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Working as a Doctor in Switzerland: Salary, Working Conditions, Life Quality .. 2023

How to work as a doctor in Switzerland? What is the doctor’s salary in Switzerland? What are the working conditions and working hours? Do you have to work longer or shorter hours? What is Switzerland like as a country, are there better living conditions than other countries, or are there also disadvantages? This and many other information can be found in the following information article at a glance.

Today, we would like to take a closer look at working conditions and opportunities in Switzerland for you and examine what prospects Switzerland offers for junior doctors and long-standing specialists.

Doctor in Switzerland

Medical Supplies in Switzerland

The need for doctors remains high in Switzerland. The need for junior doctors is increasing due to the aging of the population and doctors.

As in this country, this primarily applies to the need for general practitioners, but at the same time the need for specialist doctors and chief doctors. Demand – particularly for well-trained general practitioners – is very high in Switzerland and will continue to grow.

Of all doctors who receive their new approval in Switzerland every year, two thirds have been trained abroad. For decades, missing doctors have been imported from nearby countries such as Germany, Austria and Italy. If you decide to go abroad, Switzerland thus offers very good opportunities, both in terms of starting a career in the desired field and in terms of promotion opportunities.

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Doctor Salary in Switzerland

A clear plus point for Switzerland is the merit of doctors in Switzerland. The higher earnings are based, on the one hand, on the salary for doctors in Switzerland and, on the other hand, on the tax advantage that should not be underestimated.

As a salary, a freelancer in Switzerland earns around 200,000 euros per year. 

There is also the tax advantage. While a tax rate of 42 percent is due in Germany from around 50,000 euros, only a fraction of the tax is due in Switzerland. In Switzerland, the tax is calculated at different tax rates in each canton; on average, it can be assumed to be around 20 percent, which accounts for only half of German taxation.

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Doctor in Switzerland

Working Conditions and Life Quality For a Doctor in Switzerland

Working conditions in Switzerland are also of high quality.

Family doctors still have the time to take intensive care of their patients without fear of loss of earnings. Medical services can be billed without budgeting and the overall administrative burden is much less cumbersome than is the case in other countries.

However, a critical discussion is currently under way with regard to the working hours of specialists. 70 percent of doctors in Switzerland work too much, sometimes work more than 60 hours a week and seven days of continuous assignments.

However, this quality of life also comes at a price. Similar to higher income ratios, the price level is significantly higher in some cases than in Germany. Germany is at its price level on average in the EU. Switzerland, at 58% above average, is just behind Norway (59.2%) and can therefore place itself as a close second in the ranking of the most expensive countries in the EU.

Our conclusion: Anyone who actually plays with the idea of emigrating will find Switzerland an interesting alternative that offers advantages in terms of income, less administration and less financial constraints. The quality of life has its price there — but everyone has to calculate this for themselves and there, too, you can see from current discussions that the majority of doctors have to do far more than planned.

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5 Benefits of Working in Switzerland

1. High Life Quality

Geneva and Zurich are still in the top 10 cities with the best quality of life. The perfect balance between nature and urbanism, its many lakes and mountains, its mild climate, combined with its safety and cleanliness, all contribute to making this country a good place to live.

2. High Salaries

Whatever the sector, the average salary is much higher in Switzerland than in neighboring countries. The cost of living is also higher there, but at the end of the month you will always have more left than in Germany, France or Italy. Taxes are also lower. Keep in mind though: in Switzerland, people usually work between 40 and 42 hours a week.

Doctor in Switzerland

3. Great Linguistic Diversity

The four national languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh, ensure an exciting cultural mix. Added to this, of course, are English, Spanish and the many other languages ​​spoken by immigrants and tourists. Cultural and linguistic diversity is guaranteed there, as is peaceful coexistence.

4. Central Position

Switzerland is located in the middle of Europe. Due to its small size, neighboring countries are only a few hours away. In addition, the airports of Geneva and Zurich guarantee optimal connections with destinations all over the world. This is other benefit Switzerland.

5. Security

Switzerland is a neutral and safe country. Its political stability is an important factor for employees and employers alike. The Swiss live in a direct democracy and can therefore actively participate in political decisions through votes. This is other Switzerland benefits.

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