Miswak Dental Clinics: Branches, Phone, Reservations, Doctors, and Review

Al-Miswak Dental Clinics are among the best specialized clinics in the field of dentistry in Riyadh, inside the Kingdom. They have more than 82 branches. Their Twitter account link here

Miswak dental clinics branches

Until now, they have many branches spread across the city of Riyadh. The following are the 3 most famous branches:

  1. Al-Miswak Al-Malqa Branch: Exit 4, Al-Humaidat District, opposite the Saudi German Hospital, phone number 00966542084339, working hours from 10 am to 12 am, all days of the week
  2. Al-Miswak Al-Sahafa Branch: Prince Salman bin Muhammad bin Saud Street, phone number 00966542084339, working hours from 10 am to 12 am, all days of the week
  3. Al-Miswak Al-Yasmeen Branch: On Anas Bin Malik Branch Road, phone number 00966542084339, working hours from 10 am to 12 am, all days of the week

Miswak dental clinic doctors

The following list includes some of the names of doctors in Miswak Dental Clinics in Riyadh:

  • Dr.. Aya Muhammad, dentist
  • Dr.. Moataz El-Gazzar, dentist
  • Dr.. Aya Youssef, dentist
  • Dr.. Nabigh Hijazi, dentist
  • Dr.. Ahmed Mandour, dentist
  • Dr.. Heba Ismail, dentist
  • Dr.. Mohamed Rady, dentist
  • Dr.. Abdul Rahman Zahlan, dentist
  • Dr.. Rania Othman, dentist
  • Dr.. Ali Kamel, dentist
  • Dr.. Maha Ali Saleh, dentist
  • Dr.. Rana Mohamed Ibrahim, dentist
  • Dr.. Hisham Al-Obeidi, dentist
  • Dr.. Abdul Razzaq Al-Sabbagh, dentist
  • Dr.. Mahmoud Muhammad Juma Ali, dentist
  • Dr.. Ali Hisham, dentist
  • Dr.. Eman Salem, dentist
  • Dr.. Samar Abdel Rahman, dentist
  • Dr.. Islam Abdel Kamel, dentist

Evaluating miswak dental clinics

All branches of Miswak Dental Clinic in the Kingdom have received positive reviews on Google. The following are excerpts from the reviews of the clinic’s visitors.

Yersi Bwidani wrote:

“Honestly, there is a doctor named Maha Syrian. I know her and they say she is very talented and they praise her, but to be honest, I have not yet tried her work..but those who have tried a lot will praise her. God willing, if I try her work, I will write a comment about her work again.”

Abdul Majeed Al-Abad wrote:

“Dr. Ali Kamel ?? is the best doctor who has had a smile that I have built for years and kept it as he told me. I never complained about anything .. a light hand ??”

Nodi wrote:

“Yesterday I was having a very good service from cleanliness and waiting for a long time. God is pleased with Dr. Mustafa because I tired him with me. His hand was very light and gentle. The second time he dealt with them, the clinic was very good ??.”

Latifa wrote:

“Dr. Rania is very, very comfortable. Her treatment is comfortable, elegant, and calm. Her hand, God bless her, is light. The best physical doctor I have had with her for 3 years. Anyone who needs a comfortable doctor and shares Rannia.”

In conclusion, if you are a visitor to any of the branches of Miswak Dental Clinics in the Kingdom, write to us the details of your experience in detail in the comments box at the bottom of this page so that it may benefit others.

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