Pharmaceutical Distribution business

How to Start a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company: A Full Guide .. 2023

This article is a full guide to the pharmaceutical distribution company for you. The drug store is seen as a project with a medium investment and a high return. This is especially true in recent years, when the number of pharmacies and the demand for medicines and medical preparations have both gone up.

The pharmaceutical warehouse’s role is to distribute medicines and pharmaceutical products to pharmacies for later sale to customers, effectively acting as a middleman between pharmaceutical laboratories and pharmacies.

Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Pharmaceutical Distribution Company’s Goal

The goal of the project is to establish a small company that acts as a warehouse and warehouse through which medicines are brought in from pharmaceutical laboratories, production and import companies, and pharmacies in order to provide them to patients at reasonable prices.

Prerequisites for opening a drug store

1- The warehouse owner and manager must have a pharmacy license and at least two years of practical experience.

2- Choosing the best location for the company in order to provide easy access to customers and transport medicines, as it is preferable to be in a vital area free of congestion and pollution.

3- The warehouse space should be adequate for storing medicines while also accommodating the other departments.

4- Obtaining vehicles capable of facilitating the transportation and delivery of medicines, as well as providing transportation costs

5- The availability of a technically trained and skilled cadre of accountants, commercial marketing representatives, and employees to meet with customers.

6- Obtaining additional supplies required by the Ministry of Health licensing that take drug allergies into account, such as ventilation devices, dust extractors, and so on.

Moisture absorbent materials, as well as appropriate lighting, temperature control devices, and fire extinguishing equipment, are required.

Labor is needed for a drug warehouse

-Warehouse manager: this is the pharmacist who owns the warehouse or a pharmacist acting on his behalf.

-Storekeeper: In charge of depositing and dispensing medicines as well as inventorying goods within the store.

-Employees cleaning, organizing, and paving medicines

-Customer Service Department employees who respond to customer inquiries and take phone orders

-Commercial representatives for marketing and receiving pharmacy orders

-Distribution vehicle drivers

-Accounting personnel to compute revenues and expenses and carry out marketing plans

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A number of challenges that pharmaceutical distribution company face

Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Getting licenses

Because each country has different requirements for obtaining a license to establish a pharmaceutical distribution company,

Element of competition

When there are a large number of producers and a larger number of sellers, controlling the market in terms of price and required quantity becomes difficult.

Location of the warehouse

Determines producers’ proximity to the market and transportation costs


Any drug store requires effective marketing within pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals where advertising is permitted.

Marketing is a critical factor in increasing sales and profits.

Market situation

The needs of consumers and the types of medicines required for distribution are determined by studying the market situation.

Challenges associated with the type of goods, such as medicines being sensitive to external contamination and temperature changes, and medicines having a short shelf life.

A specific expiration date necessitates that it be disposed of in accordance with the seniority of production well in advance of its expiration date.

The most important conditions for the drug store’s success and sales growth

Conducting a good and efficient feasibility study, which is an accounting study that allows the market to be studied and the required capital to be determined.

The project, the required expenses, and the expected profits are all part of the feasibility study, which is one of the first pillars of the project.

Return to it in the following steps.

Investigating competitors: Inquiring about competing companies’ services and prices to determine how the company is distinguished

Choosing trade marketing representatives with care, as marketing representatives are responsible for 90% of sales.

Extending the activity to include pharmaceutical factories and more products, as well as delegates’ activities in the city’s countryside

Organizing promotional offers, such as product discounts, or holding exhibitions or introduction meetings to build relationships

Personal interaction with clients pharmacists serving workflow.

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