Chinese medicine

Stages of development of Chinese medicine

What is Chinese medicine? How did it arise? What are the stages of development of Chinese medicine? On what principles does it depend and is based on in curing diseases? Here is the answer:

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Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine development

The use of Chinese medicine began since ancient times, when the Chinese believed in that era that diseases were nothing but demons and spirits that broke into the body. 

The doctor who treated these diseases at the time was called the magician, and his job was to remove demons and spirits that broke into the body through various rituals.

After a certain period of time the forms of thinking and belief in China changed and knowledge of cosmic laws, astronomy and mathematics developed. 

Thus, philosophers stopped considering diseases as spirits and demons that invaded the body, and realized that they operate within the framework of certain laws, and thus the realization that diseases and pain result from heterogeneity and deviation of the general balance. 

According to the prevailing beliefs in China, Hetau, is “one” that has no name and source, and is the beginning of heaven and earth. And from it came two: Yin and Yang, who created the duality of heaven and earth, male and female, cause and effect, sun and moon.

Practically we will find these binaries everywhere in the world and in human life. The Chinese found in these two the rulers and influences on the balance that exists in the world of inanimate, plant, and living things, as well as in the world of man.

There are those who say that this faith reached China through supernatural powers or by giant people who brought it from the hands of Abraham as a gift to the Chinese emperor for research and development.

To this day, with regard to the development of Chinese medicine, the Chinese continue to use ancient medicine treatment, and hospitals direct patients to the clinic in order to obtain treatment according to the methods of modern medicine only after they have been treated according to the methods of Chinese medicine.

For example, a patient who suffers from a herniated disc, is initially directed to the procedure of acupuncture and “Tuina”, and only after that he goes to modern medicine.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine is not limited to hospitals in China, but hospitals that provide treatment according to modern medicine methods in the West see Chinese medicine as an aid to treat  pain , sleep problems , hormonal imbalance, digestion problems, nerve problems, and so on.

Modern medicine has also researched the development of Chinese medicine, and its research confirmed that Chinese medicine sometimes helps more than medicine and operations.

Chinese medicine methods of treatment

After learning about the stages of development of Chinese medicine, we tell you here that Chinese medicine has four methods, aimed at maintaining harmony and balance in the body. These methods are called the four columns, and they include:

  • Plants and food

The suitability of plants with the energy, taste, and temperature of the  sick person, with the aim of balancing the heterogeneity and harmony prevailing within him, between yin and yang. For example, treating a cold with hot cinnamon. 

  • Acupuncture

Therapy with fine, fine needles made of steel and copper, which are used as an electric battery to direct the flow of energy in the human body.

In addition to ironing and heating the points where the acupuncture will be performed by igniting the sage plant , in order to stimulate and accelerate the meridians (which are the energy channels in the body). According to modern science, these channels are aligned with the nervous system, lymphatic system, and intercellular fluid.

A massage technique that developed over 4000 years ago and is still evolving today. This method stimulates energy channels and several points in the body through pressure, stirring, rubbing, and the use of stimulating medicinal oils and herbs.

  • Chi Kung exercises

They are spontaneous breathing movements in order to reach an internal balance in the body.

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