftsklinikum71.95%Bochum
59Schön Clinic Neustadt71.84%Neustadt in Holstein
60Forest Clinics Eisenberg71.83%Eisenberg
61Federal Armed Forces Hospital Berlin71.60%Berlin
62Federal Armed Forces Hospital Ulm71.58%Ulm
63University Hospital Halle (Saale)71.54%Halle (Saale)
64Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital71.53%Karlsruhe
65DRK Clinics Berlin Köpenick71.42%Berlin
66St. Elisabeth Hospital Leipzig71.37%Leipzig
67University Medicine Rostock71.27%Rostock
68Northwest Hospital71.23%Frankfurt am Main
69Brother House Koblenz71.20%Koblenz
70Central Clinic Bad Berka71.20%Bad Berka
71Israelite Hospital Hamburg71.16%Hamburg
72Queen Elisabeth Herzberge Protestant Hospital71.10%Berlin
73HELIOS Clinic Erfurt71.08%Erfurt
74Klinikum der Stadt Ludwigshafen am Rhein71.05%Ludwigshafen
75Alfried Krupp Hospital Rüttenscheid71.02%Essen
76St. Johannes Hospital Dortmund70.99%Dortmund
77Agaplesion Markus Hospital70.92%Frankfurt am Main
78St. Josef Hospital Bochum70.89%Bochum
79Bonn Community Hospital – Haus St. Petrus70.80%Bonn
80Deaconess Hospital Dresden70.78%Dresden
81Augsburg University Hospital70.78%Augsburg
82Herzogin Elisabeth Hospital70.74%Brunswick
83SRH Clinic Karlsbad-Langensteinbach70.69%Carlsbad
84Vivantes Humboldt Hospital70.69%Berlin
85St. Elisabeth Hospital Straubing70.55%Straubing
86Diakonie Clinic Stuttgart70.45%Stuttgart
87University Hospital Giessen and Marburg – Giessen site70.39%Giessen
88Fulda Hospital70.34%Fulda
89Hospital St. Joseph-Stift Dresden70.32%Dresden
90Caritas Hospital St. Josef70.21%Regensburg
91Bürgerhospital Frankfurt70.14%Frankfurt am Main
92DRK Clinics Berlin Westend70.07%Berlin
93Hospital of the Augustinian Sisters69.93%Cologne
94SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera69.93%Gera
95Catholic Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg69.88%Hamburg
96Hospital Spremberg69.88%Spremberg
97Ingolstadt Hospital69.85%Ingolstadt
98Siegen District Hospital69.85%Siegen
99Ludgerus Clinics Münster – Clemenshospital69.77%Münster
100Black Forest-Baar Hospital Villingen-Schwenningen69.74%Villingen-Schwenningen

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